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Randy Couture Part 1| Hooked Up Series | Hooked Up Channel

Randy Couture Part 1| Hooked Up Series | Hooked Up Channel

Today we’re fishing with Randy Couture. Don’t
have much opportunity to fish so it’s going to be fun. We are launching from the City
Yacht Basin in Haverty Grace, Maryland. We’re going to fish on the Susquehanna Flats. (Laughs)
You have big big fish that are coming in here to spawn, so 20 punters, 30 punters, up to
40 pound stripers. It’s very skinny water so it’s very exciting. Now the stories I hear
about these 40 pound cows is this something that happens, or? It happens, it’s going to
happen today. Caught something! Were you willing to go in knowing that you’re going to take
a few punches to get close enough? Was that part of the game? Yeah, you gotta make friends
with it. I don’t care how good you are, you’re going to get hit.We have time to throw a fly.
It’s so pretty look at that. As soon as that tie starts moving, and the bait gets jumbled
up, the big fish will come out. And we will get them.
Just got a report that the guys catching fish right now, so we’re going to go get them.
(laughs) Nice! I’m Tom Colicchio, and I’m in the food business. From restaurants to
reality TV, My true passion is fishing No matter the size of the catch, I always love
a good fight. And on my show, we always got something, or someone on the hook.
This is Hooked Up. We are in Maryland, and we’re fishing the
Susquehanna Flats. I have heard about this for years. You have big, big fish who are
coming in here to spawn. So you have 20 pounders, 30 pounders, up to 40 pound, you know stripers.
In very skinny water so it’s really exciting. I’m so looking forward to this. This is just
one of those trips I’ve been trying to make for the last couple of years so it’s great
that we’re going to get out there and get some fish. We are launched from the City Yacht
Basin in Haverty Grace, Maryland. We’re going to fish on the Susquehanna Flats. It’s a well-known
striper fishery, we caught a rockfish around here. Striped bass. The susquehanna flats
are right at the mouth of the Susquehanna river. Which goes all the way up into New
York State. 444 Miles. Rock fish are an anadromous fish, meaning they have to return to fresh
water to spawn, just like a salmon or the herring and the shad which is what the rockfish
are eating right now. So hopefully we’re going to catch some big ones today.
Today we’re fishing with Randy Couture. And Randy was a wrestler, a champion high school
wrestler, and then he was a wrestler in the military, and after that he went on to fight
for UFC and he was a world champ and you know he sounds like a well-rounded guy, I hope
he can fish. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, in Seattle. Fished on the puget sound a bunch,
we had a small boat. Used to do a lot of salmon fishing, some trout fishing, and some steelhead
fishing in the Northwest so, first time fishing in the east coast so I’m looking forward to
it. I’ve never met Tom, I’m looking forward to meeting him. Seen Top Chef, I’ve actually
been to Craft Steak in Las Vegas is where live now. And so it’ll be nice to, I’m kind
of a foodie, so it’s going to be fun. Don’t have much opportunity to fish so, it’s going
to be nice to be back on a boat and back fishing. So Richie, how’s the fishing been?
Well it’s been spotty we had a lot of fish here about a couple weeks ago, and we had
a lot of temperature change. It got really warm a few days, it seemed like it kind of
messed things up. The fish are starting to come back in here. There were some big fish
caught yesterday. Good, good. Now I’ve heard about this fishing
for years and I’ve never got down here to do it so I’m really really excited about fishing
the water. Yeah, this can be great, when it’s good it’s
as good as it gets. Now these stories I hear about these 40 pound
cows is this something that happens or? It happens, not every day but it happens,
it’s going to happen today. I won’t hold you to it but as long as we have
a good day on the water that’s all that matters to me.
We’re going to do what we can. Good.
There he is. Hey,
Hey Randy how are you doing? Good.
I’m Tom, how’re you doing? Nice to meet you. Richard
Ready to get some fish? Absolutely.
Alright good. I’ve never fished on the east coast.
No, okay. First time for stripers. There we go,
Alright let’s go. Alright. Get on this thing let’s go.
This year it’s been kind of sporadic, it’s been hit and miss, but I just got a report
the guys catching some fish right now so, we’re going to go get them.
Hunting or fishing? Ah man, I think I would go with hunting over fishing. I like being
