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Ronda Rousey vs. Andy Lassner

Ronda Rousey vs. Andy Lassner

– We are back with UFC champion,
Ronda Rousey, and we asked for
a volunteer ’cause you’re gonna show
a couple of moves. – Yep.
– And where is Andy Lassner? Come on down.
Andy, come on. Andy, come on. [cheers and applause] – It’s all right.
– Hi. – Hi.
– Remember how in the meeting this morning, you were joking,
like, “I’ll do it,” remember? – Yeah, I was kidding.
– Okay. Well, no, we’re not kidding. Okay, so we have a cage. You’re used to fighting
in a cage. – No, stop.
– Yeah. – Let’s see what you have. Take you glasses off. – Are you ready? We’re going into the cage
together. – All right.
– You down? – Yeah. Stand here.
– So, do I–I’m here. All right, what are you
gonna do first? Tell us your moves. – Well, first I’m gonna
show him– – Oh.
– I was just gonna show him an ogoshi,
but now I’m gonna show him a really special ogoshi.
– All right, good. – Ogoshi. Just–just relax.
Just, you know, pushing me may not have been
a good idea. You ready?
– I’m very Jewish. – So, ogoshi,
you pick the person up. – Oh, no.
– Tuck your chin in, okay. – Unnecessary.
– Okay. – That’s one.
– Don’t get up yet. Don’t get up yet. Then you do a juji-gatame,
which is an armbar. – Uh-huh.
– A what? – Juji-gatame. – How does that feel? – It’s fine.
For me, I’m fine. – All right.
– Oh, were you asking him? – He’s actually trying
to fight you. – Okay.
– Look. – So then you hug your arm
and then you lean back and straighten it,
and that’s how you do an armbar. And when you arch your back, that’s when it gets to be
a little too much. – She’s just talking.
All right. Wait, two more.
One more. – Do you want one more?
– Yeah. No, one more. – Okay.
– I like–she was just casually talking, and you were,
all your might trying to– – Oh, yeah.
– So an ogoshi is the most basic hip throw in judo. This is a special one
that I kind of invented. – Don’t do a hip throw.
I don’t have a great hip. – I know.
I do, but it’s okay. So you pick the person up.
– Oh, my God, again? – Tuck your chin in. Ready?
– Okay. Oh, no. – And then transition
into the ground, which is a juji-gatame. Woop.
– What, there’s more stuff? – It’s the same one.
She just wanted to see it again. So you kinda–the elbow doesn’t
go past the 180 degree. – Yeah, try to get up, Andy.
Try to get up. – So, once you make it
go past that, then that breaks
the elbow. [cheers and applause]

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37 thoughts on “Ronda Rousey vs. Andy Lassner

  1. Thank you Ronda for teaching me some techniques I want to learn some lessons techniques with Ronda rousey I like Ronda how she fights

  2. oHH Gosh hahahahaha I have to say Ellen that ANDY, Jenny is I'm right with her name, and others, of course, are so amazing and funny dedicated people to what they're doing. Love u all.

  3. I dont know what this video is trying to prove!! Humiliating a man through UFC champion. And the problem people find its funny.!! Its funny unless it is happening to you too.

  4. Next time invite Conor McGregor to come to the show and made a average lady to fight her and humiliate her like in this video Andy is humiliated. And please dont forget to laugh. Then see how u r feeling people.

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