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Paul Heyman Reportedly Pushing For Some Big Changes On WWE Raw

Paul Heyman Reportedly Pushing For Some Big Changes On WWE Raw

Fans may need to wait a while for changes
to the WWE product but the good news is that there is a push being made to get rid of some
of the silly and fake looking things you see on WWE television. Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer
Newsletter that Paul Heyman for Raw is pushing to have interviews with less of the fake dialogue
and he wants them to come across more realistic. Heyman also wants more consequences to things
that happen, similar to how AEW is saying that wins and losses matter and that angles
will not just happen and then be forgotten. Essentially, it looks like Heyman is pushing
for more continuity on the shows. There have been many complaints from wrestlers
over the years about a big beatdown angle taking place on a pay-per-view (for example)
and then the wrestler who was beaten up showing up on Raw as if nothing happened on the previous
night. They still have these problems as Braun Strowman
was back on Raw just a couple of weeks after the big explosion angle when he and Bobby
Lashley crashed through the Monday Night Raw stage. Meltzer also reported that there is a movement
to change the silliness on the show with the run-ins and the contrived reasons to take
breaks in between matches so they can go to commercial. It looks like there are changes in store for
SmackDown Live as well. On the blue brand, there is a character makeover
and new look coming for one of their younger stars. Please Press the share button so your friends
can see this important information!

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