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– [Brad] Show me. – I could just– – [Brad] Show me. – I tried to do it like this. (friends laugh) But you see it’s not working. – [Brad] That’s pretty good, man. If I did that, I’d land on my head. (gentle electronic music) – Good morning, guys. It is the…what day is it today? Thursday. And coming into the day,
off the top of my head, just woke up, 7:30 in the morning, ’bout to do a Muay Thai
class at this place. Por Silaphai. I don’t even know if that’s
pronounced correctly. And the class starts
at 7:30 in the morning. And it’s 7:00 right now. And I still have to get a taxi,
find a taxi, and get there. So, if you are interested in seeing me get the shit beaten out of
me at 7:30 in the morning, then watch this video. If not, you can skip it. But it should be a whole lot of fun. There’s a taxi over there. I’ll talk to you soon. ♪ We masterminds ♪ ♪ Every class trying to stay awake ♪ ♪ Afternoons when we rode the bus ♪ ♪ Finding out that your friend is fake ♪ ♪ And the day that you had enough yeah ♪ ♪ Back with the crew
they will order me down ♪ – There’s nobody home. I found one. Hi there, how you doing? Could you please take me to Por Silaphai? Por Silaphai? – [Driver] Oh. – [Brad] The Muay Thai. – [Driver] Oh. Sila… – [Brad] Do you know where? I can show you on a map. – [Driver] Ah, positive, hi. – [Brad] Yeah? Do you know where? Yeah. – [Driver] I look. – [Brad] For…this one. Just there. – What we’ll find. Hey, what we’ll find. (tones chime) – All right, let’s do this. Yes! Let’s do this. (engine revs) I love tuk tuks. The sunrise. Sunrise in Chiang Mai. Whoo! All right. I got my hands full. Okay, let’s do this. It’s about a 15-minute tuk tuk ride. ♪ Every time I make a post
I see ’em hate on me ♪ ♪ Stay low key ♪ ♪ Stay low key ♪ ♪ That’s why it’s middle fingers up ♪ ♪ Just work and stay low key yeah ♪ ♪ God damn I let it slide ♪ ♪ I’m just here for the ride ♪ ♪ So please don’t step to
me unless you’d like– ♪ – [Brad] Thanks very much. Two hundred. – Okay. – [Brad] All right, we’re here. ♪ My way ♪ ♪ No doubt up in my brain ♪ ♪ On the route for krot-ter-dame ♪ ♪ Mask off of my future ♪ ♪ It’s flatter exponential ♪ ♪ I’d rather keep it honest– ♪ – All right, about to start the class. This is what looks like. Check this out. (class and instructor chatter) They have the ring, all the trophies, treadmill, gloves, sunrise. It’s a nice little gym, nice little place for a good 7:30 a.m. Muay Thai session. ♪ I don’t think I’m leaving the house no ♪ ♪ If I do it’s a sprint
to the booth grand ♪ ♪ That’s where I still
be and I won’t leave ♪ ♪ Today I got better I know me ♪ ♪ I’m higher than ever before how ♪ ♪ Regressing and keeping it low ♪ – Okay, we are doing the
Muay Thai jog right now. I got my earplugs in, got my music going. Jogging on the streets here around the Muay Thai training centre as part of our warmup. 7:45. (electronic music) We’re pretty much jogging
around a temple here, in Chiang Mai, as part of
our warmup Muay Thai routine. Jogging around a temple. This is the temple that
we’ve been jogging around, here, in Chiang Mai, Por Silaphai gym. We’re doing about 15,
20, 30 minutes of jogging around this right here. I love this place. I love the training here. You have to come. (electronic music) – Good morning. – [Friends] Good morning, Brad. (electronic music) – Round two. – [Martin] Round two. – Round two. – [Martin] You know who he is? You still don’t know? – We’re already screwed after round one. (electronic music) – How’s the blister? – Hi, hi. – How’s the blister? – Tah-dah! (both laugh) – Show me your blister, man. – Yeah (laughs). – This is for my family back home. – Oh, cool. Making families. – End of round two. – Yeah. – How do you feel, mate? – And, yeah, a bit hot, but– – How long have you been here for? – One week now. – One week. – And, yeah, getting used to it. – So you recommend it? – Yes, yes, sure. Got a really, really nice place here, and they really take care of you, and, yeah, keep you happy. – And you walk away with
