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Oppkjøring til Shogun MMA 3 [S03E03] #TheHybridViking

Oppkjøring til Shogun MMA 3 [S03E03] #TheHybridViking

Hard workouts? Yeah! Not to many hard ones left No One and a half. One and a half week or workout? No, two and a half workout left Two and a half really hard ones! Yes. And then one week with Yeah, just keep it going. Recovery… or…
Great and then traveling and all. Yup Yes, Happy and satisfied What do we know about Shogun MMA? North in England. Haha
Good one! Newcastle
Yes And… it’s there third show. The third show, yes.
And they are looking to get big? Yes They have more fighters from Scandinavia. That’s cool. Yeah And you’re fresh and healthy? Yeah, feeling good And we hope the same for you opponent? So the fight will be great. Yeah… Yeah, hoping for a good fight. I hope so.
So do I. So we all get great value for our money! hehe It’s going to be awesome! New day and new opportunities? Yes That’s what they say, right?
Ready for pure hell… Yes What are we doing? Three times five minutes.
Three times five. Pedal to the metal. I have 4 people ready to switch it up. hehe
hihi Thing about how good it wil get after the fight. Haha Yeah, it will be good. Damn it. You do look ready Does it feel good.. or… It’s shit right now
of course. Yeah, it’s mixed feelings. I feel in great shape Hell, yeah! It’s hard when there are new,
fresh fighters switching it up. And they always starts in the best position! Yes, they always starts in the best possible position. And they all have different styles And.. I have a good feeling about this!

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