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New Years MMA Recap Rizin 14 and ONE Championship – Asian MMA Podcast Episode 12

New Years MMA Recap Rizin 14 and ONE Championship – Asian MMA Podcast Episode 12

what’s going on everyone you listen to
the Asian MMA podcast where we talk about everything in anything going on in
the world of Asian MMA this episode is brought to you by New Year’s resolutions
you have absolutely no intention of keeping
I’m Dana blue and today we’re talking about all the Asian mmm a New Year
goodness anything you might have missed over the holiday break I’m gonna kind of
go over all of it now and we’re gonna get into it I’m sure a lot of you know
that New Year MMA is sort of a tradition in Asia going back to the pride days and
it really seems like risen has picked up that mantle and they’re really kind of
carrying that on there they’re doing New Year’s MMA again and while they don’t
have any fight action from one championship you know we did get that
risen Asian MMA and we have a little bit of news about one that we’ll talk about
later as well well I want to talk about that New Year’s MMA from risen first
things first I mean any of you guys who follow a Asian MMA remember I covered
the whole Floyd Mayweather situation before where he went for a press
conference and they said he was gonna fight he flew back to the US he’s like
nah that’s a lie it’s not gonna happen and it ended up happening so we have to
talk about his now in air quotes fight or as I’ve kind of taken to calling it
the past few days with some of my friends was basically a boxing drive-by
worth nine million dollars to Floyd Mayweather everyone knows he fought
undefeated kickboxer attention and you can call it a fight if you want but it
may have been a real fight it may have been a work I don’t know but after three
knockdowns in the first round tensions corner threw in the towel and ended it
now it I don’t know for me it felt like a work it looked like a work very
suspect I’m not gonna go as far as to say it absolutely was and maybe it
wasn’t Floyd had no idea about it I don’t know now let’s say if is it big if
it wasn’t a work Floyd was the bigger more experienced fighter he was fighting
under a rule said he was comfortable with intention wasn’t able to utilize
the kicks that he’s really known for we never saw Floyd even think he could
have been in trouble I’m not even sure if Floyd broke a sweat that was the main
event it was a weird way to finish the night but overall I mean risen put
together a really good card for us you know some of the other fights that I
think are worth mentioning from the card Kyoji hooker chai he claimed the first
ever risen bantamweight championship by choking off Bellator champ Darrin
Caldwell in the third round is a good fight you know fairly competitive going
all the way through in good finish it was a strong finish really decisive and
you know I like seeing that risen as crowning champs cuz it makes me think
we’re gonna start to see hopefully this necessarily isn’t true because we never
saw this in Pride but a little bit more structure to the divisions former
Invicta FC champ Ayaka Hamasaki defeated kind of a cycle
to clean the risen woman super atom weight title is a second-round armbar
beautiful finish really good fight the next one is a tough one just to talk
about but pretty much a perennial openweight women fighter Gabby Garcia
tapped out Barbara I don’t even know how say her last name Nepomuceno
with a first round Americana you know and even though these are two big women
Gabby Garcia is a freak show and she was 10 kgs heavier than her opponent Barbara
but you know at the end of the day this is the type of fight you really expect
in Japan Japanese MMA has always been an outlier in this regard that they’ll put
on these freakshow fights for no reason other than why not you know I remember
back in the pride days we’d see like you know 60kg guys fighting
you know yokozuna’s they’re okay with that they like it it’s
cool you know just sometimes they’re not super competitive and unfortunately
Gabby Garcia is a very skilled fighter and she’s huge you know no matter when
she fights it’s gonna be a freak show of course I’m happy she can make a living
doing this as a platform for her that’s fantastic but I am getting a bit tired
of kind of just seeing her smash women even though the getting women closer and
her wait there’s no one at that size who’s as athletic or who is as hormonal
II supplemented or even skilled in Brazilian jiu-jitsu is her and so
there’s all these one-sided fights I’ll still watch it whenever Gabby fights
because I find it entertaining but it’s getting it is getting a bit old it’s a
bit old hat now what is hands-down one of the nastiest eye injuries I have ever
seen ever I mean this is if you haven’t seen it go google this
Yusuke yah che you got one of the nastiest eye injuries I’ve ever seen it
was his I was just completely swollen it was bleeding couldn’t even open it and
it pretty much it is what ended his fight with UFC vet Johnny case again sake watch e take a look at the injury if you don’t think is one of
the most brutal things ever uh-huh you’re crazy it was an insane injury now
I want to move on to one championship there’s some some really interesting
news from them over the holiday break they announced that they have inked a
broadcast yellow TV Tokyo for weekly content both live and recorded and
that’s gonna have them on free TV analog in digital broadcasting in Japan as well
as the cable platform for Tokyo TV now this is the second major broadcast deal
we’ve seen one sign of the other one being TNT in the US and you know this
really rounds out the year for them with really strong TV presence in two
high-dollar major markets u.s. and Japan and uh this is a major win for one I
mean they haven’t really been on TV in Japan they haven’t been popular there I
know that this has been something they’ve been pushing all of 2018 and
they see this as a key market for their success I think especially with the e
gaming you know and they I think they view the the ability to break in and do
shows in Japan probably as a way to get leverage in the US market because their
hope and people will sort of start to see that pride nostalgia with one that
maybe they’re sort of associating with risen right now I don’t know if that’s
actually gonna be the case I don’t even know if that’s what one really wants but
that that’s what I suspect and I know from talking to people at one Japan has
been a major push in 2018 for them chattri when I interviewed him middle of
last year that that’s what he was talking about is that Japan was one of
the the big markets that they were looking at makes a lot of sense it’s a
big move in the right direction for them now I think everyone knows that they’re
actually going to Japan q1 next year they’re going at the end of March it’s
