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Round 2 between Joanna and Claudia

Round 2 between Joanna and Claudia

-Hi. -How are you today?
-I’m great. Thank you. Look what I bring. Nice. I like that. She like that. You heard. CLAUDIA GADELHA: So Joanna,
she came in with her belt. I said it’s a beautiful belt.
But I know she’s the champ. I respect her as a champ, but I
don’t respect her as a person. You’re going to cry. Look at this. It’s your last time. Look at this. You want this so badly, eh? She was trying to say
something to my boxing coach, but he don’t even speak
one word in English. Leave him alone now, he
doesn’t even speak English. You want this so badly, eh? Shut up. I’m not talking to you. He don’t speak English. You don’t have to talk to him. He don’t speak English. Talk to us. Lucky him. I got really upset about that
because if she want to say something to me, say it to me. He knows. He knows. Everybody knows, so shut up. Don’t say anything. Show it. Yeah. You know that I’m the best. And you that you’re not
going to be on this belt– -You don’t have to say.
– –never. Never ever–
-If you are the best– -Never ever–
– –you don’t have to say. Just show it. Just show it. You know? Show already. Look–
-Nobody– -Look here.
-Yeah. Defend this title
for two times. It’s a nice belt. It’s a nice–
yeah, but when you fought me, you didn’t win,
and you know that. I won.
Read this. -You know this.
-You know English? Read this.
-Yes. I know this.
-Read this. You’ve got no gun
in the first round. This is what’s going
to happen to you. -Man, you’re funny.
-Yeah? Should I show you
the fight again? I watch all the time. -Yeah, watch it.
-All the time. -Watch it.
-All the time. And then you can
thank the judges. (HIGH VOICE) Thank
you, the judges! Ah, ah, ah! That’s what you said. Thank you, the judges. Claudia is the
number one for me. And now you are like this. Yes, but I became a champion. And [BLEEP] you can be
the number one, but champ is the champ. You become the champion,
and you do like this. Shut your mouth. You know, you’re like this. Like who? You want to treat people bad
because you’re the champion. Right?
-You’re the bad. Right? You’re a bad person. So that’s why you
deserve it, too. Why? Why am I a bad person? I gave you my respect,
but not anymore. I promise you. You don’t give
respect to nobody. OK. -Not to you.
-OK. -Not to you.
-Let’s see. Let’s see.
-Not to you. Let’s see. (HIGH VOICE) Thank
you, the judges! JOANNA JEDRZEJCZYK:
She was talking about that she won our first
fight, but isn’t true. I’m going to beat
her again July 8. I’m going to beat her. That’s all what I’m going to do. I going to give
her big lesson how to be very respectful
to the best champions. Strong. Took you down. You can be the champ? How many times?
How many? Yeah? I forgot. I think I forgot. Yeah? Yeah. You don’t know how
to count to three, eh? Yeah, I do. I do. You don’t know. Talk to me. Talk to my guys
that speak English. Don’t talk to him. He don’t speak English. OK? I know I’m beautiful. You don’t have to look
at me all the time. You’re not. Believe me, you’re not. You’re not. You’re not. You’re not.

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100 thoughts on “Round 2 between Joanna and Claudia

  1. joanna is so arrogant and just a bad person, sooooooooo glad she got her ass kicked TWICE by rose…..joanna was a horrible champ

  2. “I took you down, how many times? How many? I forgot, I think I forgot”

    “You don’t know how to count to 3, ah?”

    That was a good one lol

  3. Claudia could never beat Joanna just like Tate could never beat Ronda. I don't look at the sport as a beauty contest

  4. I fucking hate Johanna her fucking mouth I want to knock her out and she looks like the wicked witch of the west!

  5. Only in womens culture and womens sports would how attractive you are be brought up in a competition of skill. Its embarrassing how vain women can be on any level, but as FIGHTERS competing at championship level? I cant think of anything more useless then how pretty you are if youre a professional fighter.

  6. I love MMA as a fighter and a fan. This is the only place where two Catholics can bang it out and not be within bad standings of the church. Also Claudia is fine…Joanna is too….who am I kidding Joanna is fine

  7. She may be a 'female' champ but what is she thinking trying to square up to the boxing trainer, an average male fighter could destroy a female champion.

  8. The look Claudia gave Joanna at the end OMG 😂😂😂. But seriously tho I'd take both of them out if I werent scared the whoop my ass up and down the boulevard

  9. Glad shortie made her look like an idiot. Why she trash talking her coach that doesn't even speak english and trying to humiliate him in front of everybody. U know if he hits a girl then he's in a bad spot so don't get in a guy's face that can can kick your ass like that.

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