Off To A Great Start! | Rocketing Pre-Order Sales! | Bangtan Daily

What is up ARMY, and welcome back to another
episode of Bangtan Daily! We have got a couple of good news for you
guys today, so let’s get started! After just the first 8 hours of it’s release,
Love Yourself Answer has already surpassed Love Yourself Tear’s record on KTown4U with
23,000 sales! According to Real-Time Sales, it was also
the Best Seller on Amazon on the first day of it’s release! Now guys, we are already off to a great start,
good job ARMY! If you need the pre-order links, we will put
them in the description box down below. Only 2 months after it’s release, Love Yourself
Tear has surpassed 300 million streams on Spotify! Leading the pack is FAKE LOVE at 112 million
streams, followed by The Truth Untold, Airplane Pt. 2, and Anpanman. Now, make sure you guys keep streaming FAKE
LOVE along with the other tracks of Love Yourself Tear. Remember that we are still gunning for that gold
RIAA Certification for FAKE LOVE, guys! Let’s get it! And that is it for today’s Bangtan Daily! We hope that you guys learned a lot, and that
you guys enjoyed. Please continue to like, comment, subscribe,
and follow us on all of our social media platforms, and please always take care of yourselves! Comeback is coming……… back…… so make
sure you guys get enough sleep, because once they release that album, you already know! We ain’t gon’ get any sleep! At all. Alright, I’ll see you guys next time! Love Myself, Love Yourself, and Peace!

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