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Paige VanZant: “I Make More Money Posting Pictures On Instagram Than I Do Fighting For UFC”

Paige VanZant: “I Make More Money Posting Pictures On Instagram Than I Do Fighting For UFC”

Welcome back to Nosey Rosey News! Paige Vanzant I
make more money posting pictures on Instagram then I do for fighting for U
of C well honey let me tell you this if you want to lose back to back to back
don’t be expecting for you to get that type of yo wanna JJ check type of
payments you know I’m saying you don’t get that you know I’m saying even though
Johanna JJ has been losing yes she has but she’s not even that brain to go out
and say like Amy I deserve more yeah you deserve to be underpaid cuz you’re not
winning honey you’re not winning let’s get into this article so Ultimate
Fighter championship flyweight sensation please page Webjet has just one fight
remaining on her current deal and plans on fulfilling it before inking and
contract extension with the world’s pre-eminent mixed martial arts promotion
not because she’s flirting with other exotic organizations like Bellator MMA
and won championship but rather because twelve-gauge wants to prove to Dana
White and the company that she’s as valuable to the branch side inside the
cage and she’s outside the cave despite the pesky injuries and setbacks I make
way more money sitting at home posted pictures on Instagram then I do fighting
Van Zandt told the news reporter when I did mine contract negotiations the last
time the talk was I can’t pay you more than a female champion okay but why are
comparing me to just women all of us should be getting paid more in general
girl if you don’t go sit down and have several seats honey
the person that should begin pay a lot is Amanda Nunez Amanda Nunez gets in
there and get the job done she’s been winning back-to-back well you
start winning then I think you can eggs for you know eggs for a raise but you
can’t eggs for no raise right now girl where your mind is at UFC pay has been a
hot button issue for most of the modern error resulting in fighter lawsuits and
mass defections Hey even white agrees that today’s fighters are likely to find
better deals outside of mmm ain’t y’all just like a new modern-day slaves you
know I’m saying if you getting in there and you making make in some type of
money hey you need to be working on a plan B not just putting your whole
existence and UFC it’s just a platform you know I’m saying get y’all get your
stuff together like Conor McGregor did his record was was crap and look look
how he’s you know I’m saying buddy so he’ll be back
slaving again to because he’s not treating his financial situation right I
want a significant pay raise to be completely honest she said I’ve just
been extremely accomplished outside of UFC as well as inside of us seen five
wins in the UFC four finishes I’ve been made of that twice and I think
someone with those accolades should be paid more girls you don’t go sit down
I wish I could get shot a man on her to do donkey other day for her cuz I hate a
house everything this is my video today and you comment below and let me know a
if I’m a little bit too harsh on her or what you guys think do you think the
same way I’m thinking I’ll see you guys in the next video you

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