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Noisey Atlanta – 2 Chainz Up Close & Personal – Episode 6

Noisey Atlanta – 2 Chainz Up Close & Personal – Episode 6

it’s wrong to work we’re trying to decide who all rides in the bay back obviously to chance does because it says Maybach I think might be a hard sell first put us for first place I just get out of here [Music] [Music] so inside this booming black Sprinter van is 2 Chainz who’s a hair in this on a strange autoparts Ali needs studio space [Music] it’s a weird spot I like telling like little mini studio city two chances come on you should know the two chances to chances to chance is huge part a huge dump two chances one half of Playaz Circle where he wrapped him do the name titty boy after a good run of singles on Ludacris is disturbing the peace label in the mid-2000s play a circle split off and titty boy became the family friendlier to chance he signed to Def Jam his first album debuted at number one played a parolee Vaska Attica on Law & Order SVU and now his life is pretty much a vintage episode of MTV Cribs on endless syndication gotta have a fridge ring yeah the help Scooby Snacks for when you get and keep tuck what’s in the refrigerator Scooby Snacks okay these are boron counters uh-huh they’re roughly like $100 apiece but that’s about firing dollar for candles I’m into fragrances Peter Jimmy Shawn dentists royalty have something to dry off I must be content big chains and we like a defendant to j2 time this is the gym okay you wanna start off with MTV Cribs on the door and I just show you everything I’m doing well you could okay cool cool all right this is the gym recreational pool now X you cannot say can you skate it that’s why there aren’t any trucks on that right okay just for the walls this is my bed yes this right here is a really big TV this beanbag chairs very large room to shine to time it going in starting over eight in a row yeah I got a camera set y’all get a camera right now the trampoline yeah when did you get on an try if you want to I’m pretty sure I’d trip over the night hey know some better patches now that’s one that’s one for me I’m looking for y’all ready to join maybe nice shot two-minute shot – time man right there go change polo this is one o’clock look it’s more than one o’clock but you see bins yeah so you see the tumbles oh ha these on eBay they’re awesome I’m different they just feel inferior there’s a dudas girl it Snickers yeah Jeremy Scott I’ve all these and where you been video I beg your money what Oh lift the como bigger song yeah explains the lack of sleeves it’s like a pile of memories – cheese has a lot of stuff it’s a lot of like really nice stuff and this isn’t nice house this is basically like if you lived in the garage and like had all your cool rock posters up and stuff this is the rap star version of that be here you can’t be drinking you need it okay who would okay oh you can’t forget these strippers Snoop mm-hmm bless me we’ll need a few joints for the show tonight what’s going on tonight hey three see this in the city of Atlanta so this is cool to be a part of it yeah it’s for really like up-and-coming people to exhibit someone’s and usually they got can they campaigns and stuff like that but I’m going to old compositions mama makes it a car drop ability to cool you’re gonna do the whole thing no matter I probably do three or four records you know I’m Sam but it’s just that was my real even on the cover said titty boy aka 2 Chainz it was almost like my transition to Who I am now yeah it’s where I pulled out the ice I said notice it’s like a throwback to uh 2000s right yeah it’s like the hey Dad I seen us Merc bling oh that dope to prove that we’re doing choppa bear that man 2 Chainz friends all came by s before he heads off to the show on the robber a bag of weed that was like the size of your average kind of grocery produce bag what we doing wrong already Roda John we gone they trying to work we’re trying to decide who all rides in the bay back obviously to chance does because it says Maybach I think might be a hard sell yeah first photos for first class I just get out of here [Music] so I did not get a ride in the Maybach I guess we’re just gonna meet him at the concert I don’t know if he really likes me that much makes take a free pacer drum a free bike okay stealing my favorite composition when I have a concept I really dial into the concept I do research I really put more probably more effort and thought that people may think I do when it comes to record so the name of my project was freebase so it deals with free music free thanks 808 it deals with crack which is also free base to draw which is also good music you addicted to so it has like multiple meanings come on y’all I’m gonna cheat that – again time do the truck got sick time big time around mixtape and I keep on the competition put up your tank [Music] what’s up man who you’re you live who you is oh well security for quads okay so what do you want me to park it over there okay there are charges twenty twenty dollars man we might not bear to do that man they charge now how old does man we’re to here we gonna get twenty dollars probably [Music] right Eddie oh I love you thank you dude are you doing man huh a man could do a picture sure [Music] a little over-the-top through unending weird arts-based corridors only to end up in front of a strange dirty red carpet apparently there’s a show going on behind this the a3c thank you chains is playing this concert for an annual hip hop conference in Atlanta it’s kind of like the South by Southwest of rap except everybody kind of bitches about it but feels compelled to go regardless just to keep face in the industry okay never mind it’s exactly like the South by Southwest to rap [Applause] that was a very thorough concert um also had like a vh1 storytellers element where you explained at least not so much the meaning of the songs from where he was in his life for each of the songs um I didn’t expect him to play for like an hour he must be bushed right now I’m sitting Ismay back I’m not sure what we’re gonna do with the rest of the night but the crew is piling back into the Sprinter everybody’s like the convoy is basically reassembling we gotta book another club choppa work night back when I was Teddy Boy I used to rock out with the two pinkie ring and that’s how this right here started you know I’m saying and I think people really know like that’s why I started doing this my ring so big I didn’t want to lose it so I stay like why are you doing his hand like that if you look around you do we know what happened up there the convoys next stop was a nightclub several blocks away where 2 Chainz and his buddies were herded into a crowded VIP balcony area and then just sort of stood there not talking to each other just smoking blunts and all keeping an eye on 2 Chainz to see when he was ready to bail eventually someone brought 2 Chainz of mic to do shoutouts and the gang migrated back downstairs with the cars that had home 2 Chainz local fame embodies the black Hollywood aspect of Atlanta’s hip-hop scene but he’s also at that level of celebrity where every interaction is mediated by a team of managers and label reps and going out involves moving in the middle of a 10 to 30 person entourage like a whale shark surrounded by a cloud of pilot fish what he is is a classic old-school style major label rap star all the crazy toys and gorilla shoes and expensive candles that come with that are cool obviously I don’t song but it’s a trade-off for living at the mercy of your own stardom it’s like you basically need a half a million dollar car with TV screen seats when you spend half your life in the back waiting to figure out which door you can save to go through [Music] [Music] no how many nice week you do this kind of stuff every night no that’s exhausting the perks are nice though I like the barber chair we got a shampoo by our top of the girl no me neither good idea yeah no I should start a business that’s like a great idea so I spend my last will I get out here this most prestigious round I get the Segway I don’t think I’ve seen an all-black Segway before [Music] [Music] Oh [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Noisey Atlanta – 2 Chainz Up Close & Personal – Episode 6

