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– This feels like déjà vu, I feel like I was already here talking to you about a
Nintendo Switch console that is exclusive to Japan, that pretty much you
can’t get anywhere else. I dunno what’s going on here, but I’m back with another
Nintendo Switch console that is exclusive to Japan that
you can’t get anywhere else and that of course is the Disney Tsum Tsum Festival Nintendo Switch. This looks like it’s gonna be the cutest Nintendo Switch ever, from just going based off of the box. So Nintendo has released a bunch of special edition
limited edition consoles that come with their
own like special docks and exclusive Joy-Con colors and whatnot. And this is no exception to that. We have the Super Smash
Brothers Nintendo Switch, which I picked up for myself. We had the Pokémon Let’s
Go Pikachu and Eevee Nintendo Switch which I also picked up. And outside special competitions
and giveaways and whatnot those were really like the
only Nintendo Switch bundles with like special colored anything that ever came to the United States. Meanwhile in Japan, they’ve actually gotten
a few retail bundles that are exclusive to their country, but are sold pretty much nation wide, including the Monster Hunter Bundle, and just the other day I unboxed the limited edition Dragon
Quest Nintendo Switch, and we also had the Diablo
version of the Nintendo Switch. And so that brings me to today, with this, with the
Disney Tsum Tsum Festival limited edition Nintendo Switch, the latest in Japan exclusives. If you aren’t too familiar
with Disney’s Tsum Tsum, a Tsum Tsum is a name of a
line of Japanese collectables and stuffed toys based upon
Disney owned characters. The name itself, Tsum, comes from the Japanese word tsumu which means to stack. And it’s kind of a fitting name because the rectangle shaped toys are designed to stack
on top of each other. And this new Tsum Tsum Festival is a party game developed by Bandai Namco, and it’s the first console game based on the Tsum Tsum toy line. You play a bunch of different mini games from single player to co-op games, competitive multiplayer games, you can play online as well. Up to four players, you’ve got games like curling, bubble hockey, which is like air hockey. And Tsum Tsum Festival game also features the original Disney Tsum Tsum mobile game, and you can play that in portrait mode using the touchscreen. Pretty much a simple fun game anybody of any age could enjoy. Now you may be asking me, why the hell do you need
another Nintendo Switch? Don’t you already got like every Nintendo Switch Lite, and like a bunch of different Joy-Con and Switches and whatnot? Yes, I do. I don’t need another Nintendo Switch, which is why I’m probably
going to sell this. Sell the console, sell the dock, and just keep the Joy-Con. Because that’s pretty
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money that you take home. You can keep your credit on the app to spend on Mercari if you want to, which is of course what
they want you to do, or you can transfer that money over to your bank account as well. I’ve sold a ton of my games
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sign up for Mercari. Yes it’s completely and utterly free, and that is more than enough money to pick up a game or two,
or whatever the case may be. So just for that reason alone, you should definitely just do it, get a game for free, why not? And if you want to check out my store, and the things that
I’m selling on the app, of course there’s a link in the description below for that as well. Anyway, I think it’s about time, that we open this up. Ah, check out the box here people. Up front, you see it says
Disney Tsum Tsum Festival and you got the little images of hearts, diamonds, clubs, and spades with a random Mickey
Mouse in there as well. Also under the logo you
can see you’ve got yourself Lilo, from Lilo and Stitch, you got Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and you got the homie Pooh Bear. And it says on the bottom right here Nintendo Switch Disney
Tsum Tsum Festival set. On top you’ve got the
glorious Nintendo logo. On this side here you got more of the little artwork and whatnot. On the side here you see you got an image of the back of the Nintendo
Switch and of the game, it’s pretty much just showing you what you get inside of the box. And you also get a code for
some free costumes and whatnot. On the bottom here you
got the standard info about what’s inside the box, bunch of regulatory
information and whatnot. And on the back, ang, nothing. This is so weird to me, when I saw this. There’s nothing on the back of the box, just a minimalist artwork
and the Nintendo Switch logo right there in the bottom right. Super interesting,
super odd in my opinion, but hey, looks like they wanted to do a real minimalist type look here. All right, so without further ado, let’s go ahead and open this up. Ohhh. You see you got more information about setting up your Nintendo Switch. Open the lid, oohh, check that out. So you got the console here, and we’ve got the two Joy-Con, I’mma set these off to the side. Let’s go ahead and see what
else we’ve got inside of here. Got another little card here with some more information
for your Nintendo Switch. You got the standard black Joy-Con straps, it’s kinda little bit disappointing, I wish they would have put colored Joy-Con straps to match the Joy-Con. You’ve also got yourself
