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Oliver MMA offers self-defence classes to protect kids from bullying

Oliver MMA offers self-defence classes to protect kids from bullying

A mixed martial arts gym
in West Auckland is helping to keep kids safe
from bullying and abuse. New Lynn’s Olivers Gym say there have been too many incidents
of school children being chased and bullied. And as Irena Smith reports the gym is encouraging the community
to use its facilities as a safe environment. Learning the tools to protect
themselves on the streets. The gym is not far
from the New Lynn interchange. Due to the increasing incidents
happening to kids waiting for the bus or walking home
they have opened up their business to the community as a place they can come to
and feel safe. Oliver Gym teaches MMA
and BJJ to kids and adults including self-defence
and they see the changes in the kids from the time they first
step through the door. They first show up shy and then they go away
with the skills and confidence to protect themselves from harm. Hakaraia Wilson is also
an MMA fighter when he is not training himself he is teaching these kids
and their parents. They can look after themselves
and be strong and confident there are a lot of bad people
and drunks walking around so they will be able to protect
themselves and their friends. If his students are this focused they will be the ones to help change
the tide of bad to good. Irena Smith, Te Karere.

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