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Octagon Girls Pick UFC Fight Night 106

Octagon Girls Pick UFC Fight Night 106

As a Brazilian, I’ll obviously bet on the Brazilians, for sure. I say with all the conviction that Vitor wins easily this fight. Even though he’s coming off some losses, I believe that Vitor wins. He will come back with everything and Fortaleza will celebrate a lot his return. Vitor wins easily. Vitor with Kelvin, I will bet on Kelvin even though he’s not Brazilian. Nothing against Vitor, our Brazilian, but Kelvin is a young kid and I feel he has a bright future in the UFC. He’s tough. I saw his fight at UFC 200 in Vegas, it was incredible. I like to watch him fight, I like his style, and I bet on him. Let’s see how it goes. Wow, how can I say Mauricio has any chance of losing? Gian, who will fight Mauricio, is very funny. He threw a bucket of water in my head once in a pool party in Last Vegas. It was really funny, but I’m a bit mad at him because of that. But he’s funny. But I want Mauricio to win because of that, to get back at him for the water he threw at my head in the middle of a pool party. Imagine that, in the middle of a pool party, my hair got all wet in Las Vegas because of him. I’m rooting for Shogun. I like him. He’s a nice guy, and I think he trained harder for this fight, dedicated. I follow his social media. I’m rooting a lot for him. Edson Barboza will absolutely win. It will be easy, it will be fast. Fight will last just a few seconds. I think my pick for this fight is Barboza. He’s a tough guy, really cocky. It’s going to be a great fight, a great show. That’s it. These are my picks for the three main fights of UFC Fortaleza.

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66 thoughts on “Octagon Girls Pick UFC Fight Night 106

  1. Best of UFC and MMA shows me an outro clip of that blond chick every other day.
    I have acclimated and can tolerate her empty face now.

  2. I just don't think octagon women have any insight they are there just to look good. However I can't tell what she's saying I only speak English.

  3. People getting so mad this wasn't in English.

    Did any of us actually watch this to hear their insightful, well informed fight analysis?

  4. women are only used as cumrags, ufc sure thinks so…they got them on as eyecandy, the ones who do fight are usually ugly af.

  5. the video is in Portuguese for those of you who read the title and thought, "LOL I BET THAT VIDEO IS IN ENGLISH!"

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