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Renan Barao: I Don’t Respect T.J. Dillashaw

Renan Barao: I Don’t Respect T.J. Dillashaw

Renan Barao, you’ve been out for so long that you came back with new teeth. It’s a new style, a different style. We have to get better, right? What did you do? I spiced it a little. Did some esthetics, a few thingsů And that’s it. New smile and haircut, right? A different style. We have to change everything, get better all the time. Always evolving. Are you more handsome? The girls are talking, right? So that’s it. Talking about your fight, you’re out for a while and
this fight was supposed to happen a long time ago. What did you do during this time off,
besides working on your new look? I never stopped training. I focused on some things here and there. Since the fight was delayed, I used this time to
work on my jiu-jitsu, train with the gi. I stayed in Natal for a while, working on this area with my team Kimura.
I trained a lot, absorbing new techniques. The first fight was basically standing the whole time.
Do you think it’s going to be different this time? I don’t know. We’ll dictate the rhythm of the fight. My goal is to fight forward, like I always did. My goal
is to try to submit or knock him out at any moment. Unfortunately, I couldn’t dictate the rhythm in the first fight because
I took a hard punch in the beginning of the fight and was too slow, so he fought the way he wanted, and that’s
why it was standing the entire time. I will be more concentrated this time
and won’t risk getting hit again. You recently said that Dillashaw is not a
real champion, that he’s a clown. Why? No, not a clown. I just don’t respect him.
I didn’t call him a clown. No athlete in there is a clown. I just don’t respect
him as a champion. I will go there and fight. Why don’t you respect him? He talks too much, is a joker, and that’s
why I don’t consider him a champion. After your last win in Barueri, you said you didn’t
perform the way you wanted because of that last loss. Now that that loss is in the past and you won again,
do you think you will fight better now against Dillashaw? It’s not like I didn’t perform because of the loss, it’s the entire picture.
A lot of things. I had never fought for the UFC in Brazil before. Fighting in Brazil is different, the adrenaline is completely different.
But, for sure, I’m cool about it now. I fought here several times before entering the UFC, but
haven’t fought after. The adrenaline is completely different. I came back to training before starting my training camp, I’m lighter, absorbing
new techniques, and will be ready to go there and fight like I always did. You were undefeated in the UFC, hadn’t lost in 30 fights. Now that you lost, do you think you’ll be able to let your
game flow, and that there’s more pressure over Dillashaw? I think there’s more pressure over him for being the champion,
like I had before, but the goal is to let my game flow. Be fine, confident, brawl and bring the belt back to Brazil. How do you see Jose Aldo’s next fight,
against Conor McGregor? I think it’s going to be a great fight.
Aldo is a great champion. He’s not there to play or talk,
so this title won’t leave Brazil. Do you think McGregor deserves to fight Aldo for the title, or you
think he won the title shot by talking more than fighting? He’s a tough guy, is coming off some wins, but he
talked more than fought. But that’s it. Every fighter had his opportunity and he’s having his.
He’s there to do his job. There are some rumors about Aldo moving up
to 155 pounds after this fight. If he moves up, do you think about going to 145, or you
plan on winning the title at 135 and stay in the division? I think I have a lot of work to do at 135 pounds. I plan on staying
in this division for a long time, but I don’t make the call. I have an entire team and they make the call.
What’s best for the team will happen. Dillashaw posted on his social media that
he’s training a lot with the gi. Do you think that’s a sign that he’s worried
about fighting you on the ground? I don’t know, I don’t even look
at Instagram, I just do my job. I know I train jiu-jitsu a lot, with the best in the world, and if he
wants to go to the ground with me, he will be in trouble. How do you see this fight ending?
Knockout, submission or decision? Like I said, my goal is to fight forward all the time.
My goal is to get the knockout or the submission at any moment. I won’t shy away from my roots.
My goal in this fight is to fight forward. I will try to submit him, try to knock him out at any moment. Dillashaw impressed a lot with his movement, his footwork. How do you plan on stopping a guy that moves that fast?
In the first fight, he surprised you with that. Actually, he didn’t surprise me with his speed.
I got hit in the beginning of the fight and was too slow. You see that in his next fight, he wasn’t as fast as he was against me.
I’m not worried about it. I’m fast enough to trade with him. Unfortunately, that’s what happened. I got hit and was like a zombie,
I couldn’t throw my punches and kicks like I should.

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92 thoughts on “Renan Barao: I Don’t Respect T.J. Dillashaw

  1. "Motivated" BJ Penn, "Look in his eye" Chuck Liddel, "Serious" Anderson Silva and now "Fixed Teeth" Renan Barao. T.J. is fucked.

  2. I don't respect him either. Fuck Dillagay. Step into a boxing ring with me & I'd embarrass your ass, TJ Dillafag.

  3. tj got lucky the flrst flight with the blg punch who has tj beat after  barao that ls even a decent flightier answer ls nobody all has been dolng sense he's been champ ls duckling flightier faken lnjurys and running he's mouth

  4. Barao convincing himself that he wasn't getting his ass kicked before the knock-down. That punch wasn't a lucky punch, he was getting tagged left and right and it was getting worse and worse, this time when TJ catches him he's going to finish him right there.

  5. Ridiculous how Barao doesn't respect TJ as champ. He didn't just knock him down & finish him, he totally and utterly dominated him. And then Barao doesn't make it to the scales for the rematch, if there's anyone in this situation not worthy of respect, it's Barao. (I respect both). Also people saying that TJ got a lucky punch, that makes absolutely zero sense. The idea is to hit your opponent, if you connect -how is that lucky.

  6. I dont see why barao uses the big punch that tj landed as an excuse to losing the fight lol thats like saying man i lost the fight because i got summited.

