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Pinned for Pleasure: Inside London’s Wrestling Fetish Gym

Pinned for Pleasure: Inside London’s Wrestling Fetish Gym

PIPPA THE RIPPER: These are guys that want wrestling. They want to be scissored, they
want to be put in headlocks, some of them want to be knocked out by my thighs. COMM: Hidden behind hundreds of unassuming terraced London houses is the red padded mat
room of The Submission Room. PIPPA THE RIPPER: I have been wrestling for about 10 years. I have had The Submission
Room about five. We offer wrestling sessions. There’s a fantastic group of girls that
are very skilled and strong and guys come and wrestle them.
PUSSY WILLOW: You ready to tap? PIPPA THE RIPPER: The guys come for all different
sorts of reasons. For some guys it is a fetish, a lot of the guys come because it’s really good
fun, it’s a good way to keep fit. Some of the guys do want to win, generally we win. COMM: The Submission Room has 23 female wrestlers for men chose from on their impressive roster. Among them are Pussy Willow and Amethyst Hammerfist. AMETHYST HAMMERFIST: I tried to explain it to some of my friends. It’s quite difficult
for people, they think ‘Oh, so do they get off on it and do they orgasm? Do they want
to have sex with you?’ and I’m like, ‘If they wanted sex, they could go to someone
and buy sex and probably a lot cheaper.’ PUSSY WILLOW: And a lot quicker. You can have sex delivered to your door quicker than a Domino’s pizza. PUSSY WILLOW: Being a dominatrix privately and professionally and a sensual masseuse,
and all these sorts of things, so I have come into it from that angle. And I must say when
I found wrestling I felt like I had found my true calling. I’m sure you feel with
me on this one. AMETHYST HAMMERFIST: Always been feisty and aggressive, a bit too much, so when I found
the wrestling it literally saved me, because now I have an outlet where every day I can
be feisty and aggressive in a safe place and get paid for it. COMM: One of the gym’s regular clients is council worker Steve. STEVE: I suppose I have been coming back here
three-four years now, something like that. STEVE: I think wrestling is a great sport, always have done. But I don’t want to roll
back on this floor with a sweaty bloke and this is the thing with most guys. They think,
look at that, look how sexy that is, somebody sitting on his face, that must be so sexy.
Do you know what, 0.01 of a second before they sit on your face, yes it’s sexy. Once
then, you think, I can’t breathe, that stops being a sexy very quickly. It will frighten
the life out of most people if they did it. STEVE: I’m having trouble breathing now. WILFRIED: I have always been into sports. Since I’m a bit, I’m a kinky guy, on the
internet I found out there was a wrestling scene, like happening like next door to me
in London. Wrestling is kind of fun to me because it caters not only to the kinky me, but
also to an athlete fit me. STEVE: That was great, I mean it’s, I actually fought back really really hard, I don’t
normally do that, and it makes it a lot more fun. When Pippa had me in a figure four triangle,
she had her leg pushing on my carotid artery and I was actually starting to see stars. STEVE: If I hadn’t tapped out and she kept going, it wouldn’t be long until I passed
out. You know, I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and have a lot of bruises. PIPPA THE RIPPER: There is absolutely no type of person that comes. We have young people,
old people, rich people, poor people, people that have been into wrestling for years, people
that have just discovered it and think that looks fun. COMM: Pippa the Ripper says business is growing all the time, as more people like Steve find
out about the gym. COMM: In the near future, she hopes to move into a bigger premises and run live wrestling events. PIPPA THE RIPPER: I really don’t know what I’d be doing if I hadn’t found wrestling.
I get a huge kick out of it. I love learning about my body and how I can use it in different ways. STEVE: In case you are wondering, that’s my throat. That’s where I breathe through.

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100 thoughts on “Pinned for Pleasure: Inside London’s Wrestling Fetish Gym

  1. Amethyst Hammerfist is hands down, the best mixed wrestler in the industry, now of them seem to have her attitude, skill or aggression, she doesn't fake it like so many of them and she lives it 100%. She is near lethal, more so than any of the bigger women. She is tough too, some of the bigger ones can't take it like she can, stubborn and ruthless and utterly relentless!

  2. This is how dangerous weridos are born. First it's a bit of arm tugging, then it's wrestling, next thing he's gonna get a python to strangle his cock. We as white people need to stop this fuckery.

  3. yep that old guy is definitely lonely and is just there to get his dick hard. really sad. not sure what to think after watching this now.

  4. As a bi male wrestler I kinda see this as a way of straight people to feel more comfortable in doing it as one the men said

  5. Just to reply to the stupid people in the comments section saying
    "Wow people are weird these days"
    "Ah wtf happened to the world"
    "Seems like anything can make money these days"
    This is a fantasy and it's been out for over a decade, if you know nothing, don't bother speaking 😀

  6. Hell if this is weird to you then you must not be aware of prostitution because that's what's sick and damaging to women. No one is getting hurt or raped and I say whatever floats your boat lol. I should start working out and charging dudes to wrestle lol

  7. Some have the weirdest fetishes out there with wresting. Just to be beating by women and whipped as well. Some like it strange with a woman in leather pants in a sleeper hold of getting knock out to sleep. Or sleeper hold were they get out of one of a elbow to gut and pin them to the mat. Some also like wresting holds on them as well. Or watching two women wrestling out each other. In all leather outfits whether it's for a woman in leather skirt or pants. Just very weird on that of why women like it or men? Some like WWE style wrestling of horse play fight fantasy of stage. Were no one is hurt but wrestling like this will get you hurt.

  8. This ain't wrestling this is a fetish thing there is no sport in a dominatrix choking you and legitimately hurting you

  9. Why does this seem weird to so many of you to enjoy, fetish or not? Wrestling a beautiful woman and having her body be all over you while having fun, geee, why would anyone enjoy that? “What a weird world we live in, whatever floats your boat, i do not understand why a man would want a beautiful woman all over them”…sigh

  10. It's not just in England. "Private wrestling" is very much a thing here in the States, too. I've sessioned with a gorgeous beauty five times already and it gets better every single time!

  11. I think Steve has been in a lot of fetish vids over the years. I believe Angel refers to him as, & I quote, ‘Monkey Boy’…🤪

  12. I don't know how I got here, but I feel strangely aroused suddenly. I want to wrestle with a woman so bad now, which is crazy because I never had that desire whatsoever before watching this video and now I am sitting here with a boner.

  13. Don't see anything wrong with this, use to wrestle in highschool, only girl on the team, did the same thing everyday after school 😂

  14. I love doing these wrestling sessions. And to motivate the girls to, I like to bring a stack of 50s. And everytime I have to submit to her, I have to pay a 50 extra. So in the end I might spend 500 bucks, but I don't care. And the girls almost don't want to let me leave 🙂 Paying for every submission gets me rock hard everytime.

  15. My ex wife and I would wrestle. My wife now and I used to and she would also wrestle other women for me when she was younger. It is such a turn on.

  16. Hot women physically and sexually dominate men for real in this book of true stories:

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