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Ro8 Group A Match 3 Set 2, 2014 GSL Global Tournament – Starcraft 2

Ro8 Group A Match 3 Set 2, 2014 GSL Global Tournament – Starcraft 2

the wall up here in its operating red For team Acer mm id very stoic Kelly stressed out here play against our
most recent and relevant jessel champion a royal rotor he is k hero through death always with such a fierce look up space
this guy’s a killer he was digging for answers about fetus
he just goes and kills everybody isn’t here he will kill you slowly he
will kill you quickly rate his hair zoom out all definitely an
eight outta 10 very nice I got thanks for all you got
the approval or -1 they’ve got that look up you know
I’m gonna keep it short and not of but I it’s not short it’s a short
haircuts I’ll but your face very well I give me a 10
wear it well wherein that here have quite well yeah well present looks to be answer first but I important note here like neither
these players briefly with this mAb yeah that texture the people perhaps practice for the Star Trek this
tournament alone to get ready for this map unfortunately
for MMA you know he I like this idea to try to
get ahead economically turbulent victory here but already says at the very early scalp
knows that something that enemy could go for something like
this oh my god Walmart tapper to kill them that no other source pretty creepy by on
May but you know it gets a commencer go pretty fast it was contains what you’re saying what
does just knowing that something like this could go down he sends an early scalp must be certain
that he can be /c whenever he’s gone for making sure that
MMA is not doing anything too crazy really is testing him as multitasking
here if you’ve ever played assisi for some
this match before the term player you know exactly how this feels there the answer to how many issues to
take the bill the CC first is more than you might think settling
out what don’t have I wont usually not too most are mostly
three well he’s actually got that down low
again down more attached to kill that one sees the double parents that song itself to sleep on the base to
see anything further so he’s altered his
bill the baseline the a the commencer for C did not mind
any gas cuz makes up very quickly if you’re
prosper in the situation kinda get the festival’s want to get tech and
you get to it you fast expansion def goal for the work a were key
research right away is sass I’m very curious to see this is
what I wanna see exactly what he goes for he’s going to get a second except as
Eagle bass player here is he not go for but
get all the good honorable bank we’re gonna have to wait and see Wallace
gas built up here seems like he’s waiting a little bit to
take these two gas is not gonna take from just right away and with a little bit
and tomorrow sample box interesting choice you I mean the way the way it works and I
last came it was very obvious that says was comparable against the style that
only the MMA was trying to punish in with and so like we saw from a do similarly
to revival I i feel like going with the same built
in this kinda best-of-three format isn’t a bad choice you know he he could
have just been like walters et New early I feel confident now way but maybe
he’s just feelin you know scanner setback I like Ella Mae places
on the watchtower his Lake just gonna control is no matter what is
a gas fi Walker stalker by the heights the US in the Marines
knowing that they’re hidden from a stocking I could try to intercept
perhaps a second stocker anything else you want on a map are you
know stalker could have tried to do more damage with you again he’s not aware Ali to their hideouts I can’t get
anything done is really lies and lies type of -ism watch towers here and our does her sup the stocker little
bit on its way back but doing more than them no more than
about to 22 points social damage there now observer on the way for zest agence gonna sit back is going to have a
second one as well so I i risk to see the same style here for C
variably back Animas gonna talk about that and
scary Bay around the same time gonna go for that plus want to attack
and I i wouldn’t even be surprise if sessed does even the exact same thing from the
two porters he in the last game he went for the
robotics pay and the Twilight Council first the source the same thing here servicers this style is not really seen in korea
anymore it’s kind of like you the Koreas the way
this match was normally play dislike to fear and scare tactics you attack early on
are you show some for tackling it supply or come any better be ready their army any mistakes or sucked while
I counsel are your boxers upper not because
they’re not I’ll kill you and if they are all take a past third baseman
instead just as taking the the more laid back
slow calm approach up I just to see what
you’re doing and I’m gonna have the right answer Adam
five gates those stops pro production starts Blake being and he he he put on the two forges and he has enough to make that possible
plus one their egos the second major be cutting production
to add the gates the older workers the blink at the third base Anthony search protocol will see down
maybe this must be a little bit more careful here he knows that MMA is not scared to go
for it incredibly struck persist and what’s offensive
against that as the observer in position to use Scout
that medivac as it comes out so it should send some
units back their work someone selling tell these gates are done for the not
work then that one will mind could actually do a lot for me as a cat
has already to get a zealot toys yet but operates over here suddenly at a
los estoy here probes outta here you guys ever man your backside yup only three folks come out now and
