NYU Wrestling Bests Hunter on the Road 38-6 (12-4-15)

Corey Luce: I think it was very important to have a rebound match and there’s not a better team to have that against other than Hunter College. Corey: Last year we lost, we came short against them last year and that has been on our calendar and something forward we’re looking to today. Corey: We went out there and were aggressive, our offensive was on point. We just continued to put pressure on these guys. Corey: And that’s how we win matches and our guys are in great shape and it shows. William Gockel-Figge: Today’s performance as a team was really well. We had three or four tech falls. William: And I was just really proud of the team, just getting after them Nathan Pike: I think coming into my match, I knew this guy was good. He qualified for nationals. Nathan: Knew it was going to be a tough match, he was kind of a funky wrestler, which me personally I’m kind of funky as well. Nathan: So it was a pretty interesting match up, I just knew how to out work him. I had to be on the defensive, and if he tried to do something funky I was ready. Nathan: Going forward, I want to be national champion this year. There’s nothing more I want and that’s what I’m looking forward to the most.


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