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Pro Boxers Review KSI Vs. LOGAN PAUL Draw

Pro Boxers Review KSI Vs. LOGAN PAUL Draw

– What’s going on, guys? Eddie “Truck” Gordon, UFC Season 19 Ultimate Fighter Champion Capoeira Pro Fighter. – Johnathan Cepeda, 17 and two, 15 knockouts as a professional boxer. Three time Golden Gloves Champion. Everything in the amateurs I won and I’m here for you. (bass music) – To be quite honest man,
I was not expecting much from this fight. You figure Logan Paul
has a zero pro fights, zero boxing matches. KSI had a little more experience. He had one fight coming
in so I was expecting sloppy, haymakers just
swinging for the fences, no rig, general ship. – It’s either gonna be super boring or super entertaining
because boxers nowadays like they box. So the art of boxing
is hit and not get hit. Like a Floyd Mayweather. Everybody hates that because
they’re running around and when you don’t know how to box, it’s literally two bulls
just charging each other. – Before I saw the fight,
I thought KSI is gonna win just because–
– I agree. – He had more fight experience. – When I found out that
Logan hasn’t fought before in front of people, like
I said it’s so different. It is extremely different
when the adrenaline. I gave the edge to KSI because he went through that experience already. – I tell you what, man. I was impressed with
a lot with this fight. What I saw blew me away
because I saw somebody that was comfortable in the ring. I saw somebody that was
living off the moment like a veteran so that to me,
alone, was pretty awesome. First, KSI’s movement. His head movement was really good. It kinda reminded me of Mike Tyson. Slipping left, slipping right. – I think if they would
have actually threw a few left hooks, because
they were just throwing like a one-two with the haymakers, I believe that Logan
could have stopped KSI with a bit more training
and just more executing more technique with the left hook. I’m a left hooker, so that’s my favorite
punch out of 15 knockouts, 13 of my knockouts, all
of them by left hook. Logan had a real good jab. So if he would have used
it a little bit more to double it up, throw
the cross and follow up with the left hook, I believe
he could have stopped him. My opinion, Logan won the fight. – Towards the end of the
fight, I think KSI started to turn it on a little bit more. Maybe his conditioning
was a little bit better since he had that previous fight. Logan Paul has a bigger frame than KSI. So no doubt in my mind if he had to cut a little more weight, that’s gonna affect his cardio, it’s gonna
affect how much punches he could absorb and that’s why I feel like if the fight went on a little bit longer, KSI had a great opportunity
to finish that fight. Because when you lose
weight, when you cut weight, that actual fluid around
your brain gets depleted as well. Do I agree with the draw? I can see where they
came up with the draw. Logan edged it out by winning
the couple early rounds. I feel if it was one or two more rounds, that KSI had a chance to– – Would have stopped him.
– Finish the fight. He would have stopped him. Based off their reaction
at the end of the fight, they both looked pissed. I don’t think it was rigged. – I would never want a draw. – I want to either win or lose. – I wouldn’t want a draw. – I can’t sleep with a draw. – Jake and Deji, it was
basically a slaughterhouse. Jake had extreme composure. If he would have just came
around with the left hook, I think he would have put him down. – He looked like a natural. He looked like he wanted to be in there. – Yes. – He looked like he trained for the fight. He was the aggressor, he was the predator. I feel like Deji was the prey. – Deji, come train with me. I got you. – In conclusion, I think
that was awesome, man. KSI and Jake, Logan, all you
guys laid it out on the line. If you want to get another
fight, come holler at me. Come holler at my boy. We gonna get you guys right. We’re here for you. (rock music) – Hey, Unsolved is on a new channel. And now your part. Subscribe here.
– Subscribe here. That was my part.

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100 thoughts on “Pro Boxers Review KSI Vs. LOGAN PAUL Draw

  1. I think Logan Paul and ksi plotted this so they can stay YouTube famous like when ricegum punched what's his name and got a lot of views for both there channels

  2. It's only 2 professional boxers that agree Logan won when there are better boxers and maybe these guys are blagging it just cause their good a boxing doesn't mean their good at observing fights their not the judges sure they have experience but it's from a different angle and in my opinion jj won as he made Logan stumble and by the end of the fight Logan wasn't walking straight he sat down at one point as well jj was perfectly fine and wanted to continue where as Logan was in pain and he was tired jj was in less pain and very enegetic and the ref kept giving Logan time to rest so that's why I think jj won and as I said just cause their good at fighting doesn't mean their good at observing fights they should have gotton long time judges to review it as that's what they do for a living and acc have experience in judging fights did Logan get a vote noooooo just jj and 2 draws besides who cares the real fight is the rematch…

  3. It was all fake, no one didn't even get a black eye.
    To hear you talk about as serious is hilarious 😂😂😂👍🏽

  4. Logan with some training will be a much better more composed fighter. KSI was so exposed and wild. Logan just had no clue how to take advantage. Rematch…..Please don't.

