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Roberto Rigamonti road to Venator III

Roberto Rigamonti road to Venator III

Hello everyone! I’m Roberto ‘Supernatural’ Rigamonti. I’d say that my workouts are going well. I’m currently training and doing two
sessions a day. For my two months of preparation, I have chosen to spend a month at Kombat Group, in
Pattaya, Thailand with my two friends Christiano Bellini and Christian Daghio. I’ve chosen it specifically because it’s a complete training environment where you
can train in a variety of
disciplines. It has three rings and a cage, in short, everything that I need to
prepare. In my opinion you will not find better, anywhere. The rest you know. My opponent will be Che Mills, English, former UFC athlete who
has accrued a considerable score and has also fought with Rory MacDonald. However,
like me, he’s a striker and of course we don’t like to make predictions, but let’s
just say that will be a match that will create fireworks! Bye to MMA Knock Out’s friends. See you soon!!

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