28 thoughts on “PKK Youth Fight for Autonomy in Turkey

  1. All the hateful Turks and Arabs please take a seat with your fake propaganda. If only there were videos of the Turkish gov. bombing and killing innocent men women and children in Kurdish villages for the simple reason of being Kurdish. If only there were videos of Turkish citizens shooting, killing, beating and terrorizing Kurdish citizens simply for speaking Kurdish. If only there were videos of Kurdish artist getting 5 year prison sentences simply for singing, painting, or depicting in Kurdish. Kurdish politicians getting sentenced to 5 years for spreading "fake propaganda" (Selahattin Demirtaş) all in order to continue to Oppress,denounce,destroy,and hide any trace of Kurds and Kurdistan. And last but definitely not least if only there were videos of Saddam Hussein gassing an entire Kurdish village (Halabja) filled with infants,children,men and women who suffered in the most horrific and unimaginable of ways and blaming it on a dream that god told him to do it, to have an all-arab state.And after all of this in 2019 these same Genocidal dictators (Erdogan) have the audacity to point the finger at Kurds and call us terrorists? If only there were videos of those things…then you'd understand why these young men are rebelling and why P K K, YPG, YPJ, Peshmerga, and all Kurds around the world who refuse to be defeated exist.

  2. These communists sure have a lot of people fooled. The PKK care nothing for the USA. They only act like our friend to get protection. We had the same enemy (ISIS) and we both benefited from fighting them together. Ask them if they would side with the USA over communist Russia and you will see where their loyalty is.

  3. 14 years old toting a gun and considers himself innocent? Wow. You can never claim your country while killing the stronger ones. These Kurdish dipshits gonna get killed for nothing but a useless campaign.

  4. You guys fucking show armed people with AK-47, shotguns, handguns, etc. in this video and say that that is a movement. You guys claim that 14 years old was an "innocent boy" and killed by Turkish Armed Forces, however, you have no fucking idea how many people were killed by those members of PKK, YPG, YDGH, and other shits. You guys have no idea how many women have become widowed because those fuckers killed their spouses. You guys have no fucking idea how many babies in this country are orphans because their fathers killed by those terrorists. They tell you that they are not terrorists because you are british and the word "terrorist" has a universal meaning, however, they teach their kids that terrorist means person who protects them. You guys think that this separation tactic will work and we Turks and Kurds will hate each other, however, you need to know that these kinds of terrorist groups are not protecting anything, anyone. We Turks, Kurds, and other ethnicities and nations are already living in peace and will keep living. Finally, Turkish Armed Forces have never stopped and will never stop to take care of the peace of the Republic of Turkey, we have survived so many struggles and we will get fuckers over as well. We tried to make a piece with these people but realized that those creatures are not human beings who kill babies in their beds. You guys will see that!

  5. 2015 Darbe öncesi idi. Şimdi bu piç kurularının hepsi eşekistan'ı boyladı. Bir darbe öncesine bakın şimdi ki terörle mücadeleye bakın.

  6. Don’t get me wrong killing of an innocent kid isn’t good but, they killed baby’s in Turkish towns but ya know they wouldn’t mention that

  7. "14 year old boy shot by Turkish Special force"..what to expect, from financer of Terrorists…vice should make more News like this,unlike Bbc,Al jajeera(yellow colored)..i don't know much but what i saw from last 5 years r so, How Brave Kurd Man/women fought against Isis and its alies , sacrificed their lives for Others , Amazing ,Some of the Bravest people on Earth, who r doing their duty for humanity relentlessly…A Grand Salute to the Kurds…may their dreams become reality.

  8. Turkey???? IT DOESN'T EXIST THERE IS KURDISTAN ++ YONANISTAN ++ ARMENIA OCCUPIED BY WILD MONGOLIAN TURKS 💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩

  9. Hang on Terrorist #Erdogan just like #Sedam Hossein #IDAM ✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊✊🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩🇹🇷💩

  10. Sorry pkk(!) After you hve killed so many innocents, babies, putting salt on wounds of innocents who didnt support you… Sorry for killing your 14 year old gun holder bustard…

  11. Yapacağınız haberi sikeyim. Motolofları taşıyan çocuğun yaşını hiç mi görmüyor haberi yapan ? Polis su sıkıyor, ibnelerde keleş var bunuda görmüyor. 40 bin kişi öldü deniliyor, cizrenin nüfusu o kadar AMK. Ayrıca, röportaj yaptığı piçlerin hepsi leş oldu 🙂

  12. Sen devlete bas kldiritsan o attigin molotofu gotune sokarlar snra. Birde gerçek mermi kullanıyor diyor yavşak sunucu.. Onların elindekiler su tabancası sanki.. Yavsaklikta sinir tanimiyorlar

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