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Nikki Adler vs. Claressa Shields | Full Fight | ShoBox: The New Generation

Nikki Adler vs. Claressa Shields | Full Fight | ShoBox: The New Generation

[ Down-tempo music plays ] [ Chains rattling ] ♪♪ Lennon:
…and undefeated sensation… Announcer: The winner
by knockout victory… Lennon: It’s “ShoBox:
The New Generation”! Tompkins:
What a punch. Ranallo:
Unbelievable turn of events! This is it.
You got to get the KO, homeboy. Let’s do this. Tompkins:
Down he goes! He is out of it. Good right hand dropped him! Farhood:
This is the type of fighter I want to see again and again. — Captions by VITAC — Tompkins: Claressa Shields
from just down the road in Flint, Michigan, looks to parlay
her two Olympic gold medals into her first
professional championship. She’ll have to wrest the WBC
female super middleweight crown from the current holder,
Nikki Adler, who will be making
her American debut in this, her third defense
of the title. We are delighted to be joined
tonight by a Hall of Famer, the classy Jimmy Lennon Jr. Jimmy!
[ Bell chimes ] Lennon:
All right, fans. Here we go with the main event
of the evening, 10 rounds of boxing for the WBC
and vacant IBF women’s super middleweight
championship of the world. And now, ladies and gentlemen
in attendance and boxing fans joining us
around the world, live from the MGM Grand Detroit,
i-i-it’s Showtime! [ Cheers and applause ] Introducing to you first
the challenger on my right and renowned Olympian,
fighting out of the blue corner, wearing green trunks
with gold trim. She weighed in
at 165 1/4 pounds. Undefeated in her young campaign
as a professional, her record stands
at 3 wins, no losses, one win coming
by way of knockout. Representing the United States, please welcome the two-time
Olympic gold medalist from Flint, Michigan — introducing the undefeated
Claressa “T-Rex” Shields! [ Bell chimes ] And her opponent
across the ring, the defending world champion
on my left, fighting out of the red corner, wearing white trunks
with gold trim. She weighed in at 166 pounds. She also is undefeated
in her campaign to the ring, with a record of 16 wins,
no losses, 9 wins coming
by way of knockout. Tonight she is making
her U.S. debut. Please welcome the current,
the defending, and the undefeated
WBC women’s super middleweight champion of the world — from Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany,
Introducing Nikki Adler! [ Bell chimes ] Once again,
our referee in charge, now to give instructions,
Michael Griffin. You ladies have received
my instructions. Obey my commands.
Protect yourselves at all times. I want you to touch gloves now. You’re boxing at the bell,
ladies. God bless you both. Farhood:
You saw in Shields’ corner the woman with the red hair. That’s MMA superstar
Cris Cyborg. The numbers here —
division limit, 168, but both these fighters
more comfortable somewhere between 160
and 168. So they both came in
under the limit. And the rules — unified rules,
same as our first fight. If an accidental foul brings
an end before 4, it’s a no-decision. After that,
we would go to the judges for a technical decision. And remember,
this is women’s boxing — two-minute rounds. Box, ladies!
[ Bell chimes ] Tompkins:
And here we go. Round 1. Claressa Shields
will bring the fight. I don’t think there’s
any question about that. Adler the more
experienced fighter. Far more experienced
than anybody Claressa Shields
has seen. Farhood: Amateur experience —
We know about Shields with her two gold medals,
2012, 2016. Adler —
Only 30 amateur fights, all at the European level. Pro experience —
Look at when Adler turned pro in relation to Shields, but
she’s only had 13 more fights. She has not been
all that active. Claressa Shields
on the gas early, as everybody expected — as she wobbles Adler
with a right hand! Adler had told us
she just wants to get through the first three rounds
and take her into deep water. But so far,
that’s not happening! Shields,
much more compact punches than we’ve seen her before,
right on it early. Marquez:
What I like about Shields is she’s still taking her time,
like she’s not rushing like the last time we saw her. She’s working off the jab,
and like you said, Barry, her combinations
are much shorter and sharp. Yes. Raul, you’re
100 percent right, and I think there are
a couple of reasons for it. One is she’s already been
through this once in Detroit. And two,
she has respect for Adler that she may not have had
for Szabados. Early in this fight,
very sharp. Getting between the guard
of Nikki Adler. Adler told us
her best chance was to get
into the later rounds. But so far, Claressa Shields —
very sharp. And look her eyes.
