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Road marking talks with Maximilian Roehsler from Roehsler & Co (Austria)

Road marking talks with Maximilian Roehsler from Roehsler & Co (Austria)

My company was established in 1928 My grandfather founded the company And seventy years ago we decided to do paint marking application Austria, central Europe. We are doing
paint markings on airports as well in Spain and several other countries. We managed to get the public tender in Austria which is a mile stone for our company. On the airport the major challenge is to get 90cm wide stripe without any spray shadows, etc. And in Austria it’s the weather We decided to visit your company and it
was very nice and warm welcome And then we decided that this is it. That is something we would like. I’m happy with Borum because of the personal contact and the assistance I had with the last tender and comfort to have someone who’s picking you up And on the machinery it was perfect. And steady partnership. For me partnership is very important It’s a business philosophy Which my father taught me And my grandfather taught my father That we stick to partnerships And we don’t change our suppliers if everything is perfect Not just on the technical side, but also paperwork and merchandising side

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