Renzo Gracie Broomstick Takedown from Back Clinch – MMA Analysis

At 51 years of age and after an
eight-year layoff the legendary Renzo Gracie returned to the cage to square
off against Yuki Kondo in One FC and roughly five months prior while doing
publicity for the event Brandon Vera uploaded a video of him and Renzo
drilling a technique at the airport luggage carousel Renzo is showing
Brandon a take down from the back where he has a body lock and then inserts one
hook which he extends and uses as a lever against the back of his kneecap. He
then says he would fall to the ground and after which he would switch his grip
to grab the scapula. This is a move that Ben Askren also teaches as a
mat return that he calls the broomstick although he favors his hands in a claw
position instead of the body lock. So when fight time rolls around Renzo was
able to take the back and perform the move that he was practicing in the
airport many months ago. Here’s another look at Ben Askren performing it with
the body lock which he does also say works but his preferred method is with
the claw grip. So now let’s take a closer look at what’s happening with Renzo.
Renzo drops to his knees for a single-leg head on the outside takedown,
he begins to stand up and then looks to run the pipe which Yuki defends by
inserting his hand for a switch, Renzo counters this by rotating to Yuki’s back
and joining his hands together in a body lock he then inserts one hook to start
the broomstick takedown placing his foot at the back of Yuki’s kneecap while
falling to the ground. He inserts his other hook and as we look around to the front
you’ll see that the right leg is still levering at the back of Yuki’s knee
while his left hook is secured tightly. Renzo then removes his hand to land a
hammer fist and then switches his grip to Yuki’s shoulder blade. And here’s
another example I remember when Aljamain Sterling use this technique
successfully, who is a Renzo Gracie affiliate so that may not be a
coincidence. I hope you enjoyed this examination of
the technique please comment below if you have any questions like and share
the video and subscribe to the channel if you’d like to see more. Peace!

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