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This person He came in contact with the production And spoke I want to challenge one of them In the Punch And she will choose Which one of you four She will challenge for a fight now Whoever wins this fight, has the right to sit on the stand of presenters on Sunday That I know it’s something that all Panicat wants Applause So now I will reveal who will challenge you Who is she ? 3 2 1 Wow, lie No She did not do it ! This team is very weak I saw that you were all choreographed there But now I’ll show you what it’s like to be a real panic understood uooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww But I’ve been here for 4 years and I do not respect ?!! She stayed 1 year and I stayed 4 I know I know she wants to kill someone But she wants to teach me what? !! But I made history in just one year, and you four did not do much uuuuoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww And I’ll choose one of you The oldest in the house, of course Now for the first time I will rule out Arícia Because I think she’s very wet Ahhh, it’s being baggy Every once in a while the protected Arícia It’s just that I want the fight to last at least last a little bit to be exciting With Arícia I make AAAAA and she is already running The second eliminated What’s her name again? Our old man Wendy I think you would not have much fun defying the And she’s very young Thank you That I will not catch today I am now between the two Carol Dias is already a certain age So I’ll spare you the And my fight will be against Aline Mineiro I I always take in the a$$ He told me to choose and I chose I will not be sorry She can lower and I already win without having to producer: can also be No If you want to take someone, take the older woman home, not me producer: Iiii She’s talking about you No, this is absurd She left Now she wants to go back and sit in the little window, right? So why did she leave? Stay and preserve if your place goes down to a panicat of respect as agent is and I am 2 years here I left, not because I obviously wanted to AH they left because it no longer served the program I’m not ashamed to say it but if I was not good I would not be here But you want to know Wood on your a$$ No one takes my place Now I want to see you take my place We will see We will see You will use all the protection You go there Make all the bandanas and then they will come back here to kill themselves in the punch BLZ Remembering that everything will be done with great security We have Denis there What is cushman Should any girl cut herself He’s a professional guy who works with that Now speak very fast: – You can enter UFC referee Mario Mazaco – You can enter UFC referee Mario Yazamaco Now Entering the Challenger Thais Now she will put on the protective helmet Now you can enter the challenged Aline Look at the round, you did not forget anything, did you? TA TARATA TA TARATA TA TARATA TA TARATA I’m feeling hate in the eyes of both I already passed the rules in the locker room I want you to make a clean white fight And obey all my orders Are you ready? Are you ready? So let’s go to the fight Are you ready? Are you ready? Let’s go to the fight. Alineee Aline Aline Aline Take your hand off there Aline Aline Aline Aline Take your hand off there Take your hand off there Stop Stop Stop Separated Separated Separated They have blood in their eyes Can not hold the rope okay? Look how much helmet is crooked Are you ready? Are you ready? So let’s go to the fight Go Aline Aline Aline Aline Aline Go Aline Go Aline Take off the arm Have to take off the arm Has no wayHas no way But you have to take Stop Plinn Each to your Corner Alinee Aline Aline Aline Aline Aline Aline Aline She Your nose is bleeding It was much heavier than I imagined I think Aline is giving a show And are you going to sit on that crap or not sit on that crap Sunday? I will fu#! Are you going to bust this up or not? So you’re going to end this muggle or not? Are you going to sit on that shit Sunday or not? I will Second round Are you ready? Are you ready? And began Go Aline Stop Stop Stop Stop Ended up [email protected]! The champion of the night is Aline Ex Panicat my love, you leave and still want to sit in the small window? My place no baby Mario tells me something What was the name of that coup? She was strangling You know you hit her a lot? I never thought I could Ah dude I tried I caught Aline because I knew it was going to be this fight I already hoped I expected this Obviously I came to win But I have a sporting spirit and I agree to lose too And will not sit in the place of presenters Who’s going to sit is Aline They are screaming there but But I’m sure they wanted to be in Aline’s place I came here to join in the joke That’s it, Panic This is what is the spirit of Panic Congratulations Aline Congratulations Aline sits on the couch in Panic in the Band Thank you and bye Aline Aline Aline

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84 thoughts on “PANICATS: DESAFIO DA LUTA LIVRE (02/02)

  1. Aline ganhou mas achou muito e por isso trouxe para luz por causa que ela é uma pane fraca manda Dani Bolina aí sim ela vai tomar na cara porque a Dani Bolina leva um avião

  2. Arrecasou a outra chegou cheia de marra aí a outra ficou com raiva do cabeta a outra comeu o pão que o diabo amassou parabens caraca eu super torsi pra outra que ganho por que vi no olho dela que tava com força e garra

  3. Mano se eu tivesse q lutar com tudo mundo q não gosta de mim….kkkk…eu ia sai daí ou no caixão ou com a mão toda enfaixada.

  4. Prefiro a Thais ela ficou só 1 ano no pânico mais não aregou nenhum desafio Aline vai cuida da sua vida não fez nada no pânico

  5. No começo Thais tá mó se achando dando barrada quando é no final fica pagando de esportista !!! Se fudeuuuuuuu!!!!!!

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