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Ronaldo Jacare Souza UFC MMA Jiu Jitsu UFC fight Highlight 2015

Ronaldo Jacare Souza UFC MMA Jiu Jitsu UFC fight Highlight 2015

Ronaldo Souza. He goes by “Jacare” which means alligator in Portuguese. It’s easy to see why they call him that by the way he mauls his opponents into submission. Here are my top 5. How will Jacare defeat his next opponent? Leave your comments below. If you liked this video give it a like and subscribe. Thank you for watching.

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49 thoughts on “Ronaldo Jacare Souza UFC MMA Jiu Jitsu UFC fight Highlight 2015

  1. im a massive weidman fan, but i have no idea how chris is gonna deal with this guy, his got heavy hands and his jiu jitsu is on werdums level. Its so scary

  2. eu aprendi gosta de ufc mt massa cara eu acho mito jose aldo jacare cigano anderson silva jone jhones honda roussez por  enquanto esses :3

  3. El Portugues, no esta mal, su pelea de suelo, muy impecable, sin bajas, ni falla casi ninguna, este hombre, si que da una buena, pelea, no solo el, se nota que llegara a un mas lejos, buena Ronnie, gracias por los videos en español …

  4. mi gente Yoel Romero y este personaje van a poner un buen show , tremenda pelea!!!!!!!!

  5. eh essi cara que quer toma o cinturao do widman??? kkkkk credo ki lixo mano ,…,,que isso nao vi nada de espatacular nessi cara sinceramente pra min eh um lutador comum !!!

  6. And now after all the sacrifice Jacare will get to fuck the hottest chicks on the planet once he becomes the UFC middleweight champion of the world!!!

  7. jacare e o mais forte e melhor lutador da categoria 84 kg o ufc e um evento muito ruim pois estão enrolando o cinturão que já é muito tempo do Ronaldo jacaré.

  8. I tried karate at young age,then boxing/kickboxing in high school. After that in my early 20's i tried jiu jitsu and for me personally,this is ultimate martial art. Mix it with some neat takedowns and you are a beast.

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