gonna be their first ever event there it’s a stack card
they’ve got three titles on the line and it’s also the debut of Demetrius Johnson
and Eddie Alvarez for one and I’m gonna talk more about those matchups in the
next episode I’m doing an entire episode just about the matchups for DJ and Eddie
because there’s some interesting dynamics there and some things that I
really want to talk about with guarding one and those particular fighters and a
few interesting things I haven’t seen mentioned in the media yet so I’ll
probably record that over the weekend and maybe drop that on Monday the other
big news for one championship and probably the biggest thing that they
announced rate around the the new year chat reset unit on put a tweet out and
announced one championship is gonna have an absolutely insane schedule with 45
events in 2019 45 events they’re gonna break down like this 24:01
Championship events that’s their main their main MMA events that you’re used
to seeing now they’re big stadium shows that they hold in Singapore Bangkok
Jakarta KL 24 of those that’s two a month 24 of those twelve one hero Series
events so that’s like they’re there kickboxing whatever other martial arts
they they’re doing cuz one of the big things chachi’s talked about for like
the vision for one championship is it’s not an MMA organization it’s a martial
arts organization so he’s trying to actually bring in all these different
things they’re doing kickboxing they’re doing more Thai boxing SI saket actually
had a world championship fight in bangkok back in 2018 that I was at under
the 1 championship banner I think I think it was a WBA title fight yeah you
know they’re mixing all these combat sports all these martial arts together
so that’s kind of where that one series event sort of sits the other interesting
one is the one Warriors are gonna double the amount of those they did three last
year they’re doing six in 2019 six one Warrior series you know we’ve seen a few
interesting people come up through that platform right now one of the ones that
I’m really interested in rocky Batol he came through one warrior series he had
his first loss in one championship he had been undefeated up into that point
but he sort of came through that development rank and you know Rich
Franklin is heading that up and he’s going around so like all these different
gyms all these different places in Asia and kind of finding unknown talent and
bringing it through the system kind of developing it within the one ecosystem
because because of the way that sort of smaller shows are structured here are
not structured for that matter it’s tough to find local fighters who really
have a good experience early on in some cases when they’re fighting solely in
Asia so it’s a smart move by one to create talent it also gives them a ton
of content that they can use online show on TV build a reality series around
because one is all about the content and all about getting in front of eyes very
smart move in the last event they’re gonna have three one eSports events now
I don’t know if there’s gonna piggyback on top of other events I would imagine
Japan is gonna be one of them make sense to do it there it’s a huge market for
eSports obviously we know that Demetrius Johnson is gonna be attached to that
he’s the brand ambassador for one esports he’s had sponsorship deals with
Microsoft and Xbox and the Xbox in the past I’m excited to see that as well I
think it’s gonna add a whole new element of a content side and also to the
marketability of some of these fighters insane schedule you know and it is great
for me it’s tons of an Asian MMA for me to cover so I’ll be producing a lot more
fight previews fight reviews for you guys also coming up if I don’t get a
chance to talk about this in another episode before the event coming up I
believe in Jakarta is the first one event of the year I want to give a big
shout out to my friend AJ pyro who’s actually fighting on that card ten weeks
ago I’m actually friends with AJ on a personal level and his wife was actually
a producer from one of my previous shows AJ had surgery and had a tumor removed
from I believe a saliva gland ten weeks ago ten weeks ago and you know I just
saw him pro wrestling in KL because he also does pro wrestling with Malaysian
Pro Wrestling he did a their big battle royal show there to end out the year and
now he took a fight coming up in January 10 weeks it’ll essentially be 12 weeks
after his surgery he’s an absolute beast and I just wanted
to give a shout out to him you know good luck man I know you’re training hard AJ
you know go do it you know hopefully I’ll get to preview that card I’ll of
course something early next week and try to get that done but if I don’t if my
schedule is too tight just big shout out to him guys check out that one card
check out aj pyro i’m gonna actually throw a link to his instagram down in
the show notes i want you guys to check out the guy’s a beast he’s in his
forties and he he’s absolutely shredded he’s just an amazingly good dude as well
other than the fact that he’s a cat lover I know I’m gonna get some hate for
that but AJ is a super cat lover but you know he’s just a really good hearted guy
and he does a lot of good for not just the MMA community but communities around
Asia he gives back quite a bit I’m glad that his surgery went well he’s
recovered and I’m gonna get to see him fight again also guys is one last note I
am now also contributing to the MMA rankings discussion over on Asian
persuasion MMA my friend Leon is running that and I’ve known him for like over a
year now just through the Asian MMA scene he does a great job creating
coverage and you can check out the rankings I’ll leave a link in the show
notes or just check out the Asian persuasion MMA website AP MMA dotnet all
those links will be in the show notes as well we’re gonna try to have I believe
Leon wants to start doing a monthly or weekly updates to the rankings he’s got
you know a handful of us from the local community actually contributing to the
conversation and wants to kind of keep that going I think it’s gonna be a good
place to see sort of like the global MMA rankings and some of that how the Asian
fighters sort of fit into that dynamic I’ll be interested to see just how it
evolves over the next year as they’re really just launching even though he’s
been running it as sort of a social media side project for so long you know
they’re based in Malaysia good good organization check it out and check the
rankings out let me know what you guys think of the rankings if there’s some
fighters that you think are maybe missing from there anyway that’s all I
have for you guys today Happy New Year and to stay up-to-date
with all things Asian MMA be sure to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes
Google Play YouTube and Facebook I’ll have all the links in the show notes
check it out

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