Philippines MMA Growing the World’s Biggest

Philippines is known to have some of the best talents in combat sport The talents from the Philippines are exceptional And are known to show that you will of a warrior Many local and regional MMA promotions have gained quite a reputation over the years But brave combat federation is the only promotion set to transform the sport of MMA in Philippines to a global level Brave takes its fighters and helps to build them up by getting them to fight internationals while representing their own nation Stephen Loman and Jeremy packet Oh warriors from Team Lakai have traveled around the world and raised their flag and Defeated the most fierce fighters in the world Teamlack haze has a major role in This year the Philippines LMA is going to witness the story of a champion Who went around his title for the first time Stephan is defending the title in front of his home crowd An iconic event in the Philippines from the world’s fastest-growing MMA promotion The homecoming of by weight champion Steven the sniper lowland brave 22 storm on march 2019 get your tickets now from sm You You

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