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Reacting To Japanese/Joshi Wrestling AEW’s HIKARU SHIDA vs MIO SHIRAI

Reacting To Japanese/Joshi Wrestling AEW’s HIKARU SHIDA vs MIO SHIRAI

hello and welcome to my channel on
today’s episode of watching Japanese wrestling I will be watching a wrestling
match between Hakadosh cheetah vs meal should i I found this on YouTube it was
recommended through the YouTube algorithm because I’ve been watching a
lot of them Yoshi matches so let’s get to watching some Japanese wrestling and
reacting to it I’ve been watching a lot of Japanese wrestling and I’ve been
posting a lot so make sure to subscribe so you can notify next time I post a
reaction video to Japanese wrestling all right let’s get to watching
okay so we’re watching Hikaru Sheeta say she’s in aw man hold on hold on haha
she’s an aw he kind of shit and vs. Mir should I I’m not sure I’m saying that
right but I think I’m I think I am so let’s get to watch this is from 2006
peace or her hair is different I really need to learn all the Joshi
wrestlers love the physics lab frame is Syria must be like they most adolescent
and they’re like store every female Joshi wrestling every Joshi wrestler
that I see they do it three six nine the audience in this matches I mean watch a
lot until she wrestlers I mean Josh a matches in the audience they’re always
so quiet they’re always so night polite and was peaceful no chance applause
lose something audience first thing I’m gonna do when I go to Japan s go to a
Joe sugar Abdo Chumash let me know in the comments
where I should go I ever go to Japan I mean I am gonna go but I would like to
have some recommendations you know this this audience they meet during some this
magic that this pretty girl right here oh my god oh you can’t shoot that one actually no
I thought it was oh okay I thought I don’t know I don’t like a hair and now
that I look at it after it was over it was a good match I feel like the
audience they should have been a little more lively they should ask they should
have had some coffee before they went to this match or maybe some I don’t know
some caffeine they could have made it a lot better but the match itself was good
and I’m I was happy with the results so I’m excited to see her more to see more
of Sheeta okay Caro cheetah always thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed
this video make sure to give red thumbs up and make sure to subscribe I post
reaction videos as much as I can I’m not gonna say every week anymore cuz
sometimes I don’t post every week but I’m trying my best guys I’m trying my
best if you have any recommendations for Jo she matches make sure to leave them
down below in the comment section let me know what I should be watching or what I
should watch next so until next time bye you

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1 thought on “Reacting To Japanese/Joshi Wrestling AEW’s HIKARU SHIDA vs MIO SHIRAI

  1. Great video, commentary and analysis. Great superplex in the match. Thank's for posting another great video.🏆⚘👍🤙

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