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Peter Weckauf | SAMICS | simple fight strategie – How to defend against front attack

Peter Weckauf | SAMICS | simple fight strategie – How to defend against front attack

First I want to tell you a short story about my son: He said: “Papa it’s better if you put short clips with simple techniques on YouTube, then more people will like it” So I will do this technique and application for my son Simon! Welcome! Here’s Peter and Roland and we want to show you a short application on how to defend yourself against an attack with a bottle or something similar I hope you will like our short clip! and we welcome you to our YouTube channel! Okay – First the situation is that the aggressor grabs my shirt and wants to hit me with the bottle So of course there are a lot of different techniques you can apply in this situation and we cannot say one is better than the other For me, I prefer this one because it is easy to learn For this technique I use my universal cover which I can use for many different situations First when he grabs my shirt and wants to attack me you can see that this is a bit of a problem if I want to go forward he keeps me away by keeping his arm stretched so what I do is to bring my other shoulder to the front and at the same time I put my arms up to my universal cover and I put my arm in front of me so when he attacks me I put my left shoulder to the front and turn a little bit because if I try to get to him straight he keeps me away and it is not possible and he has the right distance to hit me full power with the bottle that is why I have to move a little He attacks me and I bring my arms up and move inside by turning a little To me it’s important that I don’t close my cover like this, but keep it open a little so I have more space later He attacks me, I go inside and this is a good position Here I can grab the arm and immediately hit him with my elbow then I use my open hand to go to his face bring him into this position, hold his wrist with my arm – I will go more into detail later – and attack then with my knee strike So I can do a lot of different things here So again He grabs my shirt – so it is not easy to go in like this or like that that’s why I prefer to move the shoulder close the distance and put up my cover So the impact of his hit goes under my arm or on my block Once again – he attacks me, I do my universal cover and the power passes me by and from here it is one immediate movement I pull a little here and hit with my elbow bring the head in a good position and grab him here I prefer to grab above the elbow, not like this wrapped around his arm because with my hand I can grab his shirt or this muscle or just the arm and here the second point – I press his wrist under my arm so I got more control Then I use my inside leg, in this case my right leg, a knee strike or a kick I can bring him to the ground whatever you want So you can train this also with the stick or something else I will show you the same with another object Again you can see he uses a heavy object and he attacks me the same way as before and I use the same technique I go in directly – I do the same technique I prefer this technique for blunt weapons for sharp objects it is not ideal, but if I before I do nothing I use this technique but I think it is better to use it for blunt objects. We can also use it when being attacked with a stick it’s the same thing – he grabs me he attacks me, I go in and use my technique and from here I can work, you can see I have immediately control, if I want to I can disarm him, I can hit him, whatever You can use the same technique when he attacks you with a punch or a hammer strike He wants to punch me here or with a strike or a round attack I cannot read which strike he is going to use so I use my technique, I go in like this So you see it is very very simple and everybody can follow it So if you want to train by yourself you put up your cover and you turn and go inside a bit and hit with your elbow so again – One, grab here with this arm and use your elbow knee strike and like this you can train this also by yourself So I think this is a helpful technique, it is easy to learn and I hope my son is also happy with the outcome of this video Thanks for watching our clip! in the next clip I will show you another easy technique If you enjoyed watching leave us a “thumbs up” don’t forget to subscribe to our channel leave us a comment in the comment section below, I hope it will be positive ones 😉 Thanks for everything and I hope to see you soon again! ByeBye

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18 thoughts on “Peter Weckauf | SAMICS | simple fight strategie – How to defend against front attack

  1. Excellent. Simple, direct, effective. Straightforward basic combatives.

    Focusing on a direct three-strike combination is preferable as it’s easy to remember, gross-motor skilled based and minimises the chance of things going wrong.

    Also, it would be good to see you concentrate on areas such as the throat, Vegas nerve, groin strikes and brachial plexus-areas that cannot be strengthened, that is, anatomical weak points.

  2. Ihr Sohn hat eine gute Idee gehabt 👍🏻. Sie haben gut, klar und effektiv erzählen/gemacht, muss mit meinem Mann probieren 🤣🙋🏼‍♀️.

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