a standard Joy-Con grip, and behind the game here you’ve got the standard HDMI cable, and you’ve got the standard AC adapter for the Nintendo Switch. So let’s go ahead and check
out this game right here. Check out the front artwork, of course it says Disney
Tsum Tsum Festival, you’ve got a bunch of the characters that are of course
Disney owned properties. Winnie the Pooh, Piglet,
Lilo, Minnie, Mickey you know, all these
characters and whatnot. And you’ve got a little
stick on wrapper here, talking about the exclusive
costumes you can get before October 9th. And you’ve got the back here,
in this green area it says “Get together with family and friends through co-op and party games, enjoy with up to four people” and it says you can play and collect more than a hundred Tsum Tsums that appear in Disney Tsum Tsum and you can also play
online against people all across the world. As you can see it’s a dockable game, it’s also playable in tabletop mode but it is not playable in handheld mode. Let’s go ahead and open this up. All right. So yeah you got the download
code here for the costume pack. As you can see on the right here you got the cute little
artwork in the background and of course check out
the game card itself, it’s super simple, and that’s
pretty much it for that. Let’s go ahead and check
out this dock, people. Pheew hoo hoo. As you can see you’ve got more of the clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds, you got Tsum Tsum written up front, and you got your homies Lilo,
Mickey, Minnie and Pooh Bear. I feel like they could have
done a little bit more, make it a little bit cuter. Nothing on the back, nothing at all. The top is pretty standard. The bottom is pretty standard, and the side, and the other side. Nothing fancy or different happening here. Let’s check out the console next. Up front you can see there’s no difference than a normal Nintendo Switch
console, but around back, you’ve got the little
artwork for Disney Tsum Tsum, it says Disney Tsum Tsum Festival, and of course you’ve got
the characters yet again, Lilo, Mickey, Minnie and Pooh Bear, and of course you’ve got the diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades. Pretty basic, pretty simple, not much effort really put
in to that right there. But let us get to this
pièce de résistance, heh. These are the Joy-Con. This is what I bought this whole set for, right here, these Joy-Con. You got this neon purple here, and you got this neon pink. Super bright, super vibrant, check out the purple it
looks really really nice. Right above the analog stick, there is a little Mickey symbol. And you’ve got the pink Joy-Con here, which is really cool. You can see by the home button, you got yourself some Mickey
ears over the home button, which is a nice little touch there. Let’s go ahead and put
it on the Switch itself. Check that out, nice little
pop of purple and pink. Definitely a pretty good look. Okay I got a question today for you guys, what’s your favorite Nintendo
Switch bundle thus far? Like your favorite limited edition set or set that they’ve come out with. Like the Smash Ultimate set, or even the Disney Tsum Tsum set. Let me know in the comments below. Check it out, in the dock as well, this is actually a pretty
decent look right here. All the little symbols and whatnot kind of blend in well together. I like it, it looks pretty cool. And you can see around back in the dock you can still, at the top there, see the faces of the different
Tsum Tsum characters. I am glad I am adding these Joy-Con to my Nintendo Switch
collection of Joy-Con. But if I’m judging this
special edition console based on everything that you get here, this has to be one of the
more disappointing ones. I already take issue with the fact that Nintendo doesn’t really do too much when it comes to creating
these special edition consoles, you know, just like etching
something on the back or something on the dock. But here it’s just
really really minimalist, and honestly if it weren’t for the Joy-Con I probably wouldn’t buy this. Thank you guys for watching yet again, I ain’t too proud to ask you to subscribe if you
haven’t done that already, and make sure to hit like button as well, because it helps the YouTube algorithm. It helps to get more of my videos out to people who are interested
in this gaming content. And of course your comments down below all help me reach more
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in the description below, and remember to stay crazy. (chill electronic music)

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15 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch DISNEY TSUM TSUM FESTIVAL Bundle!

  1. Personally my favorite is the super smash bros ultimate bundle but only for the dock, that right joy con was hella weak…

  2. I got 70 percent of my Sega CD and Sega 32X collection off Mercari lol. That is a different type of switch. That would be cool if it released here. The Nintendo Queen will have this soon I bet. This seems perfect for a kids Christmas gift. They really need to start dropping more US bundles. Great video Tuan

  3. I know it’s off the topic, but I bought lite switch after watching your video two weeks ago. I got grey lite with JETech black case from Amazon. I’m girl but I don’t like bright yellow or blue. I have been playing super mario odyssey so much. I totally gave up on Cuphead, it’s so difficult. 😭

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