Raw’s loudest crowd reactions: WWE Top 10, Jan. 22, 2018

[MUSIC]>>[APPLAUSE]>>My! Brock Lester. The American Airlines Arena
has come unglued. [MUSIC]>>You suck! You suck!
>>Louder than ever.>>Cut the music. Cut the music.
>>You suck. You suck.
>>You think it’s a joke? You think this is funny?
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Shut your damn mouth. I’m the best wrestler alive today.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>He did not put his hands on the? WWF Champion-
>>Spinning leg kick by Jericho! And Jericho->>What!
>>A moonsault!
>>No!>>You’ve got a new champion!>>No way! Can you believe it?
>>What!>>Jericho! Jericho has just beat the game.>>If you smell what the Rock is cooking->>[APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [NOISE] You’re a coward! You’re a coward! [NOISE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>[INAUDIBLE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>[NOISE]>>Yes! Yes!
Yes! Yes! Yes!
>>[APPLAUSE]>>What a courageous effort by Del Rio. But he->>[MUSIC] [APPLAUSE]
>>Woah, woah, woah, woah, woah! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
>>[APPLAUSE]>>Wait a minute, wait a minute!>>Yes!
>>It’s Ziggler.
>>Finally, finally!
>>Ziggler!>>He’s gonna cash it in.>>[APPLAUSE]>>Dolph Ziggler measuring Del Rio.>>Whoa, whoa, whoa, watch out, look at this, look at this!
>>Zig-zag!>>Zig Zag! Cover, cover, new champion.
>>We got us a new world champion.
>>Dolph Ziggler has cashed in Money in the Bank. [SOUND]
>>Who is your daddy, Montreal? [NOISE]>>Who’s your daddy, who’s your daddy, who’s your daddy?
>>Canada. [NOISE]
>>How I hate this place.
>>[NOISE]>>[SOUND]>>[NOISE] [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] Roar, I have ever
heard in Madison Square Garden. The Game has returned to
the World Wrestling Federation. [MUSIC] [SOUND]
>>Would you please welcome my guest tonight? The very first pick of the draft lottery. Come on down! [MUSIC] [APPLAUSE]
>>What the hell? Look out! God! It’s him. [MUSIC] Cena [INAUDIBLE]>>[APPLAUSE]>>My god no! Mad Con did it! McFarley did it!. [MUSIC]

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