Rebranding White Nationalism: Inside Richard Spencer’s Alt-Right

Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory! Our lived experience is being a young white
person in 21st century America. Seeing your identity be demeaned. I’ve lived in this multicultural mess my
entire life, and I’m trying to get out of it. I hope you’re feeling alright, I know it is
early on a Saturday. I’ve just had a headache for a week. I don’t think it’s from having too much to
drink last night, it’s just the winning. It’s too much winning. We’ve crossed a Rubicon in terms of recognition. We aren’t quite the establishment, but let’s
start acting like it. We’re trying to break through the largest
taboo of our times: identity for people of European heritage. We need to make it permissible to think as
we want, and to not have double-standards and racial discrimination institutionally
against white people for example. This needs to go. Racist has basically come to mean anything
to the right of Karl Marx. Anyone who sort of cares for their people
or is not self-hating, self-abasing and thinks white people need to be exterminated. No Donald Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA! Who is meeting here? National Policy Institute. What is that? It sounds vague, right? It sounds boring. It could be anything. Well, that’s their plan. Everyone knows what the American Nazi party
is. Everyone knows what the Ku Klux Klan is. But National Policy Institute? It sounds like some boring office around here
somewhere. Actually, they are white nationalists. The alt-right, they take sometimes very direct
inspiration from the hate groups of old. This sub-culture has grown in message boards
specifically like 4chan and reddit. A younger generation of mostly white males
reinforce each others’ notions based upon a white identity politics, as well as an overall
reaction to what they call political correctness. They are trying to recruit youth for the long haul. Hello? Gotta run, bye. Uh, yeah. Everyone just wants a piece. Before the Trump campaign, I would get a media
request maybe every quarter or so. At this point, I get a media request effectively
every day. One philosophy is, “Oh, these guys hate you. They’re a bunch of shitlibs,” or whatever. My philosophy is, effectively, that there
is no such thing as bad publicity. I just want to go down a list of things, and
you tell me if they are okay or not okay: Graffiti that says “Make America White Again.” Look, graffiti is illegal. The slogan, Make American White Again. I don’t have a huge problem with that, people
are just expressing their opinion. The alt-right has existed long before Trump. We were doing a lot of thinking, but no one
was really paying attention. Maybe if you were less charitable you would
say we were engaging in intellectual masturbation. Trump definitely energized the alt-right. He was elected because of the immigration
issue, which is fundamentally an identity and race issue, let’s be honest. Because we have this connection with them,
we can inflect his policies. We are trying to change the world, and we’re
going to do that by changing consciousness and by changing how people see the world and
how they see themselves. It’s my great pleasure to welcome Millennial
Woes. Millennial Woes is just the kind of person
we want in the alt-right. Millennial Woes, you could kind of say that
about me too, we’re kind of the hipster whisperers. And so it’s my pleasure to welcome Millennial
Woes to NPI. I went to art college in London, coming from Edinburgh, in Scotland. Edinburgh was virtually 100% white. The halls of residence was extremely multi-racial
and multi-cultural, and I find that very dizzying and horrible. I didn’t like it. Two or three years ago, I finally came to
understand what is called the Jewish Question. That there are problems with the Jewish people. And that was difficult because I didn’t really
want to become an anti-Semite. The biggest right-wing cliche. I started my YouTube channel at the very start
of 2014. I was on welfare, I was very depressed, and
so on. I had a lot of questions about the world. I thought I would make 15 or 20 videos, no
one would watch them, and I would just stay on the dole forever, on welfare, being miserable. That’s what I thought. But, as it happened, it took off. By the standards of the alt-right, I would
say that it’s the biggest channel in Europe. Women shouldn’t have the vote, because if
you do give them the vote, they will mess up your psychological defenses and your legal
systems, your protocols, your culture, and make it vulnerable. Hi, I’m Adele Stan, with the American Prospect,
and I’m curious what you would like to see Trump do, first thing, right off, as soon
as he takes office. I guess I don’t need to answer that. I wanted to be a theater director, I wanted
to do all this avant-garde stuff. And that’s how I thought of myself. Experiencing the 9/11 era, I became very skeptical
of that whole flag-waving period, let’s all hold hands and get low-interest mortgages
and go shopping on credit card debt to save America. I knew that we had to get away from the conservative
movement. By mid-2008, I was using this term alternative-right,
or alt-right. And in 2010, I founded,
and I think I was more or less there. These are typical diversity images, I don’t
think these will be surprising to anyone. Essentially, diversity is going to be wonderful, it helps whites. You can have new friends. I also have big dreams. Reviving the Roman Empire, it would be an
empire that would be welcome to Italians, to Scots, to Russians, to white Americans,
to Finns, etc. To have a safe space for all Europeans around
the world. Yes, I actually have faced discrimination. I remember being at an all black community
in Louisiana one time, and I went to a McDonalds and ordered a coffee, and I was waiting for
10 minutes, no coffee. Well, multiple people came in, black and hispanic,
they would order coffee and get coffee, and I was like, “Whoa. This is what it feels like.” I’m not claiming that I am victim, I found
that kind of amusing, to be honest. These people have drawn blood from this man’s
face. These scum. To be white is to be a striver. A crusader. An explorer and a conqueror. We don’t exploit other groups. They need us and not the other way around. For us, as Europeans, it is only normal again
when we are great again. Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory! I don’t see myself as a marginal figure who
is going to be hated by society. I see myself as a mainstream figure. If you greeted someone in 1985 and said, “Oh,
all gays should marry,” you’d probably get you’d probably get a lot of laughs. Maybe in 10 years from there, you’d get fewer
laughs and maybe even a couple supporters. By 2015, gay marriage is popular. What is possible has shifted. That’s what the alt-right is doing. It’s thinking those political ideas that aren’t
possible yet, and imagining a reality in which they are.

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