Look at her concentration. Throwing a hard, steady jab. Again a good right hand
straight up the middle. And another combo. Adler takes a backward step
again. Look at her. She’s really
sitting on them shots. Right hand over the top, and already Adler showing
some marks on her face. Another big right hand. [ Bell chimes ] Terrific round
for Claressa Shields. I want to the the punch stats,
the connects for round 1. How many punches
did Adler throw? How many punches did she land?
Not very many. I need you to throw that six.
Get in there and throw that six. And when you’re
on the inside, come right up
with that fucking uppercut. You hear me?
Hey! Ooh. I forgot. [ Crowd chanting
“Whoop that trick” ] That was stupid. Come on. You’re all right.
This is a bum. Come on. I ain’t gonna say she’s a bum,
but she is a bum. She old.
She old. And that is the 160-pound two-organization champion,
Christina Hammer. She’s 21-0.
She made the trip from Germany. And that’s Cris Cyborg
next to her, screen right. So Hammer
may be down the road. Hammer versus Shields
in what would be a serious high-profile
women’s bout. Tompkins: Serious. [ Bell chimes ]
Round 2. A dominant first round
for Claressa Shields. Box! Now we’ll see if Adler
has any answer. And the bad news for Adler is
that Shields showed in her last, against Sydney LeBlanc,
she can throw punches all fight. She doesn’t stop. Starts out
with a good combination. And right on top of Adler
again, and Adler just showing
no answer. Another combination
from Shields. Right up the middle.
Again right up the middle. Adler steps back. Big right hand by Shields
over the top. Marquez: That’s where
she wants to have Adler — going backwards. She took a step back. Once you she starts
going backwards, it’s gonna be downhill
for Adler. Adler has just not been able
to get off at all. Adler has never seen
anything like this, and right now,
she’s just overwhelmed. And again,
five-punch combination and another
straight right hand. I wondered how many punches
Adler landed last round. There’s your answer. And right on top
is Claressa Shields once again. Right now
this is absolutely no contest. Winging right hand misses.
But a left hand rocks her! Back into the ropes
with a right hand! And Shields now looking
to close the deal! Adler holds on. Griffin:
You all right? Adler still
with wobbly legs. Three body shots and three
punches to the head by Shields. And a left hand. And look at referee
Michael Griffin’s body language. He’s looking. He’s looking.
He’s staying close. Adler just has no answer. Good right hand again. And let’s remember — In three
professional fights so far, Claressa Shields has not scored
a single knockdown. I think the improvement in this
fight, though, is remarkable. And again
a three-punch combination, and Adler holds on. Break.
Step back. And right hand.
[ Bell chimes ] Two dominant rounds
for Claressa Shields! And if you want to score them
10-8, that’s fine by me. Could easily
make the case. [ Speaking German ] Tompkins:
Rene Friese — And I don’t know
if there’s anything he can say that will change the flow
of this fight. Well, the best point made
was by Raul before, when he said when Shields
is punching, Adler has to find
a way to punch in between the punches
of Shields. But you see that Adler is just
in a defensive mode. She can’t punch back.
She’s not punching back. That left hook wobbled her. And her eyes rolled
a little bit. The one thing about Shields —
always combinations. Never one punch. Adler, once again,
she did not land a punch, a power shot
in that round. And Shields just picking up
right where she left off here in round 3. The power shots through
two rounds — 56-0. The impressive thing to me
is that Shields’ punches are right up the middle,
straight punches. I think if there were any flaws
in her before, it was that she threw
a lot of wide punches and left herself open. Not at all tonight.
Just a complete difference. Marquez: Exactly. Very compact.
Very relaxed in there. Working off the jab. She’s not letting anything
get to her. She’s listening
to her corner. She’s in a zone.