  7. Ya, why would you Nosferatu?  He only beat the fucking doors off of you, and then YOU failed at cutting weight when you had your chance to get the belt back.  Im so tired of stupid ass Brazilian fighters anymore.

  8. I think the problem was that Barao was counting on TJ to stand in front of him and he didn't. His camp didn't prepare him for the improved striking of TJ. Not really blaming them though because we simply hadn't seen that level out of TJ before. I find it pretty concerning that he's working on training gi jiu-jitsu instead of working on his striking. He probably is but I wonder what adjustments he's made.

  9. Why is everybody here hating on Barão o.O . He just said that he doesn't respect Dillashaw for what he's talking. He is being pretty humble here

  10. How do you not respect someone who dominated you for 5 rounds and then finished you, barao is delusional and is gonna get beat again

  11. I love all the excuses he's had since getting demolished by dillashaw. He's too flat footed and that's why TJ picked him apart for 5 rounds he had a perfect game plan. To say he landed a lucky punch is just stupid he was tagging him before and set him up for the big shot.

    Won't be as one sided as the last one but TJ has him figured out. Dillashaw tko round 3

  12. Brazilians have a macho man culture. It's why they make excuses and sound lame as fuck to people that suck it up. I hate cry babies!

  13. Barao is gonna get his ass kicked again if he thinks that the only reason he lost was cause he got hit and dropped in round one.

    Did that punch make him forget that for the first few minutes of round 1 TJ was blasting him with uppercuts and tagging him at will? That knockdown may have done the damage but Barao was being outclassed before that.

    He thinks he's just as fast as TJ? On what planet? As we saw, TJ showed blazing hand & foot speed, from the opening bell Barao was 2 steps behind TJ. There's very few things you CAN'T teach in combat sports, speed is one of them, TJ is (and always will be) faster that Barao.

    He doesn't respect TJ as a champion? What about him, dude gets his ass destroyed for 4+ rounds then fails to make weight in the rematch, and TJ isn't "a champion"? This fool is straight delusional. That punch did MAJOR damage. Poor Barao.

  14. lol he doesn't respect him ????
    maybe he will the 2nd time that Dillashaw destroys him !!!! another kick in the head is what Barao needs by the sound of things !!!!
    I cannot believe there are actually people defending Barao and shitting on Dillashaw. lol
    after seeing what dillashaw did to him in that fight I couldn't NOT like the guy. what a fucking fighter. for this clown to say he doesn't respect him is just bullshit !!!!
    if he doesn't respect him he must fear him then !!! one or the other.
    you don't get beaten the way Barao did then say you don't respect the guy. lol fucking pathetic. all this bullshit between their team's is like school kid shit.

  15. barao, if u want to be like Conor… you'll need more than a haircut and teeth whitening. You'll need to go back in time and not lose a ufc fight.

  16. In complete denial about getting utterly owned in the stand up.

    Fighters have to think that way I suppose. They make it about what they did wrong instead of what their opponent did right.

    He can say he won't take the risk of getting hit early in the fight this time but I'm pretty sure he never planned on getting hit the first time.

    Dillashaw is better than Barao seems prepared to acknowledge and he's clearly bitter about the loss. I think that lack of respect could cost him again. If Dillashaw whoops his ass again he'll have to respect him then.

    Nobody gave Dillashaw a shot in the first fight. Barao is a beast all the same but I genuinely think this is one of those cases where one fighter has another fighters number. Styles make fights and Dillashaw has the stand up game to beat Barao nine times out of ten imo.

  17. I would usually never root for a dirty brazilian. Particularly a teammate of that steroid cheat Hosay Aldo. But I just can't stand Tyler Jeffrey. I hope he gets his head taken off.

  18. he destroyed you, and your stupid post fight dance.

    you are going to get your ass kicked again and back to the favela with you

  19. Barao is cocky AF. He doesn't respect the man who beat the shi out of him for 5 rounds? I hope Dillashaw lays out another beating on him

  20. T.J. Dillashaw fight against Renan Barao was a masterpiece. Even if the rematch happen I don't believe that Barao will be able to stop Dillashaw footwork and hand speed.

  21. soon basically he lost to dillashaw because dillashaw punched him early in the fight, he must have had a game plan were dillashaw doesn't throw punches

  22. This guy makes me dislike him even more. How can you say things like that. TJ hasn't dissed him in any way… But he dislikes him lol. TJ owned hes ass in every round. Have more respect Renan

  23. Well hell if I had my rear end beat like a scolded dog I would have a little anger, but this guy takes the cake he's the biggest butthurt ever. He should be bowing down and bringing Tj breakfast in bed every morning like a good little boy.

  24. Dillashaw is too fast for him and has the power to hurt him, the rematch will be the same as the first fight.

  25. Haha!! How you respect him now? We all know Barao is a bad dude. But damn! TJ made him look like an amateur fighter. His movement was Dominick Cruz in his prime. If Cruz is healthy I'd love to see TJ and him fight. But only if his knees are 100%. No sense in fighting someone like TJ if u aren't healthy. It's gonna be a bad night for anybody if they arent

  26. Well, T.J. dominated the best 135 pound fighter twice by tko.  There's no need for talk.  Barao knows who is the best, and T.J. knows who is the best.  It's over and done.

  27. He beat you're ass twice..both being finishes. And you don't respect him?. Regardless if it was the first fight, he destroyed you in every round. Supposedly one of the "best" in the world and looked like an amateur..

  28. Not respecting a guy who didn't just beat you but utterly dominated & outclassed you for 5 whole rounds & ALSO finished you in the end to take your title is just very very sad & petty & shallow & Barao ended up paying the price for his hubris in the rematch where TJ again made him look like a complete amature!!! If Barao did not respect TJ before or after the 1st fight than I'm quite sure he did now after the rematch 😉

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