blisters at the end of it. – Yeah. (both laugh) – All right. Stay tuned. Inside the ring, training with the instructor one-on-one. I’m gonna die. I’m gonna die, buddy. For the record, if I die, save the videos. Let’s do it. (electronic music) Break time. (electronic music) – All right, shin pads on. – [Martin] That looks fancy. – [Brad] Got your shin pads on, mate? – Yes, I’m happy with them. Confident. – I love it. Are we, I guess we’re sparring, yeah? I think we’re sparring. It’s 9:00 in the morning. We’ve been cranking since 7:30. – [Coach] Watch your low kick. – This guy’s a machine. Look at him. – Now we’ve got a fake. – So it’s boom, and then, leg kick? – Yeah, yeah, it hurts a little, but… – So you go first. I’m not blocking, I’m just… – We block? Up here. – Yeah? All right, go. (gloves hit gloves and pads) – [Coach] So…I’ll teach you all how. When you fight, when you fight, you no, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, no. Have to bob, you move
around, bam, bam, and bob. More bobs, okay? Then, you fight, you bam,
bam, bam, bam, bam, no. Then, you move, you move your
way, bam, bam, fight, okay? All right. Ah, cut, cut, cut, move, no! Over, cut, cut, bam, bam, all right, move! Move, ah, ah, okay, move! Bam, bam, bam, right, ah, move, fight. ♪ Life came like a stampede ♪ ♪ All of us going through a test ♪ – Check this out, guys. Check this out. Injury. ♪ But I guess I miss no
stress stress stress ♪ ♪ God damn I miss no
stress stress stress ♪ ♪ God damn– ♪ – I kicked it over their fucking heads. That is it, end of the session. End of two hours. – Worst session today, this is for me. My worst. I have never felt so tired. I came here six days ago
with a spring in my step. On the fifth day, I
had the biggest spring. Today is the lowest. (everyone laughs) – But man, you look rooked. (everyone laughs) – [Martin] That’s your scene. – But you’re going home today. – No. – Or tomorrow. – Bangkok tomorrow. – Uh-huh
– Weekend. – Last day. – And then, back to U.K., to cold weather. – So you’ve spent a week here? – I’ve had three weeks here. – Three weeks? – But a week in Bangkok, two weeks here. Just over three weeks. – And just training the whole time? – No, I was with a friend in Bangkok, and training here. And I do cycling as well. I play football in Bangkok. So, it’s like… – Nice vacation, man. – Nice vaca– – Nice vacation. – This is what it’s about. – Fitness-cation. – An Aussie in the ring (laughs). – Aussie. Whereabouts you from back home? – I’m from the Nottingham
in the Netherlands, yeah. – Nottingham. – Yeah, Trimbridge. – Do you recommend coming– So when you’ve done Muay Thai here, have you only done it here in this gym? – Here, yes. – And do you recommend this gym to anybody that might want to come here? – This is my first experience
here, so I don’t know, but the people are really nice. It’s been really good, and it’s not easy. So if you want easy… – Show me your…do you have any injuries? – Injuries with feet. – [Brad] Right there…couple blisters. – Blisters and brusing, aching, but, at the end of the day, it’s about training, and that’s what I wanted to do. That’s why I came here,
for fitness exercise, to have the first
experience working on this. (dog barks) I really enjoyed it. The heat has been the biggest thing. The heat is really, I’m not used to it. – It’s really hot. (dog barks) – You’re used to it,
’cause you’re Australian. – Yeah, and it’s hot for me. – So, when it’s hot for you, then it’s– – Yeah, it’s hot for me. – It’s really hot for me. (dog barks) But I’ve met such great people. (instructor yells at
dog in foreign language) Most inspirational, really. Inspirational. (dog barks) – All right. What was your name again? – Andrew. – Andrew. – From East Midlands, near Nottingham. – He’s a good dude, this guy. – Trimbridge. – Yes, feeling good. – Yeah, feeling good after the class. Two hours. – Better than doing nothing. – Show me your injury.
