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Overcoming Martial Arts Sales Objections

Overcoming Martial Arts Sales Objections

Do you deal with a lot of objections
when you go to present your different offers for your martial arts classes?
Eight times out of ten the problem is you didn’t go deep enough the initial
part of your tour and your consultation. So make sure to go back and watch my
earlier videos about martial arts sales I’ll link it in the comments below. But
eight out of ten times if you ask the right questions you’re not gonna have to
deal with the objections. But there are gonna be ones you’re gonna deal with so
I’m just gonna go over a couple things that it can help you with that. So when
you’re on your tour make sure you ask them you know “are you married?” If they
say yes, “is your spouse behind you training?”. Get all those things
out of the way early. Don’t wait till that that one hit you at the end
when you go to present your different options. “Are you married” “yes”
“okay great! Does your wife support with what you want to do?” “oh yeah”
“great okay”. That’s taken care of it. Don’t have to run that one at the end.
Just the things like that. And if you do get the most common one
is pricing. They say “I need to think about it”. Whenever they say I need
to think about it there’s something deeper than that. So there’s a lot of thought that go with that. “oh okay I understand that you think about it just so I know,
what part do you need to think about?” And then just shut up. Don’t say
anything just sit there. Silence. Like I said before in the earlier
video first one to speak loses. Just sit down, listen with what they have to say. Because
at the end of day we’re there to help them. There’s something that they want.
They don’t just come to a gym because they’re bored and just watch exes. I
mean maybe one out of a hundred is crazy and does that. But most people are coming
into the gym to look for something and your gym might not hit what they wanted.
They’re gonna go to someone else’s. So find out. “what you think about it?”
“oh it’s a little bit expensive” “okay what were you expecting
to pay”. Find that and then attack the difference. If you’re
charging industry average 150 and they say “I was expecting to spend ninety
nine bucks” “oh I understand that but it can be really hard to find a
qualified gym at that rate. You working out anywhere else?” “oh yeah I’m
working out 24 hour fitness” “ok so what’s that run?” “you know about forty bucks a
month okay so you’re looking at 100 that you were expecting to pay then the 44
24-hour fitness so now you had 140 you know it’s 10 you cancel that do
membership you’re 10 bucks away from being old train here and reach
your goals that you’re obviously not reaching at your current gym”. So work those angles. Interact with them, find out what they really need.
And you’ll be able to help them out more. So just go deeper
with your questioning. Because if you’re getting objections it’s because one you
didn’t take care of it and a very good tour and consultation and two they might
have some kind of an issue. But if you address it there with them, most the time
you can overcome it I mean sometimes you can’t and that’s just part of the game.
But don’t think of it as sales. We’re not in the selling business even though we
call it sales. We’re consulting people. We’re helping them change their lives.
We’re helping them get better. They’re coming in to your gym looking for
something and it’s our job to help them find it. So think about it that way. Flip
the script on how you think about it. They’re not sales objections there might have something going on their life,
things like that. The more you can find out the more questions you can ask and
make it about them and dig deeper the better. So I hope this helps you out make
sure to watch the previous video on how to get more martial arts sales and have
a great day.

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