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Pojken från Bagdad (2019)

Pojken från Bagdad (2019)

This is Ibrahim Sinan Ibrahim was born in Iraq´s capital
Baghdad, 1996 He fled the war with his family
and ended up in a small Swedish village they had never heard before
Råneå, North Sweden He was 13 at that time Today he is 22 and lives in Kalmar,
south Sweden This is his story Here Ibrahim was 2 years and 7 months Before we took this picture he was so angry because this sweater was to hot And he shouted:
“I don´t like this sweater” Look this is Ibbe, Saif and Saad This is Ibbe in Råneå This is at home in Baghdad This is on Saads birthday And this is Ibbe And here in Råneå with Saif He was about 15 at the time and after this day his life changed forever We ended up in Luleå in October 2010
there was so much snow I was shocked when I saw
all the snow I didn´t expect this snow in Europe because it was the first time i saw snow It was a awesome Then we had lived in Luleå for 1 Year and 1 day in 2011 I was sleeping on the couch after school Sweden is always dark in winter so after school I always
fell asleep on the couch Then my mom wakes me up
and says: – Your dad needs someone to translate,
he is outside arguing with someone I put my clothes on and went out When i came out i see dad talking
to 5 people and behind them there was more people it was a big group of people I stood in front of my dad and asked
What happend? And he said:
Your dad is shouting at us I asked:
What happened? and everything become black Then i start to wake up the memories I see in my head I saw my dad was on a snowdrift I slipped around try to open the door my mom screaming Then the police and the ambulance came My dad got celebral hemorrahage, skull fractures left shoulder was broken I think i got knocked out but i didn´t have any fractures or anything After one year in a new country
we experienced this and had no one to ask for help The police didn´t do anything
they saw how hurt my dad was They said: “We have no witnesses” “we can´t do anything” Look at how hurt my father is Did the snowdrift hurt him? After that night I said to myself: I will never let this happened again
not me or my family absolutely not That´s when I decided to train MMA I started first for self-defence then I got obsessed with it I wanted to learn
I wanted to see how far I can go So i started competing in 2017 Amateur class and
I won, unanimous decision I competed October 2018 won with anarmbar I competed in november and
won by unanimous decision Fighting out of Apex Kalmar IBRAHIM SINAN! Fighter ready? FIGHT! Let´s go! Nice! Nice! Winner by unanimous decision Blue corner
Ibrahim Sinan! – How do you feel?
– When is the next fight? It feels really good
after all the work i put in Coach: “Good job,
really good job!” “We have to continue to work” I didn´t think so much He came down and start to train I noticed he was a nice guy he talked with Northern accent He understand this game
and he is talented and he is dedicated And thats more important than talent Talent can diminish if you don´t work But the will can take you far How far can he get? He has to train and he does but let me put is this way Let´s say we aiming for the UFC then you have to train like an
UFC fighter before you get into the UFC U can´t wait He can make it but he needs
to stay disciplined he got to continue If he put that on his mindset and keeps grinding
then I think he can make it to the UFC The meaning of life for me is a very hard question but to keep it short i would say: “Find what you love to do” “work as hard as you can” “and keep working it” “and prove the world wrong” “it doesn´t matter where you from
or how you look” “you can become the best in what you really love”

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