– My feet are still… – [Brad] How’s your blister go? How’s your blister go? (Brad laughs) – That’s really a big, big blister. – That’s part of it. If you don’t walk away without a– – And I really feel it. – Do you feel it? – Yep. – Could you do another class? – Yeah, probably, yeah, yeah. I just make a bandage,
and that’s it, you know? – Okay, put a bandage
over it and keep going. – Yeah, you will survive. – I love it, man. – Always survive. – All right, photo time. Get you in the photo. Here, I’ll take it. Yep, here. All right, guys. Three, two, one. (dog barks) – One more, one more. – [Brad] These are the departure photos. All right, three, two, one. Come on, Martin, smile. (dog barks) – [Brad] Oh, here we go. There’s a massage, a Thai massage. Do it! Do it! Do it! Two, three, four, five. ♪ But I guess I miss no stress ♪ ♪ God damn I miss no stress
stress stress stress ♪ ♪ God damn I miss no stress
stress stress stress ♪ ♪ God damn I miss no stress
stress stress stress ♪ ♪ God damn I miss no ♪ – Injuries. ♪ Here and now I lay these tracks ♪ ♪ My power for gaining racks ♪ ♪ And how the scour ratey placks ♪ ♪ No time to be chillin’ ♪ – [Brad] Are those good kicks? Do that again. The Saenchai kick. Do it again. Show me. – I was just– – [Brad] Show me. – I tried to do it like this. But you see it’s not working. (friends laugh) – [Brad] That’s pretty good, man. If I did that, I’d land on my head. – But idea is good, no but– – That’s great. It looks good. All right, so just finished, just finished Muay Thai class, two hours. Feel pretty good. Feel really good, actually. How do you feel? – Yeah, feel also good. – Yeah? – And this is not hurting so much anymore. Just, I think you’re not so tired now. – (laughs) He was in that much pain, that the pain has gone away. He’s no longer feeling the pain. But, it was a great session. Really, really good. Nice and hot. – No need for painkillers. – Yeah, don’t need painkillers. I don’t need painkillers. (Martin laughs) You gotta check out the accommodation that you can stay at. Boxing lodge. This is the accommodation. – In the shopping malls,
they leave all the shoes on. Up in little shops, mostly… – So how much is it here? How much do you pay? How much? – [Martin] Ah, I think
it’s 3,500 for this room without really knowing. – 3,500 per week? Baht. – [Martin] But I have to look. I’m not sure. All the guys have stayed to look. Clothes all they change or
if you want another one. This is the common room. The kitchen. The bathroom. The children-size room. – [Brad] Children’s, yep. So this is… – [Martin] It’s just like, – you see right there, I moved, you’re using just the fan. – [Brad] Yeah. – [Martin] Have to adjust the bed, and really basic here, but… – [Brad] Yep. – [Martin] I lived in much basic already, in another gym in Phuket. That’s only been two years. – [Brad] There’s o dead bugs? No dead bugs? – [Martin] No, no, no, nothing. It’s really clean here. – [Brad] So that’s a private room. There’s a lot more light. It’s got a little balcony as well. – [Martin] That is a difference. Oh, you can see (laughs). – [Brad] And then this one
has no light, except… – [Martin] Yeah. – [Brad] Except the ceiling (laughs). – [Martin] Artificial light. – Artificial light. All right, man. Well, thank you so much. This is the accommodation
that some of the guys stay at, when they’re training at
Por Silaphai (laughs), and this is the boxing lodge here, so… It’s literally above the 7-Eleven. And you saw the rooms before. You saw the private
rooms, the shared rooms. I don’t know the pricing, exactly. You can get that off the internet, off the website, I’m sure. But the accommodation, the boxing lodge, is actually right next
to a market, right here. So we’ll go into that real quick. Lots of fresh fruit and veggies. Let’s walk over here. Let’s have a look. Veggies. – One? – [Brad] Yes, please. One. – Yes? – [Brad] Yeah. – Okay. – Sugar, no sugar? – [Brad] No sugar. – No sugar. – It’s time for a fruit juice. No thank you. Thank you very much. – Okay. – Have a nice day. Cheers, everybody. 20 baht, about one Australian