She’s in the zone. She’s breaking her down. It’s just a matter of time,
you know? How much does the referee
want to see Adler get punished? Adler is standing in the pocket,
high guard, not throwing anything,
an occasional jab. That’s not gonna
get it done. I’ll say. Double left-hand combination
again forces Adler back. Adler tries to hold on. That’s all she can do
is hold on. And you see
why Adler’s not punching Every time she does punch,
she gets countered, and that opens the gates
for Shields to throw multiple punches
via combination. And look at it. Everything is right up
the middle. I mean… That body shot strayed
a little bit low. I do want to mention, and I
don’t know if you can see it — you can’t from this angle —
but on Claressa Shields’ trunks there’s a picture of young woman
named Kanasha Thomas. She was 24 years old
and was shot and killed at a block party
in Flint, Michigan. And Claressa is paying homage
to her friend Kanasha Thomas. That is her picture
on her trunks. She has dedicated this fight
to her. Claressa now boxing —
Shields, I should say — now boxing with her mouth
a little bit open. Maybe she’s
a little bit gassed. Adler, same thing —
mouth open. [ Crowd cheering ] And there’s
a left hand again. [ Bell chimes ] Shields fighting extremely
confidently now, as she should. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Speaking German ] Well, it’s all Shields. Nice left hook started
the combination to the body. And then she went
back upstairs. Adler, the best she can do
is hold. End of the round, a lot of punches coming
very quickly from Shields. You know, her hand speed
is impressive. Remember,
she weighs 165 pounds. That’s your ring.
You understand? Hey, can you do me
one favor? Can you give me a tie line and pop up
and knock the shit out of her? Just hit her to the body. I’m good. You hear me? [ Bell chimes ] Box. Tompkins:
So we come to round 4, and there has simply been
no answer from Nikki Adler. Marquez: Yeah.
She’s just not firing back. She can’t find a rhythm. She’s getting overwhelmed
by the speed of Claressa. Left hand drives Adler
back into the ropes, and a combination catches her
again. Shields getting a little loopier
with her punches right now. But there’re all
getting there. Swelling under the left eye
of Adler. She just can’t find
the answer. Adler needs to start
walking her down, walk up to her,
give her some head movement. She’s not giving her
any head movement. Look at that.
Just straight up. She’s getting hit
with everything. And going to that peek-a-boo
frame defense, hands up. Shields being more patient
here in this fourth round. Steps back,
takes a deep breath. Farhood: Adler really
hasn’t done anything different from the first round. Now she’s backing up
a little bit, showing a little bit
of movement. That’s just gonna buy her
a few seconds. That’s it. Shields needs to
start working that body. She hasn’t done
a lot of body work. She said she wanted to work
the body, but she could wear her down. But I’ll tell you what.
Adler takes a good shot, guys. She’s taken some big shots.
She is a tough woman. So now you’ve got to work
the body. Go up the middle. Claressa Shields
just too strong, just too much of her. Well, Shields said that
she thought Adler was slow, and Adler’s too slow
to counter. Straight right hand
once again drove Adler
into the ropes. The is holding is getting
a little bit excessive, in my opinion. Four more punches
and a body shot. Another body short,
and a third… [ Bell chimes ]
…at the bell. [ Crowd cheering ] [ Speaking German ] She all right?
She is okay. I got to see something
now. [ Speaking German ] This is the end of round 4. It seems like Shields
is punctuating every round with a big flurry. And that was enough
to have Michael Griffin come over to the corner. And I don’t know if the German
corner understood what he said, but he said,
“You better show me something.” Tompkins:
There’s a familiar face. He’s wearing my T-shirt. Tommy Hearns —
It was August 2, 1980 that he won
his first welterweight title. And that’s Andre Dirrell. Marquez: “The Hitman” Hearns.
From Flint. Broke my heart when he
knocked out Pipino Cuevas. Tompkins: Oh, yeah.
