Oppkjøring til Shogun MMA 3 [S03E04] #TheHybridViking

The fight i close Been at work all week So… It requires some customization But everyone at work makes sure.. ..I get to train and eaten properly. I have done my workouts on the ferry. They have a great workout room. Thumbs up. Only a couple of days left.
Ready to give it all. On the ferry one of the chef always makes sure I have fresh broccoli every day. I have probably eaten 10 kilos of broccoli the week. The week I will do short and moderate workouts every day. I have done my homework I’m just eager to get going. So I can bring the belt home. Yes Just a few days left?
4 days. 4 days What does your workouts consists of now? Make sure to keep my body in motion
and not get injured this week. Work up a sweat and get to feel good. Yes What about the food? Less then normal. I still eat a fare amount, but less carbs den usual. Water, chicken, egg and broccoli. What about the weight? On track.
On track. No problem.
Easy. Did I see a snap earlier, what was that about? Yeah, what was that… Chili Frankfurter. Looking forward to a sausage party? Yeah. Good good 30 minutes of moderate training. Let’s go.

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