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Playing the Pirate Pop Up Game with Scooby Doo and Jake and the Never Land Pirates

Playing the Pirate Pop Up Game with Scooby Doo and Jake and the Never Land Pirates

– Family fun for everyone! (distorted static) – Let’s play Pirate Pop-up. – I like that idea. Let’s play the Pirate Pop-up game. It requires swords and pirates and all kinds of fun stuff. – Yeah. Let’s open the box up. – But who, we gotta figure out who
we’re gonna play as. – Oh yeah. (distorted static) – Assistant, who are you playing as? – Clover. – Clover way down there. (laughing) Sofia the first is bunny rabbit. (laughing) Well I’m gonna play as two people. I’m gonna play as Pirate Scooby Doo, Scooby Dooby Doo. – Pirate Jake. – And Jake, ’cause he’s a pirate too. (snarling) Alright so this is how we play. You take your little sword… – I’m blue and he’s red. – That’s right. And you push it right into… – Let’s…
– The barrel. – Let’s play.
– Like this. – And then the first person that makes his head pop off loses. Don’t be a loser. So you pick the blue swords and I pick the red swords. Alright, put them in the barrel. No, you can’t put it on his head. – Wait, it feels like rubber. – Ehh, it’s probably made of rubber. So she put a sword way over there. Oh I’m gonna put mine.. – Oh, what if it pops up right now? – Then you lose. – Now that would be a really short game. – It would be a short game. Hmm, keep goin’. – I’m gonna make mine so I can lose. Woo-hoo, I win. – Uh, not yet. Alright, still hasn’t popped. You’re putting a sword way down there? – Yeah. – Oh, I’ll put a sword right here. – Here? – Hmm, I’m wanna put it way over here. – Alright.
– And here. – And I’m gonna try right there. – Next time, I’m gonna be yellow. – But you got blue left. – Oh. – So when we run out of swords we might have to use a different color. Right? – Yeah. – So I’m gonna go way over here and I’m gonna try right here. Oh, I don’t have any swords left. – So…
– Nope. – You’re gonna be yellow. and I’m gonna be green. Okay, keep going. – Woo-hoo. Oh. (popping) – Oh, Assistant, he popped out. (laughing) (low exaggerated pop) (low exaggerated horn) Should we play again? – Yeah! – I think so too. (distorted static) Alright, you can go first. Aw, you put it right back where you knew it wasn’t gonna pop. Alright so I’m gonna put mine here. And look at these swords
that we gotta use. Alright put your sword in the barrel, Assistant. Not there! – What?
– Just kidding. (laughing) (barking)
Scooby Dooby Doo. Now you gotta push it all the way in. – Yay.
– Just like that. – So I’m gonna push mine in right here. Alright. Okay Assistant. Where are you gonna put your next… – Nang chuck! – Whoa, ho, ho, ho, ho, tricky. – I’m gonna put mine in right here. – Oh, there’s not a spot there, Assistant, you can’t put it there. You gotta put it where there’s a spot. Now you could play up to four players, with this game. – Right?
– Yeah. – There’s yellow and green too. – There’s also yellow and green but the Assistant wanted blue and I wanted red. – I only have three more swords left. – Oh boy, I’mma put my sword right there. Oh, he still hasn’t popped out yet. Alright, where you gonna out yours? If he doesn’t pop out we gotta use a different color. We gotta leave those swords in and use other swords. Alright pick a spot. – Yay. – Oh! It didn’t come out. – Alright, so…
– Nunchuck. (snarling) – And I’mma put mine right here. Still didn’t come out! Whew. I was scared, I thought I was gonna lose that time. – Can you put mine in right there? – You need me to put yours in right here? – Yeah.
– Alright. – So this is for the Assistant. Oh, he still didn’t pop out. – One my sword left. – And I’mma put my sword right here. Still didn’t pop out. – Whoa. – Look at all those
swords we have in there. – And I’m gonna put one in here. Oh, now we’ve run out of swords! – Oh, then we’re gonna have
to use different colors. And I’mma put mine in there. Uh-ho. Now we gotta go to the
green and yellow ones. – Which one?
– I’ll get green. – You’ll get yellow. That’s already… – Opened up. Alright, it goes… Here’s the yellow ones and now the Assistant’s
gonna be the green ones. Because you can play up to four players. And since we only have two, it’s not popped up yet. So we gotta use a different color. – So we might need to do it like that. – Well turn him ’round. Where you gonna put your sword? (mumbling) (scream)
– Whoa. He still didn’t go. Alright I’ll put mine right there. Oh, he still hasn’t fallen. Hmm, who’s gonna lose? Who’s gonna win? I think Scooby Doo’s gonna win. – No. Clover. – Clover? – Woo-hoo. – Wow, this like… – Four more swords left. – We’re almost outta spots. Alright, keep going. – There. – He’s still…
– Woo-hoo. – I’mma put mine right here. – Three more swords left. (laughing) – Right here. Wait, I just want to hear how it does. Woo-hoo. Yay! I’m gonna win. (laughing) – I don’t know if he’s gonna pop. (laughing) It’s a poppin’ pirate
that’s not gonna pop. – Well. Oh (scoffs) what? (groaning) – I only have one more sword left. – I guess you got, we got two spots left. – Oh. – So one of those two should make him pop. Choose wisely Assistant. (pop) Oh! He popped up. (laughing) (low exaggerated pop) (low exaggerated horn) The pirate popped and there’s like one sword left. Wow, that was a long game. – Yeah. I have another game. – Well, you know what… – Let’s see who can get on the top, without getting chomped by my hand. – Okay, I’m gonna go. Ready? Uh, uh, uh, uh. I got to the top. – Look..
– No. No, no, no. – Whoa, Jake! He fell. – Let’s try Clover. – Whoa, Scooby! – Let me try Clover. – Well Clover kinda flew up too. (clicking)
There he is. Alright Assistant. So Assistant, up here it says subscribe here. So subscribe to what? – The Engineering Family. I hope you like this video, just like the other ones. – That’s right. And if you subscribe, let us now that you subscribed by saying we subscribed. – Thank you! – And now we can say thank you. Thank you, thank you. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – And give us a… – Thumbs up.
– Thumbs up. – Or a sword up like Scooby. – And then that way…
– Thumbs up! – That way we know that you like our video. You got a rubber band on your hand. That way we know you like our video! – And our secret password is just gonna be pop. – Now, I wanna do pirate. – Pirate.
– Yeah. – Pirate; P, I, R, A, T, E, it spells? – Pop. – Pirate! (laughing)
That’s right, pirate. So that’s our secret spelling word. And make sure that you
follow us on Facebook. – And Twitter.
– And Twitter. – Right?
– I’ll give you… – Thank you? – Yeah, we’ll say thank you for that too. Alright everyone, have a great day. – Bye!
– Bye! – Hey there, everyone. Thanks for watching our video. Now make sure that you subscribe to the Engineering Family, so you can see lots of cool videos. In fact, there’s another
cool video right there. And you can select it and watch it. I think you’re really gonna like it. Is it Team Umizoomi, Paw Patrol, Surprise Eggs, Frozen, Blade, Masha. There are so many videos to watch. Bye! (playful music)

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