100 thoughts on “Officials say USS Boxer may have downed 2 Iranian drones last week

  1. And no sailor or marines out of many on Boxer "seeing drone going down" had their cell phone cameras on??? Did it happen in 1800's?

  2. Show me the PROOF LOL Iranian fishermen could fish out parts of the US drone from the strait but we don't have any pieces to take photos with? So sad…

  3. Very childish
    You hit my drone? I hit two of yours.
    No you didn't
    Yes I did more than one of your drones
    No you did not
    Yes I did more than two
    Da da da daaaa,🎺🎺🎺🎺📣📣📣🎵🎵🎵🤼🤼🤼

  4. What type of media "Fox News" is that tells news without any evidence?! Why don't you show the wreckage of the drones like Iran. Or you may say that US military was incapable of restoring the wreckage from the sea?! Liar media like CBS and Fox News are the ones if any war happens. Shame on you.

  5. All lies……”May Have”?……same government that knows for a fact what every one of us had for breakfast this morning doesn’t know if it shot down 2 drones?…..rofl…..nothing is real as we have known it folks….when everything on TV and most of the internet is there on purpose to lie to you and has been that way for 100 years plus then simply nothing you have ever known is true.

  6. Remembers A am Hail HUMANAE A1انسان Hormoz ☀️👁👁🔼🌍🏦🔥Iran not good For world

  7. 😂😂😂 evidence. OMG ENOUGH LYING FOX. us forces in the gulf are been out smarted and fooled by the Iranians. I would love to see the drone that's been downed just like how the Iranian showed the downed us drone, but this story stinks of lies.


  9. I caught a ride on that boat twice, once to Iraq and once to play with pirates around the Horn of Africa. Best ship I was ever attached to! OOHRAH!!!

  10. Problem with drones and always will be is the fact that they can be jammed, i highly doubt the U.S. actually sent ordinance at the drones im guessing they just jammed them and they crashed. While drones are great in theory unless they have a constant connection to the ground most likely they are either completely dead or have a set of programmed maneuvers/ surveillance patterns they will follow until reconnection

  11. So I guess this means Iran can order strikes against American forces for downing their drones since America started this childish game of You broke my toy, so I'll brake yours. 🙄

  12. Corrupt anti American pro Russia Donald Trump is going to bring us into an unjust war. He is treasonous. We have to halt his privileges! He is unethical and immoral. STOP HIM!!! BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE!

  13. I think the problem is Americas arrogance.
    Laugh at Iran etc but they know and we know that they can't defeat the American military.
    They have a right to protect their country just like every other nation.
    If Russia, China and now India back Iran the US is in serious trouble.
    These 3 super powers have proven to be able to over ride the American missiles as proven by a US military program on YouTube because they use the same weapons with superior technology.
    Money wise, the American economy is in massive debt and no has very little spending money compared to China etc.
    China to the west Russian to the East and possibly India Americas military is cut into pieces.
    Turkey and the EU will probably side with each other although the tensions have been high over the EU dealings.
    America is very powerful but dumb decisions will lead to its downfall.

  14. There's proof! Just look at the ocean floor and you'll see it, I know one of you would. Yea CNN would, find it and then say they found nothing and instead found a n ancient relic that suggests "Russian collusion"

  15. Does anyone remember when one of our drones gust happened to land in Iran during the Obama administration??????????????


  17. U.S. had official warning dont test us in the straight of hormus or there will be serious and severe consequences

  18. Oh i found something very common in this news……
    It looks very similar to the India air strike news with Pakistan……
    Don't you think…..😂😂😂😂

  19. Lmfaoooo " go check take your scuba gear and go check c da proof
    N one of you will do that I know you will"wen trump said dat I was cracking up loll! you can't hate him but cnt lo love em either. I think trumps okay man. I also think it was a big mistake calling off da strikes way Back when iran shot 1st u.s drone right there we had to put them back in their lane keep them on ✔ check

  20. Yah they down u.s.Drones we down as many Iran's drone .so if they harm u.s.troops than they crossed that line.

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  22. 😄😄😄😄 .. and you believe the fake news. Show some evidence. US Navy have the most advanced technology or the most advanced "TALK, TALK, TALK", 😉😉😉😉😉

  23. Its Means Iranian Drone is much advance than your toys F22 raptors? even your hightech drone detector cant easily detect iranian drones? then how US can fight Iranian f14 and koswar? with advance mig29? US conduct a test fire on their own drones with Laser lights?

  24. it is simple. just show evidence. big liar. iran shows evidence and you can see tha jammer on the board. iranian drone is on top of the uss boxer

  25. Well I am happy to see some proof it makes me feel that we have not been totally lied to…about a possible take down…took them long enough..

  26. The Iranians only have drones because Zero delivered one to them, for them to reverse engineer and copy. Anyone remember that? They "shot one down" and recovered it completely intact on Zero's watch. And most likely under his orders.

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