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Origem da arte marcial Kudo Daido Juku: (MMA japonês)filosofia marcial Grão Mestre Azuma Takashi

Origem da arte marcial Kudo Daido Juku: (MMA japonês)filosofia marcial Grão Mestre Azuma Takashi

OSU! I am sempai carlos, this is eduardo sensei.
welcome to the modern samurai channel. So guys, kudo is not just a martial art or contact sport but a lifelong art with a whole philosophy behind today we will talk about the origin of the name and its meaning but first a message fill out our quiz that is in the video description so we can map the cities where we will do our events The more people in your city fill, the easier it is for us to go where you are. Exactly, one of the comments we receive most is precisely that Kudo has not yet reached where you live so to get there this is the fastest way answering the quiz and sharing with your community And another news is that now you can find us on Instagram samuraimoderno.official where we post even more about martial arts and our daily life follow us there for even more information on martial arts to help your studies so let’s go osu Kudo is part of the select group of martial arts that make budo exactly, budo can be translated as the warrior’s way is a more modern interpretation of martial arts since it is no longer something for war martial arts are not only directed at fighting techniques to fight almost every martial art practitioner knows the word ‘do’ the word ”do” means a way
a lifestyle so all these arts that make up budo have a purpose that goes beyond the simple fight a purpose aimed at the edification of young people for the strengthening of mind and body so that these people can contribute to society exactly when war-only arts lost their role in society they had to modify it it has been modified, maintaining all the benefits of training united to a philosophy of life master azuma has a degree in philosophy and as a martial artist was part of oyama’s first class one of the great names of karate and in kudo he also put together some philosophical concepts that we follow today all for a better society at first, kudo was a karate style master azuma, who already practiced other styles, decided to unite everything with the mindset of a wider martial art the name of this art was karate daido juku daido juku is still part of the name and means the school of the great way we already see the beginning of this thought of martial art as an infinite road constant learning, always evolving a moment came when we had already distanced ourselves far from karate Master Azuma often went to other countries like thailand for example, add other techniques from several other martial styles like sambo from russia so kudo could became a broader martial art became a path where all paths converge because one of the ways we can interpret the name daido juku
It is also the school of all roads so guys this is the first philosophical principle that is in the word kudo refers to seeing life and the world as transient and changeable embrace and understand these changes as in darwin’s theory not necessarily be the strongest or the fastest to survive but the one that best fits the changes and martial art must follow this principle has to be always changing, can’t keep repeating the same things forever or you risk becoming obsolete so, us as kudo practitioners we should avoid becoming obsessed or stuck to things we know will eventually change this is fundamental for us to keep evolving be able to move on we say that a lot a style when it stands still in time as bruce lee used to say had crystallized, stopped in time, stop its evolution and all that does not change its shape that does not evolve will eventually be crushed now, second philosophical principle is understand that we are all connected, we depend on each other nothing will exist without this interdependence this is very important tho us as people even though every martial artisch treads its own way we need others for that our teachers, training colleagues even your opponents without them you can’t develop and test your skills so thats why we always start and end with courtesy so the greeting at the beginning asking permission for colleague or adversary to contribute to your training exactly, asking permission and thanking him at the same time the greeting at the beginning has these two meanings in martial arts, this thinking is fundamental for
we can avoid being arrogant or indifferent discarding things without knowing if they could be of help know that everything will contribute in some way to you knowing that we have to be humble and that humility is first to acknowledge your limits this principle means having an open mind and together like the other two principles
constitute the philosophy of kudo so it’s important to understand how you first understand and accept that everything must change, everything is transient understand the interdependence between things to be really humble and then develop an open mind to evolve, always learning and moving on through the changes one thing we always talk about on the channel is how we always try to have a positive view of everything even what seems wrong or bad has something to contribute especially when we talk about life’s challenges when we look at the martial arts
we look at a whole as would say bruce lee too
as an individual trying to express themselves so we never closed the door for any style so much so that we can learn from them
 to interact with them so this open mind culture of master azuma
speaks of being open to exchanging experiences and understand that everyone has something to contribute, even if it’s not what to do we are always learning from other people or styles this is one of the great goals
not only from kudo but from our modern samurai channel create this great martial community so about this principle
to reach enlightenment a better understanding you have to face the challenges
not only fights but all that life brings you face and accept whatever comes with a positive mind, humble and brave our lifes are a replica of a combat each one has it in their day to day and in martial arts we train this way of looking positively at the problems
so we can replicate this in our day to day did you identify with this philosophy?
with this way of thinking? leave us comments on what did you think and your experience it will be a pleasure talking to you remembering once again our quiz and one more thing Philosophy is not just something to talk about but to be practiced and a great way to have this experience will be in our events and workshops share this video and help us we count on you so we can spread this art across the country be part of this community helping us It is very important that you help us by sharing this video to reach the largest number of people your city may be next subscribe to the channel and follow us on our social networks samuraimoderno.oficial on instagram until next time! osu

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6 thoughts on “Origem da arte marcial Kudo Daido Juku: (MMA japonês)filosofia marcial Grão Mestre Azuma Takashi

  1. sou praticante do jiu-jitsu e estou interessado em prática o kudo , vc sabe me informar se existe em São Paulo precisamente na zona norte obrigado parabéns pelo canal, OSS

  2. Excelente vídeo!!! Estou precisando evoluir nessa questão da "Mente aberta", pois tenho muitos conflitos sobre qual Arte Marcial me dedicar.

    Como diria Bruce Lee, "O homem, criatura viva e criador individual, é sempre mais importante do que qualquer estabelecido estilo ou sistema.”

  3. Excelente conteúdo como sempre pessoal, graças a vocês e ao Branch Chief da América do Sul sensei Carlos Torres hoje me dedico integralmente ao estudo do Kudo para no ano que vem me tornar um instrutor e trazer essa filosofia de vida e arte marcial pra minha cidade e região. Não é um caminho fácil, para quem quer se tornar instrutor a atenção nas aulas e os estudos fora delas devem ser em dobro, pois você deve aprender cada detalhe de cada ensinamento pra poder levar esse conhecimento adiante no futuro!! Então só tenho a agradecer vocês pelo trabalho que estão fazendo na divulgaçao da arte e por motivar tantas pessoas a seguirem O Caminho da Mente Aberta. Onegai Shimasu. E em sequência gostaria de fazer uma pergunta: vocês indicam algumas literaturas pra compreender melhor a filosofia marcial, o Budo, etc? A parte teórica e filosófica das artes marciais…

  4. Sou faixa azul de tae kown do, faixa amarela de kickboxing.
    Estou trilhando meu caminho do guerreiro, quanto mais elementos se têm em combate, maior as chances de êxito.
    Ao canal, ele é incrível, o tenho divulgado em todos os outros canais por onde frequento!

    Parabéns pela qualidade da equipe!

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