  1. 2changs is being mean & a bully to to old boy.. like dats not Kool at all.u letting fam get to yo head man and u Gon loose more fans like dat

  2. when did rap get so shitty? from outcast, dre, eminem….to this?! wtf?! no beat, indecipherable lyrics, and nobody dancing.

  3. Why does vice have to send out such a fuckin nerdy white, sheltered, boring reporter? Why can't you send someone who's not such an extreme dork… the real life stereotype of how like black comedians act when impersonating a white guy. Just get someone normal dammit

  4. 2Chainz is jus as weird as ALL of his Verses. Shit Coloured Maybach, Shit Chainz. “ shine like the moonlight, I told this nigga GahZoonTight!”. Wtf

  5. Am I the only one seeing this white boy throwing undercover shade and downgrade 2 Chainz lifestyle and the whole hip hop culture

  6. For those who don't know, 2 Chainz don't like being asked questions. Which is why he ain't giving off any type of energy.

  7. Man they couldnt have picked the dullest lamest white kid to do these interviews.Get a real whiteboy to potray us.

  8. Fuck this nigga 2 chain protesting pay 20 dollar parking to what fuck wrong with you nigga thas the job this nigga, pussyfooting

  9. 2 chainz is a really down to earth nigga.. by the way you all need to understand what he's saying I don't know where I'm going to get $20 from a few cuz he has all hundreds

  10. Dave Chappell should do a skit about 2 Chainz saying his name while he shoots the hoop 😎

  11. if you smoke that much to the head and still be functioning, something aint addin up. This guy must be smoking o'dweeds or sumn

  12. Dude from vice be lookin scared and out of place af but I commend him for getting over it and bringing his content to the masses.

  13. I think Two Chainz was necessary in the game to switch things up a little bit. He says shit other rappers would sound dumb saying but pulls it off. (Example) UOENO
    “Jealous niggas I despise- pistol
    And if she a cutie pie- I’ll eat ya”
    Who else says shit like that and it sounds good? 😆 👍🏼

  14. Thomas acts like a fuckin narc that's why they don't like him this dude is an embarrassment to white people

  15. Never liked 2 chainz
    Now I like him less
    What u think u are coz u got successful?motherfucker bleeds same as anyone else

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