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Passion | Goutham HC | Gaurav Babu

Passion | Goutham HC | Gaurav Babu

Dad. Why are you seeing like that, Dad? I am just wondering what’s in this cup? He quit his studies because of this! Injured himself! Ended up being in prison too! Can one at least drink tea in this? What can one use this for? Pick the cap. Pick the cap! You think its of no use? Shove it into your mouth, you’ll stop blabbering. What’s your problem with me? What’s the problem? Am I not trying hard enough here? Am I causing trouble in the streets like others? Father: If you had studied well, you need not have struggled. *son interrupts* I couldn’t study, I’m not clever. What to do? Its your blood in my body, its your DNA. Were you intelligent? Was mother intelligent? When you both are big zeroes How can I become Aryabhatta? You are doing something, continue with it. *Son interrupts* I’ve been quiet, look at him provoking. I’ve mentioned so many times i can’t study, these books are not for me. He never listened. I just know one thing. I’ll either become a boxer, Or I’ll become one troublemaker in the streets You take a call. Tendulkar represented our country when he was 15 years old If his father had continuously pestered him to study Half the businessmen wouldn’t be selling their products on TV. There’s something called as destiny in life. Forget about me. What have you done in life? what have you achieved? I’ve at least got a trophy. though if its of no use, I’ve at least got a trophy. What have you achieved? Come inside Don’t speak Mom. I’ve got a trophy. Mother: Your hand is injured go see to that. I was seeing to it, but he’s the one provoking. Right? This is my passion Dad. My passion. I know only this. Do you know what passion means? How would you know, forget it. Fashion is it? Wants to do fashion in Father’s money. Go do fashion in your own money. Go! Be a backbone to your child’s aim. They’ll end up making you proud one fine day. – Venkatesh L Ashrit Inspired by a scene from “Mukkabaaz”.

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