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Practice Drills for Fighters : Core & Shoulder Resistance Band Drills for Fighters

Practice Drills for Fighters : Core & Shoulder Resistance Band Drills for Fighters

On behalf of Expert Village, my name is Gilson
de Barbarian speaking to you from Camp Unfitted in New York City, bringing to you today practice
drills for fighters. There is one very interesting exercise I learned from a wrestler friend
of mine. If you are a gym member, you can use a pulley to do it or you can have just
a tubing and a pipe. As you can see, there’s no excuse not to do it. It’s going to need
very good core strength, shoulder in position, and a strong pulley. Assuming this position,
you’re going to get down, put your feet together, the closer the better, to be sure that you
have strength in your pull. So, from here, you inhale, pull out, and repeat. Then switch
your grip to the other hand, inhale, pull out, and repeat.

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43 thoughts on “Practice Drills for Fighters : Core & Shoulder Resistance Band Drills for Fighters

  1. I'm going to have a drink because I actually found a USEFUL expertvillage clip! I can't believe it but there is no bullshit in this clip! I don't know if you guys have watched any other expertvillage clips but almost ALL of them are bullshit. Personally, this is the first one that I find actually useful.

  2. @retardno002 I'll get the glasses. THERE ALL BS. I started using bands in my workouts and this is great. GREAT. I''ll definately add this to my circuit.

  3. @poodawg5 You won't get the same effect with weights as you would a band because here, the resistance is lateral(side to side). Weights only give vertical resistance, unless you're using a machine that's specifically made for lateral movement, like a butterfly or row machine.

  4. @retardno002 Definately agree. I've actually done this exercise as PT for nerve damage in my neck and shoulder. Finally Expertvillage posted something usefull. **cheers**

  5. in the begining of the video he wore a T-shirt with a Hungarian Warrior ( it is a brand in my country) and its cool!! 😀 😛

  6. this gets the same result of doing reverse flies for the shoulders except that you're working the core at the same time as well as the chest and tricep of the opposite arm. really cool stuff. When doing reverse flies beside the shoulders, you're working the lower back to maintain an angled position.

  7. @retardno002 Absolutely. All athletes that rely on the shoulder girdle need to learn more about activation work like this.

  8. @slyle27 no you're just blind. I said I found an useful EXPERTVILLAGE clip. amazing how so many people agree. HIS videos acutally are legit. this is the first one of his that I've seen and the first EXPERTVILLAGE clip that actually contained some useful information. so yes I'm an ass but you didn't pick the right reason.

  9. @retardno002 expertvillageclips have always sucked nuts. and the reason why im here is because i dont read who uploads the videos i just find the text and watch it directly.SO FUCK OFF. THIS VIDEO SUX AS WELL SINCE IT AINT LONGER.

  10. @daveeuforia

    if you don't have the patience to gather info bit by bit maybe you should think of a different career / hobby or whatever role fighting plays in your life… this clip is useful and it's validity is not determined by it's length. so no, I'm not going to fuck off. and by the way there's a playlist called "practice drills for fighters" on the right side of your useless comment… maybe that would solve the length issue considering they are on autoplay.

  11. @daveeuforia WHat im trying to say is that i wish that this video were longer since its one of the best ive seen from expert village i dont have a fighting enviroment but i have exercised all of my practically agrreing with you. you have completely misunderstood me.

  12. and the reason why i write down fuckk off are for the trolls that come up to me saying: so if expertvillage videos suck why are you watching this. GeT IT?!

  13. the expertvillage videos with this dude in it are the only useful ones…the rest of them are pretty much…worthless

  14. What do you eat? You got a perfect strong body man. How many hours a day/week do you workout? I know a lot of the physique has to do with genetics also.

  15. This is the only series I've seen from expertvillage that is actually useful and well done. This is really good stuff! I don't know why you guys can't keep this consistency with quality.

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