100 thoughts on “Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan – Lumberjack Match: SmackDown, Oct. 4, 2019

  1. That ending with Daniel and Roman: that’s sportsmanship! I think the yes movement and the big dog could make one hell of a tag team

  2. हाय जिसको जिसको
    My best friend ROMAN RINGS AND DEN AMBRO
    का जोरी पसंद है वो ही लाइक करे और कॉमेंट करे
    आप का LIKE और COMMENT का इंतजार है

  3. Roman reigns win 🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳✡️🇮🇳

  4. How can people still watch this is obviously super fake note I’m talking about the adults lol cause for kids I understand is entertaining.

  5. This is not d old big dog
    I want d big dog who used reap everything and was the master of pulling attentions
    The big dog

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