with the put on our church is going to push back the stigma remains and medivac you have to go over the hill
those guys after having stem this is a pretty good situation
economically from a right now with the probe were deficit plus the Mules and he’s got that third
base coming up for extra meal power plus the saturation missing of course
are gonna be his upgrades along came but he even gets a faster secondly
Bay as mentioned before and our I think that I may look a lot stronger this game than
the previous one them in a pretty good position here is
having a set this up over the third-base nice little wouldn’t
mind the block the Nexus from going down filled up bro yeah the probe units CFU to do something
else after the Nexus building biggest interrupted it’ll probably end
up getting triggered by love with mine where the
but I’ll get charged by the property kill it which’ll probably the Nexus now
it seems like MMA has identified the fact it’s going for very similar style
here and he wants you on a ship earlier on rather than going
for a lot stronger push after getting some upgrades self he wants to you know start being a
little bit more aggressive here and so far it was ok Ill there
earlier but some units being caught out there by his ass with those force fields soul ready for
these drops every time double observers what’s up to love them
this with my drop like leaders get very little
special police officer bogus so close but no cigar has these units easily rate interceptors
dropping its however many is make sure he does here
is you know be careful and Keech need to
gauge when he is done the maximum damage when to stop dropping
to seen players in the past specially when celebrity
just keep dropping until they’ve just wasted too many units there what’s the
reached a certain point they get across player whose aware who has units to stop drops in all the spaces
gotta get damaged on its not worth it turkey drawing those things we need to
build a bigger larger army yep seems like for now is going to
consider dropping is identified that the two for just over
there so he can get about tomorrow others and there’s was Marines he could
definitely try to snipe 1 and if he gets for the pasta comes up I
could be nice but to looks like for now is gonna drop
the army over there to the east maybe even come here to read the front
seven natural try to do some damage like this goes
Academy he’s got this tuition right now like I you know that was a nice catch their
buys us but is God’s intuition like I don’t feel as close as heavy as before have to have
this ready just in case there’s the tub our case workers has gone down and just a bit
right class but he is just so on top of every unit on the map yeah this is
the kind of thing that may be amazing used to operas player bad you know what
I want to tear it is at his front door on both sides prospectors just gonna be confident up
to Blake forward with the group up like stalkers and be like no other sniper
battle back and I know that you’re gonna be scared of
this same here go back where not only damaged me so I’m just gonna get ahead SSS you know magnificence assortment is
magnificent I army control and all these games at
this point he’s asserted his Majesty he’s actually been called in Korea right
now the King Slayer Plaza the players that he’s
destroyed on his way to the finals as well as arm the all kill that he got on SKT he’s just been calls that sounds nice that’s ok because you think it’s a game
at their own self gmail Alastair here in the booth sort of gotta hand it to the sky you saw quite the cross your soul triple cans gonna be sad also
defection defense del I like this a lot he knows that you
know similar to what we saw gains cleanup the
bringing its Leanne Ockenden early greats added a buncha cannons he
knows that and they may as well as going to be very aggressive and if he has a buncha cannons at space
it will actually pay off even though it’s a lot of minerals to drop down he you feel comfortable in doing that
and now says comparable enough to move all the way over there and stop the job
before getting a medivac like an app to those marauders he just
knows when the blink like in a situation like this you bring all
your songs are auto loans or other group you’re taking
the risk that there’s a second group marched behind them that way kill every
single book stock rely on cool down please just got so much Matt business so
much awareness nieces casa paying attention everything those that you were here and his work
prism into E huge group of Marines and Marauders he had the faster reaction to the move
over there save the zealots inside and pick up zealots to save them he’s just
so fast he so active on the map and he’s doing it on
to see if you look at the APR with about half the APM about me he’s just on the ball he’s watchin the
map and he’s just is is looking for it arm USA ese at half
the Ma’an have the ability of course they both bite spike up a time to the
seems to be there make just has a higher p.m. here del we’ll
see how this plays out going into the later stages came the dome is army
right now is designed to crush a sigh storm based army and he has he 30 army supply lead here’s
s need to get back needs more to deal with this yep also a
lot i kings in the air so if you think about that to deal with the four colossi I’ve says he’s gonna have a lot here as
well to deal that if good storms go down on either these goes sporty all hold
that thought decent EMP is going out snipes the
follow-up on these High Templar in that storm not too much
damage at all I’ma is about to crush this army will see is a bit timid here doesn’t get hyped up on the left side
there’s that observer coming back only if there is a match you thought you would find this army
better don’t forget 33 just fish possess these Vikings are gonna tear the last his claw site
