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ORIGINAL SC | Professional Boxer Logan Holler

ORIGINAL SC | Professional Boxer Logan Holler

[MUSIC PLAYING] LOGAN: Do what makes you happy
and find what makes you happy. I think that’s the most
important thing in life. Sometimes you’ve got
to be a little selfish and find what makes you happy. One of the things
that I’ve always been is I want to make everybody
around me happy and in the end sometimes, it doesn’t
always leave you with where you want to be in life. So sometimes you’ve
got to look at yourself and do what’s right for you. If somebody asked
me who Logan was, I would probably say–
one of the first things would probably be athlete. I’ve always been a
sports-oriented person. My family has always
been sports-oriented. My dad, he played for
the Green Bay Packers and he’s always
pushed us to do sports and kind of been like
our coach and our dad. My brothers played. We all played
through high school. I would say definitely
an athlete and everything that comes with that. Being determined, working
hard and just enjoying sports. I’m a devout Christian
so God has always been very important to me
and living the right way and having a relationship
with him which is doing what you have to do to be happy. Don’t let negative
things come in. If there’s negative
people in your life, don’t let them bother you. Your family is what matters
and love and happiness. [MUSIC PLAYING] What got me into boxing
was one of my mentors when I graduated from college. He’s in the hall of fame for
boxing and he kind of told me, you have the body for it. You’ve been an athlete. Why not try it? And I’ve been into fitness
and been a trainers so I was like, it will
be good for the fitness and staying in shape and
so I went and did it. I just kind of fell
in love with it and I was amateur
for about a year. It was really hard
to get a fight. You go to an amateur
fight, you fight someone eight pounds up or below
you and there’s just not a lot of girls
in South Carolina so it was hard to find a fight
and when you turn professional, it’s a lot easier
to get a fight. So that was one of
the reasons for that. It filled that void. It gave me something to
be competitive about, it gave me something to focus
on and make goals and work for because , like I said, I’m
a sports person so I’ve always needed that in my life and
it gave me another outlet to express that side of me. [MUSIC PLAYING] My first match was in
Hopkins, South Carolina. That was my pro debut
against a fighter from– I think she was
from North Carolina and I think I knocked her down
first and second and then third round I knocked her down again
and that’s when she stayed down and they called a
technical knockout. So it was a good one. I was nervous but once I
got started, it was fun and when they raise
your hand in the end it’s an awesome
feeling for the win. [INAUDIBLE] I thought about that a lot
and how boxing and fighting and anything goes
with Christianity but, in my opinion,
it’s not as malicious. It’s not like we’re
out in the streets fighting, trying
to hurt someone. It’s a sport and there’s a
lot of rules put in place to make sure you’re safe. There’s going to be times where
you get hurt, like football or anything like that. It’s a contact
sport but my point of view when it
comes to Christianity is it’s not malicious. I’m not there to take some girl
down even though, technically, that’s what you want to do
but I’m there to win a sport. I’m there to win a competition. I’m not on the street trying
to fight some random girl so I think that’s where
it’s a little different. [MUSIC PLAYING] I would say one
thing about boxing that’s helped me
a lot is it helps a lot with your confidence. It makes you feel
strong, it makes you feel– you can get
through a lot of things because, like I said,
it’s a hard sport and you really got to
love it and enjoy it but, even if you’re
just doing the classes, it’s going to make you stronger
mentally and physically and I think that’s a good thing
that people need and I needed. I definitely needed an
extra confidence boost and I needed that help and I
think boxing gives that to you. It teaches you how to fight,
not just out on the street but how to fight
for things in life that you got to get
through– through hard times. I have a passage from the
Bible that speaks to me, mostly and it’s John 16:33
and it’s, “for I have told you this because the
world will bring you suffering, but be brave for I have
defeated the world.” and that last line,
when I read it, really spoke to me that
nothing I go through in life, whether it be fights
with family or hard times with relationships or
hard times in the boxing ring– God’s been
through everything and he suffered
through it for me. Jesus suffered through it for
me and so with him on my side, I can do anything.

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