[PL] “Amerykański sen, to nie dla mnie” – Gunnar Nelson przed walką na UFC w Kopenhadze

[Applause] the cage Poland I’m here again after we saw each other in London for the last time with Gunnar Nelson hello good night it’s good to see you again and on your social media we saw that you also have a good memories from being here and fighting here in Denmark can you please share with us your experience over here because it was not even a lady UFC even yeah so I had my MMA debut in Denmark 2007 then I fought I’ve fought here twice then I for a couple of years later I believe something like that or a few years later and that’s the last time I fought here so now I’m here for the UFC debut you know in Denmark that is it’s exciting – that is correct like for this one for sure yeah yeah okay Gunnar so tell me now because your last fight – was a tough pill to swallow to be honest I believe because but decisions are the worst decision that’s actually for the person who who was like expected to be beaten or maybe not expected that who was finally meet and so so a tough pill to swallow I believe so can you please share how how you just like you know dealt with all the thing anything like this you know you just have to you just have to learn from it you know look back and look well what we did wrong and what we can do better basically and then you just have to move on that’s that’s what we do you know isn’t it like harder from it like let’s say more traditional laws because split is like almost a win you never know like how it happened so what’s your opinion on that yeah I mean sure is what that to be honest the only thing that I really focus on this is the fight itself what went wrong where where can we improve and then get your ass back in the gym and move on you know that’s that’s what we do and that’s the only thing there’s no no point lingering feeling sorry for yourself or anything like that you know it’s just get back to work when it comes to UFC events you seem to be you know like shining star of the year of you love Europe so you know European but still like local in terms of UFC star so aren’t you like board to to participate in here in this European even’s maybe you would you like to be promoted by UFC more like internationally like America and stuff well I fought a few times in America and I was in Canada not too long ago but I don’t know I like it I like it here it’s cozy you know I like going London or Denmark or Sweden or whatever you know I I don’t mind really where I fired I don’t have to go to America to fight it’s I mean I’m not from that generation we’re like I have to go to America to follow my dream no it’s I can follow my dream anywhere American dream is not for you no really I mean I like America and I appreciate it but I’m not like overwhelmed by by it you know so tell me now because your opponent was changed yeah first it meant to be elvish and now you have the Jedi burns so tell me does this change to affect your preparations or a camp or mines and anyhow because you know changes are like you know the especially unexpected ones are something that could be you know like a tricky ones in our life yeah you know it’s definitely very different matchups but as I said before now it’s it’s a more exciting matchup for me and and to be honest I was just very happy that Gilbert took the fight because you know you lose a opponent two weeks out and and I know I’m not gonna be fighting for a little bit after this because I’m having a baby in October and so it was either this or then like wait a good while so when I when I went Iago pulled out I was like you know okay that’s that’s that nobody is gonna come in with two weeks notice this happened to me before a few times and thank you but Gilbert steps up and immediately we say yes you know and it’s a great opponent as well you know you’re not just getting anyone you’re getting Gilbert burn so yeah very different styles I mean Gilbert is his animal in ground and whereas you got Thiago always was it was more like he’s just a pure striker pretty much you know I mean he’s obviously done great in MMA but he’s he’s more one-dimensional and and Gilbert for Saros who was pretty good on the feeding and nasty on the ground you know so but more exciting matchup for me I think so we’re wishing you a very exciting fight as well and good luck tomorrow and early wayne’s and later the ceremony thank you goodie for the talkin see you again soon I hope you

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