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Real Men Cry (1982 Sessions)

Real Men Cry (1982 Sessions)

Women will cry that’s that’s the best.
Dudes are afraid. Right now a few of you are like holy- is this guy gonna cry now? What do we do?
Do we have to kill him? It’s survival of the fittest, right? We gotta take him out.
Weakest link’s gotta go. Women are not afraid. You’ll cry for happiness, anger, sadness,
boredom. Every girl in this room probably cried today. Not one of you disagreed. See that? Because it’s a human emotion and we’re fine with it. It is. It’s a human emotion. But when do guys cry? if someone dies or it’s The Super Bowl. Those are the only two times. If someone dies at The Super Bowl? That dude’s gonna cry himself dehydrated and dead and then his friend will cry because
his buddy’s not watching the Super Bowl. It’s a cycle. I got a lot of tough guy friends, you know. I ask them, when was the last time you cried? “You just call me gay, bro?” No idiot. I asked when you cried last. “You just ask me if I put on women’s dresses every other Saturday and go down to the local truck stop glory hole and suck dick from 7 to 9:30?” That is disturbingly specific. Is there anything you’d like to talk about right now? I’m your friend I’m here for you. Too tough to cry. Dickhead. It’s ridiculous dude. To put in tough guy terms: crying- think of crying as like an emotional oil change. You should do it
every three to five thousand hours. You know what I mean, flush the system. Because if you don’t then you’re that dude at the bar at 2:15 in the morning you know on a
Saturday night with his shirt off – screaming at the sky
“I’m so angry!” You know why he’s doing that? Because he didn’t cry at The fucking Notebook
that’s exactly why. Flush your system man.

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