Prevent Overtraining in MMA? – Fred Mergen

Hi my name is Fred Mergen from Mergen Mixed
Martial Arts and today we’re going to talk about how to prevent overtraining in MMA. Overtraining in MMA is very easy to do if
you are one of those hungry fighters and you just want to go to the gym every day, every
day, every day and train, train, train. There’s actually a case not long ago in the news where
one of the fighters up north died from overtraining. He had a cardio vascular, I forget what the
term they used but he just collapsed and he was in a coma and passed away. So listen to your body, if your body says
“hey listen”, you know if you start feeling dizzy and you’re throwing up a lot, I would
slow down a little bit. Or close down a lot. Remember, you’re just an MMA fighter, you’re
not here to die, you’re here to train and enjoy what you’re doing so take care of your
body. That is the most important. I tell all my fighters you know, when they
are training a lot I say “hey listen, slow down a little bit” cause it’s not worth your
life for a small paycheck. Believe it or not you get better just by pushing
yourself, you can push yourself hard, do not get me wrong but don’t push yourself hard
too much. Instead of training eight hours a day, train six hours a day or five hours
a day. You know if you’re training 13 hours a day
that’s bad because your body can only do so much. If you threw up in a workout, it’s not
always bad. You know I’ve had a few of my fighters throw up during working out and it’s
usually right after pulling drills or either we’re doing the sled or doing the harnesses
to pull them back and they are pushing themselves, that’s when you throw up. A lot of running
exercise will make you throw up. When I was in the military we used to throw up when we
ran a lot. But I’m talking about working out 13, 14 hours
a day and you’re feeling dizzy and you don’t feel good or you feel nauseous all the time
then you definitely want to consult a physician and make sure that everything is ok. So don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong
with training in beast mode but what kind of beast mode? How do you know if your coach is pushing you
too hard? You know that’s a tough one but listen to your body. If your body says “hey
listen I can’t do this anymore”, try and push a little bit but if you go to just total exhaustion
and you know you can’t go anymore then you know listen to your body. Again, this is MMA, it’s just a sport and
if you’re getting paid then you’re getting paid and that’s ok you but don’t go and risk
your health for a paycheck. If you have any comments or questions, leave
them below. If you have any stories of you throwing up in a workout I’d love to hear

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