  5. Fun fact Paul brothers would me more dominant in mma both doing high school wrestling and naturally able bodied in learning other martial arts

  6. Yo when did they said Logan won the guy on the left said he agreed with the draw and the right said Logan won and plus if they saw jj vid on the fight there will be different opinions …..

  7. FOR ALL PEOPLE: dont think that just because some pro boxers say something it is the truth like wtf do you even know how many pro boxers exist?? Everyone goes subjectiv on this one so either you get to know boxing and actually watch the fight frame by frame to score every single punch and then add everything up or you just shut up

  8. Where are they saying Logan won? They said KSIs conditioning was better and in order for Logan to have dropped weight it would've came at a cost.

    Are we gonna Dodge how they said "I could see why this was a draw but based on earlier rounds (the first two) Logan made it out by a hair." And then went on to say that KSI would've won if they kept going.

    Y'all hear what y'all wanna hear.

  9. I don’t think these guys no nothin about Logan Paul “no fights never fought in front of crowd” are u mad use dont no nothin

  10. Before I even see this I know I know that there going to say the fight was fake because buzzfeed is going to tell them to

  11. I agree with the result tbh, I do think the draw was an accurate result, although, I think JJ (KSI) would have won had he not fucked his left hand in round 2 and if Logan didn't continually grab him, clinching I believe the word is in a boxing sense, but as is, I agree with the draw

  12. I'm a KSI fan but…. I think Logan Won as well
    Round 1 – Logan
    Round 2 – Logan
    Round 3 – DRAW
    Round 4 – KSI
    Round 5 – Logan
    Round 6 – KSI

  13. Here’s the thing: if they drawed it meant another tournament, which meant more tickets, which means more money. It was staged

  14. I like ksi but I always felt like Logan won he was playing with ksi first round like it was nothing and I was laughing a whole bunch

  15. I don't like none of them but looking at them as boxers Logan won even though I wanted to see him knock out in the end

  16. Dw not a salty ksi fan but I think these guys made up their mind based on the first two rounds
    Not saying ksi won I can see how ppl think he won and same with Logan but I think everyone is missing the main point
    IT WAS A DRAW!so accept it

  17. All the Logan Paul fans saying Logan won and he is better just because 2 boxers said so, and ignoring the fact that professional boxing judges said they drew and if you closely analyse the fight you will clearly see they drew

  18. MatPat really said that logan had the upper hand, he was bigger and taller.
    As much as I hate the paul brothers, logan gave good punches but KSI threw hard punches.

  19. Ksi boxing skills is embarrassing, all Logan needs to do is get fitter ksi needs to retire and I hate the Paul’s

  20. Logan would have lost because that guy started clinching since round 3 or 2 while ksi was throwing punches constantly left right and center for 3 rounds while logan did that for 2 rounds ksi patented logan specially in the last round cus logan was tired like really that man thought the fight was a teletuby hugging club. Plus the ref was really frustrating as he is not even stopping the fight to tell logan to stop hugging (he did but not as long as when ksi got told of a few times) he is basically giving time to logan to have a break.

  21. Ksi won cus every time ksi hooked him too many times he would grab him and btw in round 6 logan barely stands up

    R.1 (Logan)
    R.3 (KSI)
    R.4 (KSI)
    R.6 (KSI)

  22. The issue is both did the opposite they were expected to do

    Ksi was seen as the boxer
    Logan was the athlete

    But it turned the way other way around

  23. I gotta say, i despise Logan Paul, And was really hoping for KSI to win, but honestly, I believe Logan did win as well.

  24. Ksi lost
    Just deal with it
    People still think ksi won,are you on crack he did not win
    I dont like any of there content but logan definitely won not ksi so 7 year olds stop saying he won POINT BLANK PERIOD. DONE

  25. This is pretty spot-on with how I viewed it. Can you guys do a prediction video for the upcoming fight next week? Great analysis!

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