That was your guy. It was quite a night
at the Joe Louis Arena. I was lucky enough to be there
37 years ago. I had the pleasure
of calling a whole lot of Tommy Hearns’ fights. Well, you may say now, “Why would Adler’s corner
let her they come out?” She’s not in the fight,
obviously. I think the answer is because
she has a championship belt, and you just don’t
give them away that easily, even if you’re being
outclassed. Shields needs to
change it up and start just digging
at the body. Go one round full body,
both sides of the body, keep touching the body. She said wanted to stop her
before round number 6, so it’s time to really sit down
more on her shots and go on the body hard —
like them kind of punches there. Both sides of the body. Shields averaging
about 75 purchases per round. And remember, that’s
in two minutes, not three. Picking her shots a little more
carefully here in this round and toward the end
of the last one, fighting a little bit more
in flurries. And she can get away with
keeping her guard low and her mouth open
because nothing’s coming back. Exactly. There she backhands her
a couple times then hits her
with a right hand. She’s playing
with her now. The speed and the movement,
her foot movement, is too much —
her angles, her feints. I mean,
you see Alder cover up. That’s her peek-a-boo — Oh. Big left hand
staggers her again, and this one
is just about done. Oh, referee
is about to jump in. One more
is all it’ll take. Left hook’s been the punch.
Left hook. That’s it. It’s over.
Well stopped. Claressa Shields
gets her championship and gets her knockout. [ Crowd cheering ] And the crowd
just loving it. We can talk all we want
about how thin the ranks are at 168 pounds
in the women’s game. Yes, all true,
but the matter of fact is I don’t remember a fighter
winning a championship with a more
dominant performance at any weight,
male or female. Absolutely, and I think,
quite honestly, a huge improvement
in Claressa Shields. I mean, obviously she was very
good before and very good when she won
the Olympic gold medals. In my mind,
she took a quantum leap tonight. Beautiful.
Beautiful. You see what that tie line did,
didn’t you? Farhood: I think one thing
she’s proven — Pressure is never
gonna get to her. She may be outfought
down the road. We don’t know
what the future will bring, But she handles pressure
really well. Marquez: She does.
A lot of that has to do with — I mean, she’s two-time
Olympic gold medalist. She’s been all over the world fighting fighters
from different countries, being interviewed
by different stations. All that is part of pressure,
too. Yeah.
She thrives on it. Yeah. People expect big things
out of her, and she’s doing it. She’s doing it. In my mind, prior to this,
she won fights just because she was stronger,
she was better. Tonight she won a fight because she was truly
a tremendous boxer. And there is Christina Hammer,
and she’s basically saying, “Come on. You want these? [ Laughs ]
Come and get them.” I got to think she might have
a new respect, though, for Claressa Shields
tonight. And don’t be fooled.
She can fight. Yes. Go to YouTube
and check out Christina Hammer. Here are the numbers. That’s pretty frightening
that in four-plus rounds, Nikki Adler landed
six punches and Shields landing 46%
of her power shots. You know the rule — Any time a fighter is anywhere
near 50% connect rate on power shots,
he or she is winning the fight. 23-0 in body shots. It started this way.
It never really changed. Shields occasionally
took her foot off the gas and kind of regrouped. But Adler was left
just in punching range but not punching
and not holding. So what happened? She got hit a lot —
again and again and again. And you see
tremendous focus in the eyes
of Claressa Shields. She moves those hands.
She really does. She does.
Very fast hands. What was impressive to me
is she was throwing punches right up the middle,
straight punches, and I really hadn’t seen her
do much of that before. You can see Adler
just doesn’t know what to do. She’s not capable of holding.
She doesn’t punch back. And round 5 —
At this point, the referee, Michael Griffin,
is looking for an excuse. The times that Adler
got hurt the most in this fight was from Claressa Shields’
left hooks. And ultimately, that’s what —
That’s it. Griffin says,
“I’ve seen enough.” I think that’s
a really good stoppage. Oh, yeah. Yeah. No point in letting it go.
Absolutely. No resistance.
Well, you saw the numbers. Lopsided win
and a very impressive win for Claressa Shields. Let’s go to Jimmy Lennon Jr.
We’ll make it all official. Jimmy? Ladies and gentlemen, we have the time of 1:34
in round number 5. Our referee in charge,
Michael Griffin, stops the contest. She is the winner
by way of technical knockout. She is now the unified WBC and IBF super middleweight
champion of the world, “T-Rex” Claressa Shields! [ Crowd cheering ]

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