just a few more hours left want to pose for the back as well now
because I recall there’s no more storms I don’t know they could be a little bit
more cough it here what’s up time warp is gone he is going
to be able to push its way through here the last the call of I fall last because
I Paula Marcel it’s going down for free
reinforcement for MMA come across the map right now it just doesn’t have much
cheerier at sea of greats but where’s his army Dark Templar doing a lot of damage to
the scab goes down fights with the sell it as well as the stock is coming in
from the side but you’re a marcos yeah if he goes to all those sellers
atty just that much more fuel to the fire here
come those bike tell with that play there was the EMP I think that’s gonna close out the other
two colossi about the policy server just showed us but is enough enough time to actually
utilize those I’m not so sure if he’s going down here again it doesn’t
look like we have many observers nearby with all these white to the scared it’s
no question he doesn’t have any left it looks like a romance going to have a
pretty big upset here and gave number to GG have a takes out the Kingslayer in a macro game on the large map I guess a pro toss no
doubt while and I’m a plane that very very nicely he
took that easements so so well that is what one
and I came at the end the EM he’s with the cloak possess I’m
not even sure if he is ready for that there was no observer there as far as I
know there was no feedback so went down the MP’s went on a lot I Templar snipes
as well and there was no real effective storm
into the products and so the huge file Paul stayed alive for so long close I going
down all the Vikings as well a very very nice engagement there had a
panamanian thats that was big I feel like to keep things
need to be stated Ma’s costly on top is asked for this
game 3 C’s exactly’s building gross this game it does suck at a much
faster didn’t use it till he needed to MA realize at some point after trading
of times harassing and of hyper backs up first and that means I
have the opportunity to build the better army composition that goes
against what you have at the mall best built a karmic opposition that perfectly
balanced me go supply kings it’s like at with all those things together know what does not serve
their those their hits AST unawares even
without that cloak the bed without the observed even if he
had the server there army they have a hat was so solid yeah looks very very very nice it later
that night seko’s for PSU Dr the original lobby that we’re making so rapidly house at
you guys get a look at our faces which I like to watch Hurley don’t get the sea all too often they’ll are having some trouble with the
lighter now because I have a cold it’s like making my eyes water really
badly and I’m like dealing with some mucus issues as well some dislike trying to hold on the area now there are
certain period of time and clear it seems like everyone is sick except me change the
season’s ban now you’re just a moon here just like a
robot like zest that it’s gonna I don’t sleep are very often I E basically just cast Starcraft and then read about
Starcraft and then try to sleep and then just repeat the process I’m now
maybe as I just like by what time for these colds these these illnesses are thing is I i guess i get cold is contagious right
but I’ll know how that works man your immune system is very strong for
for a guy who doesn’t sleep too much I mean I’ll see too much as well but I know they don’t sleep much either
I have a terrible diet I ate goldfish in talk about yesterday obtusa though so it seems late well down it was was supposed to be a
day of eternal had to come into work yesterday and I just saw tyrants at my house and equal official day i’d in the lunch
yesterday right now now by eight some I had a good lunch but
for dinner I had like cheese and crackers cell FAA not helping out my health
service postseason crackers earner actually all the time to catch a great
and sometimes acceptable as a meal but no I’ve told you I have the sliced
cheese from my crackers it’s like the unhealthy oil to use cell I was gonna just late goal I was kinda
not tell anybody that use she’s really catches cracks my
gloves with the keys it takes is fine food now is it a pre
appreciation for the order to sell his house I’ll go to the wall you know the cheese crackers and use
that so when you sliced cheese on your crackers yeah I got that you
just admitted that on live broadcast I got the disgusting Arends I guess you would call an American
cheese but they have that here in Korea as well its not very healthy are there was a
friend public’s Lesa I think school I something like that
like slice a cheese today have that down likens orders tyler is II or later I
sounds like a ninja name for something like this place when I was a kid I thought it was just
like the accent like all we got a slice of cheese you know but slice well slice a cheese
with them leader I just I think it was actually is the brand name like Slidell a/c Hallettsville as s lol like I ICAS Lesa arm again I’m not quite sure what has happened to us here the lobby
going back in the lobby now are anyways I want you guys to take
this moment arms don’t go back to play your cell
phone games but we could do is to be at us he’s bred in valdez and I’m proxy wolf
what your favorite type a cheese his and that can be like
cheddar cheese technology is or in Starcraft your favorite cheese
dollars up anything at all that’s your homework we’re going to this
game finally game 3 here are where’s Matt what are these two
players really bad for the router for the other
one is going to the consolation match this time its ass

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