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Roll with the Punches: Block & Counter for Muay Thai & MMA

Roll with the Punches: Block & Counter for Muay Thai & MMA

What’s up TRUE WARRIOR ARMY I’m here in North Carolina I am here with our newest addition the true warrior army newest
soldiers Robbie and we demonstrate some of the basics of muy Thai the BASICS to
the block encounter this also works with real fighting fighting is about blocking
and Countering, rolling with the punches so we’re going to show to basic ways to roll
with the punches what we going to do is we’re going to add in the Block & Counter for
the kicks it’s just as important all around fighting that you can block the kicks
and counter each strike so we’re gonna do we’re gonna show the basics of the
true warrior fitness system the block and counter guys so take your time alright so we line up with our opponent
right here some of the basics is the basic the two knockout shot that we have
is our right over hand and a left hook alright so we’re going to work the
basics counters when we throw a left hook is going to counter with that hook
cross hook because he wants to roll with the punch so when I throw out hook you’ll see he
rolls a little bit boom so he’s loading up on his legs loading
up his arm so you come back with hook cross hook perfect right guys got that
the same idea is when I throw that overhand right he’s gonna go down a
little bit save up this energy in his legs because I’m exposing you throw we
talked about this last week during the overhand right if I throw overhand right
correctly my head is right down here good for him if he’s throwing a counter uppercut hook cross so we’ll show that one overhand into that uppercut hook
cross perfect alright so the idea is once we get that
system hook and overhand responding and recovery the idea is what I’m gonna do is I’m
going to take that and apply that to my legs so if i go overhand right he’s
gonna go uppercut hook cross if I throw a leg kick he’s going to check it use that
check to step into an uppercut hook cross super slow I come in stepping uppercut hook cross perfect now
Vice Versa we going left inside it’s the same thing Same thing we do with our punch block
encounters he’s going to use that left inside leg kick to step into a vicious
hook cross hook the ideas guys were doing blocking counters checking kicks
and challenging punches normally guys kicking right he’s on one leg that’s
usually the best time to hit somebody so again we’re going over this when I throw that left
inside like he’s going to lift it up and just step into his hook cross hook right
let’s do it Wow step in hook cross hook yes alright so again got over here in
North Carolina true warrior fitness you guys want to get a great training in we
got a boy ROBBIEALLISON here our newest addition new soldier added to the team That’s what
we’re doing guys you know how goes BLOCKING&COUNTERING all week at True Warrior Fitness, TRUE WARRIOR FITNESS L.A. True Warrior Fitness North Carolina and True Warrior Fitness Scotland
were blownin up guys thanks for being part of THEDREAM!

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