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*Woooosh* hey friends! Today is a very special video I participate in the FantaxYou2 contest This is a YouTube contest Where you need to put either a Fanta can Or your mom Of course, I have chosen the second option Because I find it soooo fun My mother works every day in Paris I work every day in Dublin And I’ve decided to show you the differences between these two cities in everyday life Hope you’ll like it! Please like, comment, share this video Because this contest is so important to me I count on you! And enjoy the video 😉 Wash your hands Wildlife Work Working in Paris is not always fun… Validate a transport ticket Cheese Goat cheese Cow cheese Sheep cheese Cheddar, cheddar, cheddar, cheddar Cheddar And cheddar again Pedestrian crossings Red light: 36s Green light: 5s Lunch Take the underground Ah but… There’s no underground in Dublin Let’s go on foot then Happy Sophie… Architecture Social life It’s good to drink a coffee in a Parisian café Very nice! Buy a Fanta can Still in Paris… Cheers! With a nice Parisian Fanta In Dublin, you have to buy cans by four! Let’s go! Huge thanks to my mother!

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