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Protein for Pros with David Johnson | The Players’ Tribune

Protein for Pros with David Johnson | The Players’ Tribune

– What up guys? I’m
Kevin, aka Fit Men Cook, and I am in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. Just check out this amazing view. No filter needed, right? Well, my friends over at The
Player’s Tribune and Panera invited me to come out
here to meet up with David and Meghan Johnson to
talk about how food really influences their fit lifestyle. So come on, let’s go. O.K., all right. Almost there. There they are. Hey guy’s, what’s up? – What’s up? – How are you? I’m Meghan. – Hey, Meghan. Very nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you.
– What’s up, man? David, nice to meet you. Appreciate it, appreciate it. – Who’s this guy? – This is Emmett.
– Emmett, come here, boy. Hey man.
– Say hey. – You made it up. Pull me up the rest of the way, all right? – Exactly, he loves hiking. – So why don’t y’all
lead the way, ’cause I’m out of my element here. – All right. Let’s go, buddy. – Come on. – Let’s take a seat over here. – All right. – So, talk to me about fuel. I’ve always been fascinated,
especially, how athletes fuel their bodies. – So, for me, it’s really
a big thing of balance – making sure I get all my
nutrients in to get us ready for those games. – Meghan, so what about you? ‘Cause I heard that you
recently just went plant based? – I did, so…. – Tell me about that journey. – Like a year, probably a
year and half almost…. – Pause. So you too, bro? – I tried it, I tried it.
I lasted about a month, but it didn’t work too long. – That bacon was just calling me. – Yeah, it was. – He did training camp completely vegan, and people were like,
“Uh, you can’t do that.” – For me it was tough. I
couldn’t … I’m not gonna lie, it was tough for me. I lasted a month. I did feel great, though.
But it was very tough for me. – Well with that being
said I have a plant-based, a power bowl that I think
that y’all would love. Something to fuel you. It is all vegan, bro. But
I think that you would actually rock with this one. – All right, I bet I’ll like it. I usually don’t turn too
much food down, so…. – I love it. Let’s get out of here. – All right.
– All right. – All right, so now this is the fun part. So what I thought we could
do is make a Thai peanut abundance bowl. – Oh.
– Sounds pretty good, right? Well, I think that one of
the best things about cooking at home is that you get to know
exactly what you’re putting into your body. – We’ve tried really hard
to stay away from like the added preservatives and
dyes and stuff like that. – All right, so I think these
are just about ready to put into the oven, so I’m
gonna sneak these in here. David if you wouldn’t mind
bringing that kale over here to steam it. – All right … perfectly
cut kale, here it comes. – All right, so now let’s make
the sauce, mix that together. You can get busy on that.
– All right. – I’m gonna fire up some edamame. And the cool thing about this
sauce is I was eating over at Panera Bread and had this
Thai peanut one, so this is like a homemade-bootleg version of it. So, you know, I’m not fully plant based, I’m not a full vegan, but
we can prioritize plants a lot more. You don’t have to go like
one way or the other. I’m not a big like
absolutes when it comes to diets basically. I love everything. But
incorporating plants, man, I tell you – it changed my life. – Yeah, it’s changed our
lives, too. It’s changed ours. – So I’m gonna give
this another good stir, some saute and then we’re
gonna put everything together. – Perfect.
– All right, sounds good. – What I love about this, too,
is that people always think that vegan and plant-based
meals are very wimpy. This is a pretty dense meal, right? It’s pretty nutrient dense.
– There’s balance. – This is gonna get you ready for Sunday. Man, I’m telling you.
– I think so. – O.K., so how is it? – It’s great.
– Delicious. Really good, oh yeah. – So big question – could
you go vegan again for a little bit longer? – That’d be tough. That’d be
… that’d be pretty tough. But I know if they keep
making food like this – Meghan keeps making
food like this – I mean, I’ll definitely try it out, yeah. – The pressure’s on. – All right. y’all. Thank
y’all for an amazing day. First time hiking in Phoenix, first time making a plant-based
meal in Phoenix, too. – Woo-hoo. – So, thank y’all so
much for the adventure. All right, y’all. Peace.
– Bye.

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