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Rosi Sexton UFC Fight Camp Diaries 1

Rosi Sexton UFC Fight Camp Diaries 1

Training’s going really well. We’ve got 3
weeks to go. I’m training twice a day. So at the moment I’m mixing it up between grappling,
wrestling sessions, technical sessions, sparring, pad work, strength and conditioning. Nutrition
is a huge factor. I’ve worked with Mike Leng, Unorthodox Nutrition. At the moment in particular
because I’m fighting at 135lbs, which is a slightly heavier weight class than I’ve fought
in for a lot of my career. So that means I’ve been having to really concentrate on keeping
the weight on and making sure I’m getting good quality nutrition. Most of my training
I’m doing over in Liverpool at Next Generation. I’ve got some great sparring partners out
there, some great coaches. I do my strength and conditioning at Strength and Performance
in Stockport. I’ve really noticed the difference it’s made just in terms of general athleticism
as well as my fitness on the night and knowing I’ve got a good solid 3 rounds in the bag.
I’ve also been doing some grappling here in Manchester. I’ve been training with Sophie
Cox, whose an Olympic Judoko. I also do some Ju-Jitsu with Steve Campbell. Last weekend
I was up in Newcastle doing some work with Pete Irving, whose another one of my coaches.
He’s cornered me for me my last 4 fights, alongside Paul and Danny. But sometimes, somebody just
puts something in a particular way where suddenly it makes sense and you might have had 3 or
4 people say the same thing to you but all of a sudden just the way that person puts
it it all clicks into place.

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