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Real Life Batman Arkham City Takedowns – Techniques of Batman by Nerd Martial Arts

Real Life Batman Arkham City Takedowns – Techniques of Batman by Nerd Martial Arts

Welcome to Nerd Martial Arts. For this Techniques of the Week we’re gonna be covering some takedowns from Batman Arkham City So there are a bunch of different takedowns in the Batman game and we’re gonna go over two of them today. If you watch the technique You’re gonna figure out something. I don’t know if you guys can see it the angles and everything, but the way that Batman does it in the videogames is not actually possible to do it in real life. If you ever notice guys, when you watch videogames and even anime some of the moves are based on real moves but then just for the special effects they’ll do something that’s physically or physiologically not possible to do. It’s just the angles look weird, the move comes out nice but you’re not able to do it. So for that purpose we have to kinda change stuff. We have to change it so it matches our real bodies. For this one the guy is gonna come out with a punch. From here, I’m gonna go this way. I’m gonna turn like this. I can either hold him here, you’ve seen this throw before in a lot of martial arts movies. Another way we like to do it, the way we do it in our school actually We do it this way. We call it Needle to the Sea. From here throw him down just like that. Most of the time if you do it right the guy would land on his head already and you’re pretty much done. But if not, the guy will flop over just like so. Try that again. Avoiding this way, turning with the blow. You’re gonna grab his arm like this. Come down From here, this is the move I told you that’s not really possible to do like how the videogame does it. So I’m gonna show you how to do it in real life. For this one, he does the break kinda like this. But it’s not possible to do that cus if I do he’s just gonna move away from me. So what I’m gonna do is step over his head this way. I’m gonna hold his arm like this grabbing my own arm then turn it like that. Be careful when you practice this with your partner. You can only go so much before that breaks. Boom and then break the arm. Try the whole move Hold the arm this way Step over the head, turn and pop. That’s the first technique. Second technique, this is called the over shoulder throw. It’s in a lot of martial arts, judo ju jitsu, kempo even. The guy is gonna throw a punch I’m gonna come out this way and enter with a block like this. and I grab just like that. Main thing when you do this throw is that you have to step really close to the guy just like that A lot of people have a hard time doing they try to throw automatically. What you wanna do is squat. I’m gonna squat a little bit , pull him this way and pop. Be real careful when you do these Make sure your partner knows how to break fall Otherwise he could get really hurt We have some videos on our martial arts that will show you how to do everything how to break fall, how to do this throw and other moves, but in the meantime this how to do it You’re gonna turn his arm this way And this one be really really careful From here you can just rip and break his arm If I do it too slow he might move with it So to make sure he doesn’t, I’m gonna step over his head. Just like that, don’t do it for real guys. I’m just letting go, but that’s how you do it in real life That’ll pretty much tear up his rotator cuff Let’s see that again. One Two Turn step and pop There you go.

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  1. We will! And The Essential Tomodachi will be happy to know that our next video will be about Assassin's Creed!

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