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Regular People Try Lucha Libre Wrestling

Regular People Try Lucha Libre Wrestling

– My name is Magno. I’m from Cuidad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico. I’ve been a luchador for 16 years. – Oh my God! – Let’s see if they’re tough enough to make it against Magno. – I don’t know anything
about lucha libre wrestling, but I’m on a roadtrip from Vermont, and I fell into this. I’m just here for a good time. – I’ve been doing Jeet Kune Do, which is a martial art
that Bruce Lee started. I’m not really that intimidated, you know. I think I got it. – They wear masks and that scares me, because I can’t read
their facial expressions. – I wrestled in high school. I wrestled the division three level, and most recently, I was able to defeat sumo wrestler Yama. (dubstep music) (shouting) – I thought this was,
like, a fashion thing because of, like, the mask. – Lucha libre, it’s very fast-paced. They do a lot of flying, a lot flipping. It’s really acrobatic. It’s all very costumed heroics. – We’re gonna start off
with the first move, which is gonna be a
little bit of tumbling. A front roll. Pay attention. You get in your squat position,
and then throw yourself. If you wanna do it far, you can do far, but you have to tuck in your chin, and you gotta be fast too. (rock music) You see? Rolling is not easy. This time’s gonna be backwards. You do a back roll. Push off harder, tuck
your chin to your chest. So I think I can show you
guys how to hit the ropes now. So it’s very important,
when you hit the ropes, by grabbing the top
rope with the right hand and grabbing the second
rope with the left hand. Not good. I’m gonna show them what a lock up is. For locking up, you
guys are gonna use your left arm, and you’re gonna hook his neck. Wrap it around his neck. Here I got control of of
him, I can bring him over, I can push him back, I can just shoot him. This is a headlock. You see what a headlock is like? – You start off forward. – And then you break off. You are fast! The most important and
most basic next step that we’re going through
is picking your mask. It’s about symbolizing
and being a warrior. – So the whole experience
was pretty awesome. I liked tumbling around and learning all the cool new moves, and
I’m ready to fight this guy. That was crazy! I think I broke a rib. – I’m just gonna lay down if
bad things start happening. (squealing) I’m okay. I’m good. – I’m ready to wrestle. All right, that didn’t go as planned. – I’m nimble, like a cat. I’m a disappointment as a cat. – About to take down
Magno from Cuidad Juarez. Let’s do this! (clapping) It was intense, physical, and hard. I have much respect for the
luchadors of lucha libre. – I was very naïve into
thinking that I had an actual shot at beating him. – I came here for a good
time, and that’s what I had. – I see you guys saw
lucha libre’s very hard. So if you guys wanna make
a career in lucha libre and become another Magno,
you guys might wanna keep on trying to practice.

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100 thoughts on “Regular People Try Lucha Libre Wrestling

  1. while watching all i can think about is black jack shouting "nachooooo"

    that girl in the green top though, why is she even there

  2. Honestly, of them all, the dude in the white and black mask actually looked good while doing it. He looked like he could potentially be a decent wrestler and probably better than John Cena lol!

  3. I wonder how much training El Burrito Volador has really had. He looked pretty comfy locking up, shooting the headlock, running the ropes, n bumping… almost like he knew what he was doing… hmmm…

  4. I wish they would tell them about El Santo. He's one of my favourites… "Buried with his mask… without someone knowing who he was"…

  5. lucha libre is kind of easy. Its acrobatics flexibility and grapples. I played enough Tekken with king and armor king to know that

  6. El Burrito has future brother, look at the way he bumps jack give him a year and he will get a 5 star match out a broom brother jack dude.

  7. Magno: such a great technician and super cool with fans, he was proper easygoing taking photos with us fans in London, met him in 2008.. Diamond geezer

  8. Me: Weres El Fuerto

    People reading this comment: you.
    🤨🔪 me: 🙃

    If you don’t know who that is look it up

  9. Deberían hacer el acondicionamiento físico primero. Nada más con eso es suficiente para respetar la lucha libre.

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