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[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 428-3] | TWICE playing “Pig Wrestling” (ENG-IND SUB)

[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 428-3] | TWICE playing “Pig Wrestling” (ENG-IND SUB)

Here we go. The third game is Pig Ssireum. (Pig Ssireum) 1 player from each team
will compete, so 4 in total. You have to push the others so that
their fingers come unlaced… or they get out of the area. When someone is out, the next player
takes over within five seconds. The team whose member
lasts longest wins. (The team that lasts longest wins.) How many should we bet? I’m not sure. This is hard. – They might target you.
– That’s right. We should bet just a little. Let’s pass this game too. Let’s go for the next game. – Let’s give it our all.
– How many do we have left? (We might not be able to
win many cabbage leaves.) We have… Should we steal some? Should we steal some? (Jeongyeon suggests that
they steal some cabbage leaves.) (Let’s do that.) Okay. (Team Rice’s strategy is to make
small bets and steal others’.) Watch how we do it. The first players. Go to your positions. (Line-ups and Bets) – Guys.
– Go, So Min! Team up and
eliminate Jae Seok first. Team up and
eliminate Jae Seok first. – Let’s do that.
– Hold on. (Are you serious?) – Let’s team up.
– Let’s do that! (They’re ready for a joint attack.) Sana! Go, So Min! (Shouting) How many? Seven. (Haha secretly checks
what Jeongyeon has brought.) I think I can steal some. (A moment ago) Jeongyeon, go behind the wall. (Team Rice sends Jeongyeon
behind the wall…) (and distracts the others
with loud cheers.) (Meanwhile, Jeongyeon
approaches Team Sweet Potato…) (and steals a handful of
cabbage leaves.) (Okay, everything is going well.) (We have so many
cabbage leaves now.) Ready. Sana! (Let’s start our joint attack.) I mean… Guys. – Let’s go.
– Think about it. Especially you. We don’t have many cabbage leaves. Jae Seok, hang in there. – Turn your back.
– Hang in there! We don’t have many cabbage leaves.
You can’t do this to me. (Jae Seok is surrounded.) (Sana kicks him.) Jae Seok is out. No! Jae Seok! Jae Seok is out. Who’s next? Momo, go in. Momo, go all the way in. (The alliance breaks.) Help me! Momo. (Sana kicks So Min too.) (So Min from Team Rice
is eliminated.) So Min is out. Your legs. There you go! Momo, step back. (So Min out, Haha in.) Momo, watch your back. (Sana kicks Momo too.) (Sana has eliminated 3 people
in a row.) – Out!
– Sana is the best! Go, Sana! – Sana is amazing!
– She’s incredible! (Who should I eliminate next?) (Momo out, Se Chan in) – Let’s attack Se Chan first.
– No. (Pushing) Let’s go. (As soon as he sits down,) (Mina pushes him out.) (Go get some rest.) Mina! – Mina did an amazing job.
– Mina! – Mina, Nayeon is behind you!
– Mina! Mina is amazing! – Mina did an amazing job.
– Mina! – Mina, Nayeon is behind you!
– Mina! (Kicking) (Did you just kick me?) Nayeon, be careful! (Nayeon is eliminated right away.) Sana is amazing! – Team Ramyeon is out.
– My team… – What’s wrong with my team?
– Out! (Should we eliminate Haha?) (Mina pushes Haha.) Haha. Who is next? So Min. It’s inside. Gosh, it’s so funny. Are we the only ones left? No. (No way.) (Jeongyeon versus Mina versus Sana) Mina won’t fall. – With her legs apart…
– She won’t fall. (What? Mina won’t fall?) (Sana will make her fall.) (Between these strong contestants,
who is going to win?) (Sana pushes Mina.) (Mina is out.) Sana will survive to the end. (Sana is incredible.) Sana is unbelievable. Jeongyeon is out. (Sana eliminates Jeongyeon as well.) (By eliminating Tzuyu,) (she eliminates
the whole Team Rice.) Is Sana the first player? – She is.
– She is? (Sana is exhausted.) Go, Chaeyoung! (Chaeyoung attacks Sana
while she is exhausted.) Push her down! Sana! No! Chaeyoung! (Strong defense
versus strong offense) (With her legs, Sana resists
against Chaeyoung’s attack.) (But her foot gets out.) (Sana is finally eliminated.) Sana… Sana, you’re amazing! I’m scared. Chaeyoung. (Chaeyoung eliminates
Jihyo from Team Suyuk.) – It’s dangerous.
– Ji Hyo! (Ji Hyo, with 8 years’ experience,
eliminates Chaeyoung right away.) – Both of you should go in.
– Go in. Kwang Soo, go in. Dahyun, go for Jong Kook. Attack Jong Kook! (Have you ever been attacked
by toes?) Good. Dahyun is out. (Dahyun from Team Sweet Potato
is out.) Good. (Dahyun is out?) (I want you out too.) (No way.) (It’s time for test signals.) (Screaming) (Suffering) Done. (What’s going on?) (So many things happened.) It’s so funny. Good job, Ji Hyo. (Although we can’t show you
everything, Team Suyuk wins.)

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  1. During 4:11 When Mina fell down her leg flat out stretched and touched her face hahahha Momo and Nayeon saw too😂😂

  2. 動画を探してて、サムネにさーたんを見つけた時の幸せさよ‪w

  3. 아니 근데 정연 좀 나쁜듯 왜 훔치냐 그건 아니다 좀 와~ 아무리 예능이라도 그렇지 그건 아닌듯

  4. By this you should never underestimate twice because of just there aegyo… especially sana…

  5. Mina is so good at balance….she is so cute….nayeon kick her but she remain🤣🤣🤣

    Go Minarii😆🤣

  6. did you notice that at 3:23–3:25 Sana’s hands were separated for a split second but no one noticed. Not trying to be salty or anything here but I just wanted to point it out.

  7. Even when Mina screams her scream sounds nice, I kept replying it. 4:05 Mina is seriously too perfect for us, we don’t deserve her.

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