dollar, for a fresh juice. Mmm. Final commentary, then I’m leaving. And let’s finish this video up. So, we talked about the
accommodation you can stay at. There’s a market over there, where I just got this
juice from, for 20 baht. Literally the gym, this
place that I just trained at, is literally a two-minute walk,
just down that street there. There are places here
which you can eat at. So you have all the local Thai food there. And then, if we walk
around this other side, there’s the 7-Eleven store. A 7-Eleven store in Thailand is like every other
7-Eleven store in Thailand, all exactly the same. Right there. 7-Eleven. So, everything you need is here, and there’s more accommodation
over there as well I guess you can stay at if you’re looking to do a fitness retreat or a Muay Thai fitness retreat here. You have to check it out. Just do your own little research. But this is the area. Quite nice. I love it. Great class, great people. I do recommend it. 700 baht. It’s a little bit more
than what I usually pay, for a drop-in session, but, nevertheless, if you
do it as a week-to-week or a month-to-month package, if you can get down here, definitely, you’ll save money. And you can stay on-site,
meet other people, and just do it all for
fitness, it’ll be fun. I mentioned this before, but I’m not a professional. I’m not good at any Muay Thai. I’m just doing this for a
bit of fitness, a bit of fun. And maybe one day, I
might get in the ring, and do my first fight. But right now, I’m just
doing it for fun and fitness. And I’m enjoying the sun,
and meeting new people, and it’s a great atmosphere,
and sweating it up, and learning skills and techniques, as opposed to being on a treadmill. And this afternoon, I’m doing Doi Suthep, which is a big temple on
top of a mountain here. So there’s the fitness side of me, and then there’s the adventure side of me. So that’s gonna be a separate video, which I’ll produce later on. And anyway, so it’s 10:00 in the morning. I hope you enjoyed the video a little bit, longer than usual, but if you have any
questions, let me know. And maybe I’ll see you out here sometime. Thanks for watching, guys. Take it easy. ♪ Stay low key ♪ ♪ Every time I make a post
I see ’em hate on me ♪ ♪ Stay low key ♪ ♪ Stay low key ♪ ♪ That’s why it’s middle fingers up ♪ ♪ Just work and stay low key ♪ ♪ Stay low key ♪ ♪ Stay low key ♪ ♪ Stay low key ♪ ♪ Stay low key ♪ ♪ Stay low key ♪ ♪ Stay low key ♪ ♪ Stay low key ♪ ♪ Stay low key ♪ ♪ Everything I got ♪ ♪ I’ll risk that for the better ♪

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  1. Sir. Really like your content. I've seen allot of your videos to get an idea of what to expect. I'm about to leave the military, and I've been training boxing, Muay Thai and bjj for about two years consistently. The question I have is how much money would I have to save in order to afford training for about a year (including meals and lodging). Looking good. Keep up the great work. Thanks from a quiet professional

  2. How is the training at the gym sir
    I heard all the best trainers have left and the ones left are not so competent for teaching muay Thai
    Is it true??

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  4. Brad, do you recommend any particular gym for first timers? I have some background in MMA and my wife boxes. We really want to take a fitness vacation as our next getaway. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

  5. I have been going to that gym for the last 2 months, great classes and good warm up all the Thai trainers are excellent and experienced and very patience Really fun, I also have a personal trainer who has been Muay Thai boxer for 26 years. He taught me so much and detail and has much patience. Love this gym.

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