in the mountains I like being in the woods, uh nothing wrong with fishing and I’ve done
a lot of it but I’d prefer if I have the free time to go hunt.
Are you still in fighting shape or, Yeah I still train all of the time. Fighting
shape I don’t know about that. But still in good shape, I still spar with the guys now
and then and grapple all the time. And you know and hold my own. Fighting shape is a
whole different animal. This is the place I always like to try one
drift through here in the morning. It’s right outside the marina. It’s a little stark prospects
with the spinning rod, get the fly rod out and then we can trey one of these spoons.
Shew we’ll get out of that wind in a little bit. That’s the Susquehanna right there.
Oh Okay. Yeah that’s the Amtrak bridge that first one.
Got it. If we get out here a little further you can see it, it’s like two train bridges
two car bridges, 95, 40. Do you ever go up the river for these fish
or? Yeah
Yeah Come on fish.
That’s the main channel right there. Kinda shoals up right here, I got a grass back up
in here in the summer time. Should drift right straight with the wind I feel like we’l just
try one drift through here to see if we, to see if we see anything.
Alright a couple more casts and we’re going to blast out of here guys.
Alright well, move on. Mike Tyson or Bruce Lee, hmm. I’m going to
have to go with Bruce Lee. He is the grandfather of mixed martial arts and so as powerful as
Mike Tyson is I think Bruce Lee is going to get the best of that one.
When did you realize that wresting was it. Was there a certain point where you started
My best friend in the neighborhood, Bobby Stevenson, his older brothers wrestle. I was
in the sixth grade. Going to watch his brothers wrestle the district meet for the junior high
school. They had a novice division, the boys thought that it would be funny to enter Bobby
and I in the tournament, never wrestled a day in my life. I had my first bloody nose,
I got a, I pinned a kid with a headlock, I didn’t even know what a headlock was. And,
that kind of started it for me. I rolled into junior high the next year, the PE teacher
was also the wrestling coach, he remembered me from the novice tournament. He said wrestling
starts on Monday I’ll see you there. And I showed up and I’ve been wrestling ever since.
(laughs) That was it huh? Yeah
You went off to college to wrestle right? Actually I went into the service before I
went to college, yeah I was in the army for 6 years.
Oh Okay, I had a family on the way, and you know at
19 years old. I got married and joined the army to support the new family. And was in
the army for 6 years. And ended up wrestling again, I thought I was pretty much done wrestling.
I think it was there I started to realize that I could compete at an international level
and at a high level. You know, the inter-service championship was an olympic qualifier. I won
a championship in Europe for the military, got a chance to try out for the all-army team,
made the all-army team and ended up eventually winning the inter-service championship and
qualifying for the olympic trials. And was an alternate on the ’88 team as a soldier.
The ’88 team okay. I ended up being an alternate three more times
after that. Uh, ’92, ’96 and 2000 but ’92 and ’96 especially I was the number one guy
in the country. And was the guy everyone expected to make the team, and ended up taking second
in those trials. The guy that beat you did you know him?
Oh yeah, You beat him every time right?
I’d beat him before yeah, made the world team 4 times but in that olympic year I just I
managed to come up short. Didn’t ever achieve that goal
Yeah You know, everything works out, it happens
for a reason. I was still hungry you know, still competitive, where I think if I had
won my medal and made the team and all that I probably would have been satisfied to just
coach, coach at the college level and do what I was doing.
We’re getting up here in shallow water, I mean we came up that edge and didn’t see anything,
I want to move us about another mile over there and try that other point. I want to
work that side hard today. There was a couple big fish caught over there yesterday.
Were you willing to go in knowing that you were going to have to take a few punches to
get close enough? You gotta make friends with it, I don’t care
how good you are you’re going to get hit. You’re going to get hit exactly.
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  1. Mr. Couture likes hunting more because he goes unarmed and jumps out of the tree stand to choke out the deer. Great video.

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